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Facebook has allowed the "Kill Kendall Jones" community page to stay up, ruling upon review that it does not violate the social network's community standards.

This despite the fact that several of the now-infamous Kendall Jones hunting photos were taken down for violating the company's policies regarding animal abuse.

Kendall Jones Image

The 19-year-old cheerleader from Texas, an avid hunter, sparked plenty of outrage and admiration by posing with her trophy kills (see gallery below) last week.

Facebook nixed a series of photos that showed her posing with a variety of animals, including a leopard and a lion, that she had shot on safari in Zimbabwe.

The pictures were said to break a rule about “graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence,” as outlined by the company.

Many Facebook users want to Kill Kendall Jones, however, and her father is livid that such content is allowed to stay up while her pictures are not.

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Facebook has taken the axe to a number of Kendall Jones photos.

The 19-year old Texas Tech cheerleader has come under extreme fire online for posting images of herself squatting alongside various corpses of animals in Africa.

A petition with thousands of signatures has been passed along, urging Facebook to delete these controversial pictures.

In response to the uproar, the social media site has taken down a handful of the most offensive pictures, stating that it removes "reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse."

Kendall Jones Pictures

Jones has defended herself by saying she hasn't broken any laws and that she does not actually kill endangered animals.

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Joanna Krupa definitely does not like Kendall Jones on Facebook.

Or in any other capacity, either.

The Real Housewives of Miami star took to Instagram this week and BLASTED the 19-year old Texas Tech student, who has risen to viral infamy for posting photos of her animal kills in Africa online.

Among the corpses Jones is standing over in numerous safari pictures are lions, elephants and leopards. 

  • Kendall Jones Photo
  • Joanna Krupa Selfie

"This bitch Kendall Jones killed this beautiful creature so she post a selfie!," wrote Krupa. "That lion is an endangered species .. breaks my f***ing [heart] not to mention he had a family."

She then added: "I wish I can fly to Africa and shoot her ugly ass."

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Kendall Jones remains a hot topic of Internet conversation.

And, no, that's not a reference to the blonde cheerleader's looks.

The Texas Tech student has come under MAJOR fire online this week for posting photo after photo of herself sitting near the bodies of dead animals, many of which are endangered and all of which she killed herself in Africa.

Jones has defended herself by simply saying she's a "hunter" and only goes after "overpopulated" animals... but PETA isn't buying it.

Kendall Jones with Dead Leopard
Kendall Jones poses here with a dead leopard. She killed it herself and posted the shot on Facebook, much to the ire of other users.

"Her only interest is slaughtering wildlife for a cheap thrill," says the company via statement, adding Jones is "in a desperate quest to secure a macabre reality show."

The collegian has admitted that she hopes to host her own series by 2015.

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Kendall Jones is a 19-year old cheerleader at Texas Tech.

But instead of posting photos to Facebook of her and her friends drinking or practicing, the big game hunter constantly updates her profiles with shots of her prey.

Jones has taken down such African animals as  lions, tigers, buffalos, leopards and rhinos... including a threatened white rhino, of which there are only 20,000 remaining.

You can toggle through some of her more recent images here:

Kendall Jones with Dead Leopard
Kendall Jones poses here with a dead leopard. She killed it herself and posted the shot on Facebook, much to the ire of other users.

Jones wants to host a hunting show in the near future, but her prolific posting (and killing) has drawn the ire of many Facebook users.

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