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Is Kevin Federline a good luck charm?

We would assume anything but, but evidently, Janet Jackson and boyfriend Jermaine Dupri believe he is. Mr. Britney Spears rolled up to the couple during his jaunt to Vegas this week and did something he's not known for -- he made money!

K-Fed, Victoria Prince Picture

It all went down after the one-year anniversary party for TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. Federline ventured down to play some craps at 3:30 in the a.m., but there was a problem -- the high roller table he approached was packed and marked as 'reserved' for Janet and Jermaine.

Unfortunately, it seemed all K-Fed could do was watch. Luckily, Federline is tight with a member of Jermaine's entourage, who invited the aspiring, inspirational rapper to join the group.

As soon as Sutton Pierce's daddy bought in for $1,000, Janet picked up the dice. Dupri then announced to everyone that his woman had never played craps before and this would be her first roll.

We are not sure if Janet rolled a 7 or 11, but a short time later, the table erupted with cheers and everyone won money.

The fun reportedly lasted roughly 15 minutes, because the famous couple had to return to their private blackjack table. K-Fed proceeded to play all by his lonesome... but according to recent reports, he's got an ace in the hole -- an eight-figure one.

The New York Post reports that Federline's walk-away package, in the event that he and Britney Spears ever split up, is $10 million -- far more than has ever been reported.

"Britney was leaving Kevin but then got pregnant again," according to a family friend.

He would have gotten his $10 million, but has apparently stuck around at least to reap the professional fringe benefits of his rather more famous wife, like cameo appearances on a TV show and a rap album. Go, K-Fed.

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Sex tape star Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. Screech, is a dirty, dirty son of a b!tch. But when it comes to housecleaning, well, the man who doled out the Dirty Sanchez on film didn't fare as poorly as some other celebrities.

In a national survey commissioned by Cascade dishwashing detergent, people were asked which famous couple they imagined would be the best -- and worst -- at taking care of their own homes.

Off with the Shorts

Nice, but kinda boring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were voted the cleanest celebrity couple and received 69 percent of the votes.

TomKat was a distant second with nearly 9 percent, with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore behind them with 7.5%.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the amazing Britney Spears and Mr. Britney Spears, a.k.a. K-Fed. They finished dead last, as fans apparently believe they live in a sty. We can't verify that, but it wouldn't surprise us.

K-Fed is essentially a walking sty. Can you see that douche contributing anything as far as chores? Or to society in general? T.H. Gossip cannot.

Really, though, who the hell knows what f*%ked up $h!t goes down behind those Malibu walls. Oh, if little Sutton Pierce could talk...

The survey didn't bode well for the Hilton sisters either. When asked which celeb duo they would enlist to clean their homes, respondents chose skanky Paris and Nicky Hilton -- dead last.

Unfortunately for the heiresses, top-notch maid services (or other kinds of intimate "servicing") weren't taken into account. Which is too bad, because they'd surely do better in that poll.

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Mr. Britney Spears himself was in Las Vegas this past weekend, as we told you yesterday, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of TAO restaurant and nightclub.

As Kevin Federline and his ultra-cool entourage were leaving the party, a photographer asked to take photos of the wannabe rapper.

Roll Up in Da Club

That's when one of K-Fed's posse walked up to the photographer, Jill Ann Spaulding and said, "Oh no you don't!" The bodyguard put his hand on the front of the camera and pushed it (and Spaulding) back. See below.

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Kevin Federline's latest son was born just three weeks ago, but already, the aspiring rapper is back to his old bad-boy ways.

By that, we mean leaving his wife, Sean Preston, and Sutton Pierce at home in Malibu to party up a storm in his home away from home, Las Vegas.

K-Fed Lights One Up

Just six months ago, a miffed Britney Spears put a semi-permanent leash on K-Fed and the dirtbag's unquenchable love for weekends with the guys, curtailing his allowance and making him ask for permission for out-of-town trips.

But with the birth of her second child, Sutton Pierce Federline, it seems that Spears' attention is distracted.

Federline and a crew of his boys took a private jet to the Venetian hotel-casino Friday night for the weekend-long celebration of the one-year anniversary of the club Tao.

"He booked a table at Tao for both nights. He was surrounded by women, was drinking a lot and dancing on the banquette. Every time one of the girls tried to take a picture, he freaked out and wouldn't let them," a source dished.

Federline wasn't the only one having a good time in Vegas. Other celebrity antics at the Tao weekend party included:

  • Jeremy Piven, who was "hammered and all over the ladies."
  • Bobby Brown, who may have been trying to win some money in order to pay back child support, that dick.
  • Jackass star Steve-O, who got kicked out of both the club and the casino Saturday night after an incident where he almost molested some girl in a hot tub. Interestingly, last week we learned that a fellow Jackass, Bam Margera, molested Jessica Simpson... consensually.

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F--k the penny... the amazing Kevin Federline is making good on his promise to do more charity work in a far more important way: by nixing one song, "PopoZao," from his upcoming debut CD Playing With Fire.

According to MSNBC, the song is being replaced by a duet with wife Britney Spears called "Crazy." This is not to be confused with the hit "Crazy" from one of Britney's first two albums. We can't recall which CD it's on, but we sure can recall how insanely hot Britney was in those days. *Sigh*

Victoria and K-Fed

Mrs. Federline's husband's awful album is slated to hit shelves (and subsequently, trash bins) on Halloween.

Why did he cut "PopoZao" from Playing With Fire, you ask? Okay, you didn't ask, but we will tell you just the same. He first terrorized the Internet in January with clips from the song, which features lyrics such as: "Toy all your thing on me, baby."

Billboard magazine crowned the tune a "monument to mediocrity." Even one rapper who bragged that he wrote many of K-Fed's lyrics is jumping ship.

When asked about "PopoZao," the artist told the New York Daily News succinctly, "I didn't have nothing to do with that [song], dog."

We wouldn't want anything to do with K-Fed either. Dog. Too bad little Sutton Pierce doesn't exactly have a choice.

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Looks like someone must be cracking the whip over at the Spears / Federline compound. Yup, Sean Preston has been barking at Dad to get a f*%king job!

Just kidding. Well, probably. But we do know this for sure: It's only been a few days since Britney and Kevin brought little Sutton Pierce home, and already, that hyper-fertile jackass K-Fed is hustling to pay for his share of the bills.

K-Fed and V-Prince

The Associated Press is now reporting what the Gossip brought you WEEKS AGO (way to go, you hacks): the white trash former back-up dancer has just signed with Five Star Vintage clothing to be the face of the company's holiday clothing line.

"He is a maverick, making his own choices when it comes to his music, his fashion and his celebrity. He is constantly in the public eye, which makes him a good spokesman for our line," a company spokesman said.

T.H. Gossip wasn't aware that "maverick" was synonymous with "deadbeat," but you learn something every day. Guess this means we should add wife beaters and track pants to our holiday shopping list. Along with a bottle of tequila and a sawed-off shotgun to put us out of our misery.

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Shar Jackson, the D-list actress best known for being Kevin Federline's first baby's mama, shared her tale of sorrow on a very special episode of The Dr. Keith Ablow Show. We're not sure what The Dr. Keith Ablow Show is or what network it's on, but if it's got Shar Jackson as its lead guest, it's gotta be headed for the cancellation bin within the next couple of months.

Jackson, who was knocked up with one of K-Fed's many offspring (that motherf--ker's boys swim!) when he dumped her for Britney Spears, talked about her pain of breaking up in the public eye.

Fat Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince

"My oldest daughter Cassie would come home from school in tears, everybody wanted to know, 'Mommy why did Kevin do this? Why this? Why that? People were teasing me,' That was the only part that just killed me," she said.

Shar also talks about her relationship with Britney, Federline's new wife and mother of two more of his kids, saying, "She's part of our extended family."

Shar does add, however, that she has not met their children.

"I keep my distance," she said.

As for what why she would expect anything more of K-Fed, or what the hell kind of name Shar is, or how it's pronounced, Shar had no comment.

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In 26 years, that is. 2032, baby. Mark your calendars!

At least that's the assessment of the wannabe music critics and comedians at Blender magazine. In its October issue, the terrible publication estimates when "your favorite pop star" will kick the proverbial bucket.

31 and Proud

Taking into account Mr. Britney Spears' age, height, smoking habit, alleged love of alcohol, weed and reported foot odor, Federline is predicted to buy the proverbial farm at 55.

There's also the risk that scorned former lover Shar Jackson, twice K-Fed's baby's mama herself, will cap his ass.

Gerontologist Dr. Demko writes in the issue:

"Kevin Federline will also need the common sense to ditch smoking, booze and drugs, which will give him 16 more years to enjoy Britney's money and watch his four (and counting) kids grow up."

Or he can step up those bad habits and die sooner! That would be awesome -- we really don't feel like writing about this dude for 26 more years. Just kidding. It's fun. And we wouldn't really wish death on K-Fed.

His music career, however? Or Paris Hilton? That's a completely different ball game.

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Kevin Federline's sneakers are like his career. They stink.

Ba-dum-ching!!! We are here all. Day. Long. Yes, it's true that in an effort to boost sales for his upcoming joke of a debut album, Federline's PR people have come up with the brilliant idea to give away the sneakers he wore for last month's "performance" at the Teen Choice Awards.


Try to contain your excitement at this chance to own a piece of history and listen to what you have to to. All that's required for you to enter to win that lovely prize is buying the record, Playing With Fire, in pre-sale. Being crafty marketing pros, TMZ reports that the K-Fed team has also set up some additional giveaways for those charitable enough to cough up a couple of bucks.

NOTE: Considering that the items up for bid are Kevin Federline memorabilia, that may not be very many of you... at least we hope not.

The sneaks aren't even the Grand Prize. By pre-ordering you are entered to win a Grand Prize Trip for two to L.A. for two nights to attend K-Fed's Halloween album release party, hosted by Britney Spears herself. That's right, the whole clan -- the incomparable Brit, Kev, Sean P. and Sutton P. -- may be out in full force for this one.

Here's a list of the Gossip's Top Five Uses For K-Fed's Kicks:

  1. Market them as "haunted shoes" and sell them on eBay. Someone will be dumb enough to buy them.
  2. Throw them at Paris Hilton, just because that skank b!tch needs to be struck by as many blunt objects as possible.
  3. Donate them to the Oakland Raiders -- those guys need all the help they can get.
  4. Bronze them for the symbolic value: They stink in the literal sense, while K-Fed stinks, figuratively, as a human being.
  5. Save them for awhile and offer them to Suri Cruise when she's old enough to run away from home.

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