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It may be easy to forget, considering the new topless photos that emerge each week, but Kendall Jenner is only 18 years old.

She's a teenager. Which makes it less surprising than it initially seems that Kendall is covering the September issue of Teen Vogue.

It's also unsurprising that Kendall's childhood aspirations weren't to be President or to be a policewoman or to do anything except have people stare at her.

  • Kendall Jenner Teen Vogue Cover
  • Kendall Jenner for Teen Vogue

"As a kid, I always looked up to supermodels, thinking about how amazing they are,” she tells the magazine. “I always wanted to be in photos."

Way to go Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and company! You instilled some very strong values in this young woman.

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Kim Kardashian's 18-year-old half-sister (or the tabloid that made up a bogus feud between the family standard bearer and her young sibling) was right.

Either way, Kendall Jenner is most definitely the hot sister now.

This photo from her recent LOVE magazine shoot, and posted by the model to her Instagram page, has over 671,000 likes on the social media platform.

Once glimpse of it below and it'll be crystal clear why:

Kendall Jenner Topless Pic

Who knew the LOVE cover featuring Kendall Jenner topless would have nothing on this shot, a smoldering black-and-white shot that may be her most provocative ever.

The image of the lithe beauty soaking wet with no clothing visible makes the cover look tame, which is saying something, as she dons only a fur hood in that photo.

Kendall recently lamented that fame hurts her modeling career, a claim that seems more ridiculous the more we think about it for dueling reasons:

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It may often seem as if they're tight as can be, but Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian don't always get along.

Over the years, cameras on Keeping Up with the Kardashians have caught these sisters going at it, almost as if producers wrote certain fights and disagreements into the script on a weekly basis.

That's a crazy idea, we know.

But they've yelled at each other over Lamar Odom. And Kris Humphries. And over who can afford a Bentley and who got herself knocked up by Scott Disick.

In the end, yes, the sisters always come back together. But will that remain the case going forward?!? (Please direct all questions to E! writers for the answer.)

Lamar Sucks!
Back when Khloe was still married to Lamar Odom, Kim reportedly went off on her sister for being married to a drug addict who was ruining the family's "bottom line."

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As previously reported, Justin Bieber partied with Kim Kardashian and her irritating family over the weekend, helping friends celebrate the 40th birthday of designer Riccardo Tisci.

But the real news isn't with whom Bieber partied... it's with whom Bieber left the party:


According to The Sun, Bieber made a “beeline” for Kendall as soon as he arrived and the young stars were “inseparable” most of the night.

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 16, the big vacation in Thailand finally came to a close, with major life issues still weighing on Khloe.

Meanwhile, a group of orphaned children left quite an impression on the wealthy family, while Brody helped fend off someone creeping on his sibling.

Which one?

Taking a brief break from fretting about their own, mostly-minor problems, the group decided to visit an orphanage where local kids live and work.

Not something you'd expect to see when you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online, but it was refreshing, for the family and their fans.

Said Kim Kardashian: “I grew up with a family that had such a strong bond and connection. It makes me so sad that these kids don’t have this connection.”

Well said. As was this line by Kendall Jenner: “These kids have almost nothing and can still be happy, and I think my family can learn from them.”

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Justin Bieber joined the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner for Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci's birthday bash in Ibiza, Spain on Friday.

Reports of fire and brimstone raining down on Ibiza have not been confirmed.

Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West party in Ibiza like the awesome people they are.

The 20-year-old singer shared a series of pictures showing off the douchepocalyptic night out, including one with Kim Kardashian and two with Kendall Jenner.

"@kimkardashian @kendalljenner @krisjenner celebrating @riccardotisci17 birthday," Justin wrote, posing with Kardashian, Kris, Kendall, and the man of the hour.

He captioned the snap of the group together simply: "Celebrate."

Leonardo DiCaprio was celebrating a few nights earlier in Ibiza during the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber fight. Unfortunately, those two weren't there this time.

Just Kim Kardashian, clad in diamond accessories, and Kendall, who shared a picture of Bieber and his friend Khalil giving her kisses on both cheeks.

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Break out the violins, folks. This is a very sad story.

In the latest issue of Love (which features Kendall Jenner topless on the cover), Kendall Jenner is asked about her modeling career and grows snippy when the subject of her fame is broached.

Being the sister of Kim Kardashian has clearly helped her professional aspirations, right? Wrong, Kendall claims.

Selfie of Kendall

"I want to be taken seriously," Jenner tells the magazine. "People think that this [success] just came to me. But it didn’t. What I have has almost worked against me."

Really, Kendall? Please explain...

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Kendall Jenner has demonstrated time and again that she's a terror behind the wheel, and at this point, we're almost hoping she gets her license taken away.

Not only because it would be hilarious to see her try and make a mug shot sexy, but because she clearly has no parental supervision, so a wake-up call from the law might be the only thing that could stop her from doing crap like this:

Yes, that's Kendall full-on rocking out while driving in heavy LA traffic. The video raises two important questions: 1. How is this girl allowed to continue driving like that? and 2. What kind of 18-year-old listens to old school Avril Lavigne?! 

Don't get us wrong, this is far less terrifying than the sight of Kylie Jenner on a motorcycle, but it still makes us wonder when Kris Jenner will step in and stop her kids from terrorizing the streets of Southern California. 

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Over the weekend, Liam Payne posted a photo of himself standing on a boat, nearly naked.

The image was handsome and unexpected, but let's face it: not exactly groundbreaking.

Celebrities from across all industries and genders have been publishing shirtless photos on Instagram for nearly as long as this social media site has been in existence.

The following picture gallery includes singers and actors; models and athletes; and two women who have had sex with Chris Brown!

There's no accounting for taste. But there is accounting for hotness! Click and drool away now, men and women:

Kendall Jenner Topless Selfie
Kendall Jenner posted this selfie to Instagram. As is often the case, she's half-naked.

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So... Kendall Jenner may be dating Chandler Parsons.

That's an unexpected pairing, but it's actually not the most unexpected person with whom Kendall was spotted over the weekend.

Kendall and sister Kylie were actually seen clubbing on Saturday with an entourage that included Chris Brown and Trey Songz, as each of the stars shared photos from the evening on Instagram.

(Important Note: we said the Jenners were seen clubbing with Chris Brown, not being clubbed by Chris Brown. We understand if you weren't certain at first.)

Clubbing with Chris, Kylie and Jenner
What an adorable photo of Chris Brown. The singer poses here with Kylie Jennifer and Kris Jenner.

Brown, of course, is also good pals with Justin Bieber.

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