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While the nation reacts in horror to the Boston Marathon explosion today, Kevin Ware is doing all he can to inspire.

The Louisville guard, who suffered a compound leg fracture during his team's run to the National Championship this month, has Tweeted a photo of himself already back on the exercise bike.

Kevin Ware Twitter Photo

"we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. we endure and conquer. #mambamentality," Ware wrote as a caption to the image, referencing Kobe Bryant and his Achilles tear from Friday night.

Considering Ware had a bone literally sticking out of his leg just 16 days ago, this is a rather impressive scene.

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It will take more than a compound leg fracture to keep Kevin Ware down.

In his first interview since breaking his leg on Sunday night, the Louisville guard told Good Morning America today that he has no intention of ever watching the incident on video - and that he is sure of one thing:

"I'll be playing next season."

What was Ware's reaction upon hitting the floor?

"I saw the bone six inches out," said the 20-year old. "I didn't feel any pain. It didn't hurt. Honestly, it didn't hurt. It was just scary. It was probably one of the scariest moments in my life."

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WARNING: The following photo is not for the faint of heart.

On Sunday, Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a compound fracture of the tibia and fibia when he fell awkwardly after attempting to block a shot in his team's Elite 8 game against Duke.

Video of the gruesome injury went viral, as Ware was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery that night.

He has since left and is expected to join his teammates this weekend in Atlanta... which is astounding, considering the horrific nature of the injury. We've posted a close-up photo of the break below:

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Fewer than 24 hours after suffering a truly gruesome leg break on national television, Louisville guard Kevin Ware is up and walking around.

On crutches, that is.

Kevin Ware Twit Pic

In a new Twitter photo making the Internet rounds, the 20-year old basketball player is standing in an Indiana hospital room, his right left fully bandaged after surgery to repair a break in two places.

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It was one of the most horrifying sports injuries in recent memory, and it took place on one of the grandest stages:

Kevin Ware of Louisville came crashing down to the floor last night while trying to block a shot, fracturing his leg in multiple places directly in front of teammates.

And while Ware has the support of coach Rick Pitino, his friends, his family and the entire city of Louisville, perhaps he'll also be comforted to know that many famous people are keeping him in their thoughts today.

Here is a rundown of celebrity Twitter reaction:

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Kevin Ware of Louisville is resting comfortably in the hospital this morning, hours after breaking his leg in arguably the most gruesome sports injury anyone has ever seen.

The incident took place in the first half of Louisville's Final Four victory of Duke, as the guard jumped to block a three-point attempt and landed awkward on his right leg.

As you can see in the following video, the body part immediately snapped in half in front of the Cardinals' bench, as teammates reacted in horror. Be warned: this is graphic in nature.

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