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This week on Khloe & Lamar, the tandem took a brief hiatus from having emotional talks about babies to get all emotional about Odom's return to L.A.

"I got a game coming up versus the L.A. Lakers, my former team," he says of his first game back. "It's going to be a little weird playing against them."

How did Lamar do against Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace & Co.? It almost didn't matter, given the warm reception he was given at Staples Center.

What else went down in Tinseltown? On to Sunday's recap!

Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant

Khloe Kardashian feels tense once they're back in their home and reality starts to sink in, saying, "I can't really imagine how that feels and the pressure." It doesn't compare to the paparazzi following you to the Ivy, no. Plus 20.

Lamar's BFF Jamie Sangouthai is feeling the effects of Odom's trade to Dallas, too. "I feel like I got traded too, but I'm still here," he tells Lamar. "I don't get the VIP treatment anymore." Dude, way to make it about you. Minus 50.

"He didn't even say 'How are you?' or 'How you're doing?' or 'Are you OK?' I'm the one who had to get up and move and go play for a different team." - Lamar to Khloe. Plus 10 for noticing and calling out that nonsense.

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Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with her first child, according to a source not known for his reliability.

The reality star's father-in-law.

Indeed, in a video that doesn't come across as remotely contrived, Rumor Fix catches up with Joe Odom - Lamar Odom's estranged dad - below and asks him for an update on the E! couple.

“I got a little news. I’m about ready to have a grandchild!” Joe says, adding numerous times that "everything is everything."

An insider has already told Us Weekly that the claim is false, but we'll leave it up to readers whether or not they choose to believe Joe Odom.

The topic of Khloe's womb is a popular one these days. It was addressed this week on Khloe & Lamar and a tabloid dared to run a story earlier in the month claiming Kardashian had a miscarriage.

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This week on Khloe & Lamar, Odom continued struggling to Dallas, while the topic of kids kame up ... surely without any prompting from the producers.

"No matter where I turn, everyone asks me when can they expect a baby," Khloe fake laments. "And now Lamar's grandmother. No pressure whatsoever."

Ryan Seacrest Productions is really cracking the whip, it's true.

There's no manufacturing the drama in Lamar's career, however, as his tenure in Dallas was a miserable failure and ended with him leaving the team.

But that's for another episode. On to Sunday's recap!

Lamar Odom on the Mavs

"If I don't take advantage of the time I have in the game, who knows if I'm going to get the change again." - Lamar. True, his stock TANKED in Big D. Minus 40.

But hey, at least he's due $8 million in 2012-13 regardless. Plus 20.

Kim Kardashian komes to keep Khloe kompany. Booooo! Minus 25.

Khloe reveals what she thinks is the real source of Lamar's problem: the murder of his cousin. No points, because the crickets are too loud for us to think.

"Lamar has never been able to be the one to break down," Khloe says. "I don't think he realizes what's really bothering him." She could be right. Plus 10.

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Khloe Kardashian sat in with the ladies of The Talk yesterday and set the record straight regarding the latest tabloid rumor: she has never suffered a miscarriage.

"I'm only laughing because it's so ridiculous," Khloé said on the CBS gabfest. "I typically don't address a lot of the tabloids because 90 percent of what they write is false. But when you talk about someone having a miscarriage, that's so personal and so hurtful… That's such bad karma - is that how much you guys need to sell magazines?"

Even we must agree with the reality star on this one. Low blow, In Touch Weekly.

But what about the chatter that's growing louder everyday: is sister Kim Kardashian really dating Kanye West?!?

"Kanye's been a family friend of ours forever," Khloé said, beating around the publicized bush. "And I love Kanye. I think he is an amazing person. He is, truly, so sweet. I think sometimes he gets a bad rep in the media, but he's always been a great friend to Kim and to all of us."

Fortunately, Kardashian was a bit more forthcoming when asked if Britney Spears would make a good X Factor judge. Watch her respond to that question in the following video:

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Just two months ago, Khloe Kardashian apparently came closer than ever to becoming a mother ... only to suffer a miscarriage. According to In Touch Weekly.

The tabloid reports that the miscarriage devastated her emotionally.

Her rep denies the failed pregnancy even took place. So it goes ...

Khloe Kardashian Miscarriage?

“She’s trying to put on a brave face, but it’s so hard,” reveals a most likely fake friend of Khloé, who had been so excited by the news she was pregnant.

She’d already begun checking out prenatal yoga classes and doulas, the magazine claims, but now that it didn't work out, “She is really depressed.”

That is pretty rough. Especially after being abandoned by her man on the cover of the same magazine a week earlier. ITW really has it out for Khloe.

Seriously, we know the girl has made her struggles to have kids public, but there's no need to have Khloe Kardashian miscarry in a fake pregnancy.

Why even go there if it's not true? It's kind of wrong, and there's legit Kardashian gossip going on! Just stick with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! They're actually dating!

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Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have simultaneously been abandoned by the men in their lives ... at least according to one ridiculous tabloid cover.

Must be a slow news week, even for In Touch, because there's pretty much no indication that Scott Disick or Lamar Odom ditched their partners.

Scott partied with "club girls" while Kourt stayed home with her hormones, supposedly. Maybe so, but that's what Scott does. It's not incendiary.

As for Khloe's man? Lamar dumped the Mavericks, but that's about it.

Kim and Khloe Tabloid Cover

What's all the more amazing about this kover is that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating. Like for real. Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye West!

This made-for-tabloid-drama relationship actually materialized out of thin air and ITW instead opts for bogus, less interesting stories about her sisters.

That's just poor celebrity gossip reporting, people. Poor.

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One week after we saw Lamar Odom traded to Dallas, Bruce and Kris Jenner decided to pay a visit to bid farewell to Khloe Kardashian on Khloe & Lamar.

While Bruce supports Khloe's decision to move to Big D, it's more than Kris can take ... at least according to the script from Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Fans of the couple (assuming there are some) have been looking forward to watching this play out since news of the trade broke, so let's recap it all ...

Khloe & Lamar Logo

"We all know you're a strong girl, and you have to be there for everybody else. But who's going to be there for Khloe?" - Kris. Um, the whole giant family? Also, he's just an NBA superstar who got traded, not a fallen soldier. Minus 10.

"My family and I have never really lived apart, but Lamar needs me." - Khloe. Plus 50.

That he does. When she arrives, she senses something amiss with his transient lifestyle in Dallas. "Lamar is so sore and tired and he needs his own bed. I have got to find us a place ASAP," she says. Attentive wife. Plus 20.

Lamar's feeling the heat: "Being on a new team for the first time, everything is mental and all eyes are on me. The pressure is on." Minus only 5, because while the man gets paid millions to perform under pressure, we do sympathize.

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Move over, Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa and Pink. The Kardashians are koming!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner posted a video on YouTube yesterday, one that was filmed during the family's Christmas card shoot in December. Like that annoying Kardashian take on Katy Perry's "ET," here we see Kim, Khloe and Kourtney and Kris Jenner lip syncing along to a popular track.

In this case, the 2001 chart topper from Moulin Rouge, "Lady Marmalade." And the lyric repeated most often in that song? Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir.

Sounds about right for the Kardashians, doesn't it?

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Khloe Kardashian covers the Sex Issue of Cosmopolitan this month, which is funny for two reasons:

  1. Isn't every issue of Cosmopolitan the Sex Issue?
  2. Is Khloe Kardashian the first person you think of - heck, the first person you think of in her own family - when you think of sex?
Khloe Kardashian Cosmo Cover

In an interview with the publication, the reality star dishes on everything from weigh gain to naked cooking. Read on a few excerpts:

On Kris Jenner, Momager: “Listen, my mom believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. But she is also our manager and trying to protect our brand. She’ll say, ‘Oh, you’re a little too fat right now.’ If she were just my manager, I’d have fired her right then. You can’t talk to me like that.”

What kind gestures does she perform for husband Lamar Odom? "I cook for him naked."

Will she ever be a mother? "Lamar and I definitely want kids, and when it happens for us, it will happen."

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High drama on Khloe & Lamar this week, and for once, it wasn't even all contrived.

Yes, the Dallas Mavericks' trade for Lamar Odom might not go down as a brilliant move from a personnel standpoint, but it will always have this footnote:

It produced a genuine, unscripted reaction from a Kardashian. Well done, Dallas.

Fans of the couple (assuming there are some) have been looking forward to this episode since news of Lamar's trade broke. So let's recap it all ...

Khloe & Lamar Promo Pic

The NBA lockout is over! Bring on the massive paychecks! Plus 20!

Oh, and you might be traded, Lamar's agent says. Ouch. Minus 30.

"That stuff is more stressful than not playing basketball," Lamar says. "It's part of our business, but hopefully I can stay in L.A." Except that some reports suggested he had actually asked for the trade or was at least consulted all along. Minus 25.

"Our world can turn upside down," Khloé says of Lamar being dealt, which happens while she's on the plane to New York for "work." He gets traded to the New Orleans Hornets, a trade which is nullified, confusing everyone. Plus 15.

He's still getting traded like ASAP. Minus 10.

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