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Lamar Odom has been accused over the last several days of some seriously unclean actions, most notably smoking crack cocaine.

But that's nothing compared to the dirty words of his estranged wife yesterday, who hacked into her half-sister's Twitter account and sullied the minds of Kylie Jenner's 4.6 million followers with such messages as:

"My d-ck hurts" and "Someone lick my b-lls NOW!!!" and "My t-ts are so massive they get in the way on twitter."

Call us crazy, but hitting the gym with Kendall seems like a far healthier way for Khloe to cope with her ongoing marital strife.

Khloe even referenced new mother Kim Kardashian in another odd missive, writing at one point: "I love wearing Kims breast pump!! Yummy the smell of sour milk."

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Khloe Kardashian has changed her Twitter profile photo, and husband Lamar Odom's newfound absence from the new image may speak volumes.

For a long time, Khloe’s display picture was an intimate photograph of the couple wearing similar hats with the message “Best Friends.”  Now it's this:

Khloe Kardashian Twitter Photo

Sources speculate that the photo swap might have been influenced by her mother, Kris Jenner, who now wants Khloe to distance herself from Lamar.

“She thinks he is bad news and that Khloe can do much better," an insider says, amid reports that Lamar Odom left drug rehab after just one day.

In addition to causing Khloe immense pain, Kris feels "he has absolutely nothing to offer her or the family. He isn’t officially signed with any team."

"He won’t go to rehab, and he is a bad influence on Rob [Kardashian]. Kris thinks Lamar has tarnished the family name with philandering and drug use."

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Snooki. One name says it all. Combine the Jersey Shore star with the many Kardashian sisters and their mom and you've got a match made in Twitter pic heaven.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom celebrated their anniversary Monday night, and Snook stopped by, as did The Spin Crowd's Jonathan Cheban and his bad hair.

Kris and Kim on Ellen

She was "taking shots and pictures," says an attendee. "Everyone was laughing." Kim Kardashian herself said "What a special night! Tonight was pure love!"

Snooki then posted the following photos. Enjoy.

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Following last night's fifth season premiere of her family's reality show, which focused on Kourtney Kardashian refusing to leave baby daddy Scott Disick, sister Khloe has a message for her sibling.

At least we think she does. It's difficult to interpret her immature Twitter-speak. Over the course of several Tweets, Khloe made her feelings on Scott known. She wrote:

I dont allow peps 2 treat me like crapthen open my arms up 2 them so quickly. Kourt needs 2 think be4 she goes back in2 her comfort routine. I need 2 c a REAL change before I feel comfortable letting Mase and Kourt around him.

I'm there 4 Kourt by not letting scott continue 2 hurt her. Tough love it is. Im not going to 4give some1 6 times. Ur not me.

Words to think about, huh, Kourt? We mean that literally. One has to really read each syllable slowly.

  • Kourt Pic
  • Khloe in Black

Of course, any celebrity gossip follower - or human being with a pulse - knows that Khloe is simply Tweeting this nonsense to make headlines.

After all, episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians were filmed months ago. Since then, Scott has reportedly entered rehab and the family is mostly giving him another chance.

Looks like some1 has 2 get caught up on her own show's scripts b4 jumping 2 judgment. u hear us, klo E?

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