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Turns out Kendall Jenner isn't comfortable making a huge deal out of every moment in her life. Guess she and Kim Kardashian are only half related ...

In Kendall's Sweet 16 special Monday night, the fledgling model flipped the f*%k out on her mom, Kris Jenner, who wanted the party in the Bahamas.

"You're trying to make this bigger and bigger and it's embarrassing me," Kendall Jenner complained. "You're just giving me this [over-the-top party]."

"You say you're giving me all this but I don't want it!"

A Kendall Jenner Photo

Fortunately for Kendall, Kris decided to step off.

The teenager's bash was moved to a West Hollywood hotel ... nice and quiet, a low key affair (relatively speaking) in which she was given a new Range Rover.

Give the 16-year-old Kendall credit for this, though: In lieu of gifts, she asked guests to give toys to sick children at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

"For my mom to be like, 'Oh, we're going to have this huge, extravagant party' ... to think those kids can't even go to a party because they're sitting in a hospital bed, it's just really sad," she explained, showing wisdom beyond her years (and DNA).


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Oh, happy days. The holidays can finally begin!

Early this morning, Kim Kardashian and kompany released the family's official Christmas card, with each member getting his or her black tie on and Kim, naturally, standing all alone.

If you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the publicist-inspired whining coming out of her mouth...

2011 Kardashian Christmas Card

The photo was snapped by Nick Saglimbeni and there’s a apparently a 3D version available for those that purchase 3D glasses. On a related note: if you purchase 3D glasses to view to view the Kardashian Christmas card, don't stop driving at the store. Just keep right on going to a psychologist's office.

Tell this professional it's an emergency. You clearly need major help.

[Photo: Kim Kardashian Blog]

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Kendall Jenner is featured in the latest issue of TeenPROM. The magazine hits newsstands two days after Christmas, but you can check out a few excerpts from Kendall's interview below...

Kendall Jenner Magazine Cover

Who inspired her style? “My three older sisters [Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian] inspire me the most. I pull [my style] from each of them.”

What is filming like on Keeping Up with the Kardashians? “I used to be really shy around the cameras when we started filming. But I think Kylie and I are both used to it now. It’s normal for us.”

Was she nervous for her runway debut? Yes. But: "Once I got out there, I felt more comfortable. When the lights are up, you can’t really see the audience, which made it a little better. I had a lot of fun. I want to do it again.”

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There were a lot of accomplished, talented, famous faces at last night's Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Dawn.

Then there was Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. These two show ended up on the red carpet for pretty much the same reason that Kendall was gifted with a $90,000 car for her 16th birthday: because their family is rich.

But this isn't the time to knock such a spoiler family, at least not too much. It's a time to compare styles and fashion selections. Do so below and vote on which Jenner sibling looked prettiest:

Fashion Face-Off!

Both Jenner sisters somehow snagged an invite to the Breaking Dawn premiere in Los Angeles. Whose look do you like best? View Poll »

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Kris Jenner is spending a lot of time these days profiting off the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and defending her daughter from charges of a fake wedding.

But, thank goodness, this manager mother still found time last week to purchase a totally sensible gift for her child's 16th birthday.

Kendall Photograph

Multiple sources confirm that Kendall partied Saturday night at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood with her family, only to leave the event and walk into her birthday surprise: a black 2012 Range Rover

"Kendall was thrilled and jumped right in the car with friends," a witness told Us Weekly. "She spent about fifteen minutes in there checking everything out, oohing and aahing over the car. She was in the driver's seat and her friends were crowding around her inside the car."


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Kendall Jenner turns 16 today, and it's pretty clear what all THG readers should chip in to get the birthday girl: a plane ticket to take her as far away from her attention-krazed family as possible.

Kendall J. Pic

Sadly, Kendall appears to be trending in the opposite direction. Sources claim E! will air a special based around her search for a car, while the teenager has made it clear that she wants to be just like her half-sisters.

This might make her rich, but based on these poll results, it will also make her a complete and utter phony in the eyes of the public. So happy birthday, K. Please grow up to want more than money and fame.

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Kendall Jenner will reportedly be the subject of an E! special next week, as the teenage half-sister of Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian will be chronicled in the days leading up to her 16th birthday.

Photo of Kendall Jenner

According to Us Weekly, which first reported this story, the show will center on Kendall shopping for a car and considering a vital question in life: belly button ring or tattoo?!?

An insider even says the family is "trying to line up Nicki Minaj or Kanye [West] to perform" during the special. We'd rail against how positively absurd this sounds, how unhealthy it is to celebrate any 16-year old in such a lavish manner, but it's Friday afternoon. We're tired. Readers, please take over for us.


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Kendall Jenner has hit the beach once again. Or at least the bikini.

A year after stirring up controversy by posing in provocative swimwear, the 15-year old is starring in a new campaign for White Sands, an Australian clothing brand. The following photos will play a role in the campaign for this company's 2012 collection of bathing suits:

Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics

Jenner appears serious about a modeling career, as she walked the runway last month during New York Fashion Week and was "a delight on set and a natural in front of the camera," designer Leah Madden told People of this shoot.

Still, she's 15. Many may believe this is all too much too soon. Or at least too much skin too soon. What do you think? Is Kendall too young to be starring in a bikini-based ad?


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Justin Bieber is a platinum-selling artist. A television guest star. An author. A multi-time award winner. The boyfriend of Selena Gomez.

And a matchmaker?

Early Tuesday morning, Bieber went to work on setting up Kendall Jenner with his 16-year old producing pal, Julian Swirsky. Justin Tweeted: "Hey Kendall Jenner, you should let my boy take you out on a date."

Swirsky responded that he "wouldn't mind" getting together with Jenner, while the modeling young half-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian had one condition for the set-up:

Only if you & @selenagomez join! :) #DoubleDate

Swirsky is mostly known for producing Bieber's single "Rich Girl," which he sang with Soulja Boy.

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Thank you, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The teenagers have given us a reason to stop thinking about their mother's vagina.

These sisters have gone viral with a video that depicts them, along with pals Maddy and Spencer, lip-syncing to Katy Perry's "Firework." It's actually refreshing to see the reality stars act their age for a change.

This is not the first time members of the family have covered Katy. Watch them all make a mockery out of "ET right now!

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