Happy Earth Day, celebrity gossip lovers!

Every year on April 22, citizens of the world are supposed to come together in honor of the planet we all share, taking a few moments to do whatever they can in order to preserve it for the next generation.

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At most natural history museums you can see the evidence of the ways in which various species have evolved over the millennia to become smarter, stronger, and better adapted to their environments. 

Unfortunately, if you run into Kesha while you're there, it's a sad reminder that humanity is now headed in the opposite direction and we'll soon be a bunch of sparkly troglodytes, unable to understand why our Jack Daniels-based toothpaste isn't doing the job.

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Kesha Biography

Ke$ha in Toronto
Ke$ha has quickly become a global singing sensation. Her full name is Kesha Rose Sebert and she was born in Los Angeles. She was featured... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Kesha Rose Sebert