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Kelly Clarkson has now covered the two biggest hits of 2012.

As the first-ever American Idol makes her way around the country on tour, she's been taking fan requests at each stop. And just a few days ago that request involved a version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

Last night, meanwhile, Clarkson did her best impression of Gotye and his smash "Somebody That I Used to Know," tackling both parts of the track and - did you really expect anything else? - knocking the cover out of the park.

Or out of the beach, in this case, as the concert was set at Jones Beach in Long Island. Watch the rendition now:

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Kelly Clarkson was at it again during a Bethel, New York concert this week.

The original American Idol has been touring the country and including a special performance along with her string of number-hits at every stop: a fan selection of a classic song to cover.

We've especially enjoyed this take on Call Me Maybe and, of course, Clarkson making like Eminem for fans in that rapper's native state of Michigan.

So, who and what did Kelly cover not? Only one of the all-time best ballads, "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders. Watch the crowd for crazy for it now:

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The Kelly Clarkson is Totally Awesome Tour continued at the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Saturday night.

Spending a portion of her recent concerts covering the hits of other artists - such as Eminem and Anna Nalick - the original American Idol took a fan request over the weekend and belted out an acoustic version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

Perhaps you've heard of it.

The only individual who might not wanna listen to the following cover? Jepsen herself, seeing as Clarkson possesses one of the best voices in the business. But everyone else should totally click Play now:

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You are a very lucky man, Brandon Blackstock.

The 35-year old talent manager started dating Kelly Clarkson in late 2011 - and to hear this THG favorite talk about her man, things are going quite well.

"One of my favorite things is we're both in the business," Clarkson tells People. "He gets my job and he gets how busy it can get, and he gets the sacrifices that we both have to make with our jobs."

Kelly Clarkson in Vegas

The couple owns a German Shepherd named Bear together and Clarkson describes the relationship as simple and "real."

"I think as you get old... you just get less worried about the little stuff that doesn't matter and you focus more on the bigger picture," she says. "And, you know, I'm also in love. I'm just super happy right now."

And we're super happy watching Clarkson cover Eminem again. What a hilarious, terrific rendition!

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It might not get any more awesome than Kelly Clarkson.

The original American Idol is touring the country at the moment, taking fan requests at each stop and then covering classic tracks. She recently knocked Anna Nalick's "Breathe" out of the impressive park and prior to that she went with a Britney Spears single.

But outside of Detroit last night, Clarkson put on her coolest performance yet, donning a grey hoodie and making like Eminem.

Watch her version of "Lose Yourself" now, compare it to when Taylor Swift also covered this rap smash and then decide: Who did it better?

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So... when will that Kelly Clarkson cover album be coming out?

The immensely popular former American Idol has been treating fans to her own versions of famous hit songs over the last few weeks, recently taking on a Britney Spears classic and a Katy Perry smash during a concert in Las Vegas.

She also had herself a great deal of fun..

Meanwhile, in Thackerville, Oklahoma over the weekend, Clarkson took an attendee's request and covered Anna Nalick's "Breathe." Watch/listen now. It's powerful, impressive stuff...

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Kelly Clarkson's recent tour rolls on, with covers of Katy Perry, Britney Spears hits (as well as one from .fun) marking some of her recent highlights.

Not that those three songs are shabby to start with, but the American Idol winner makes anything sound terrific. She needs to do a cover album!

Here's Kelly performing Britney's old school "Everytime" in Las Vegas ...

... and Katy Perry's current smash "Wide Awake" ...

... and after the jump, .fun's "We Are Young" ...

Continue Reading...

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With the search for new American Idol judges on, Kelly Clarkson knows exactly who should get the gig.

Carrie Underwood!

Carrie Underwood Live

"Didn't she major in journalism or something?" Clarkson said to Us Weekly of her fellow former winner. "And she can have that face... that bluff face! She can put that on! She would be good."

She'd be terrific. Underwood has the resume, and the charm and the personality, as evidenced by her CMA Awards hosting gigs.

But she also has the mammoth success and we can't see her needing to take the job for any sort of career bump.

Still, it's an intriguing idea, isn't it? Would you want to see Carrie Underwood as an American Idol judge?


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She's the American Idol champion! Again!

Based on new figures that came out on July 4, Kelly Clarkson is responsible for the top-selling single of anyone ever associated with the Fox smash, as Billboard reports "Stronger" has sold 3,510,000 copies.

Take that, Carrie Underwood!

Okay, we actually adore Carrie Underwood, but it's that artist's mark that Clarkson broke. The previous best-selling single had been "Before He Cheats," which moves 3,509,000 copies in 2006.

Overall, Underwood remains in the lead as the most popular Idol ever, however. She has moved 13,205,000 total albums as of yesterday, while Kelly is closing in with 11,664,000.

Which of these talented artists is your favorite?


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Kelly Clarkson singing Coldplay? Like Usher singing Foster the People, it's a cover we can't say we saw coming, but one you'll find is memorably good.

The American Idol winner and Duets star paid a visit to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge - the same venue as Usher's aforementioned cover - last week.

On it, she took on the Coldplay and Rihanna hit "Princess of China" in stripped down, acoustic rendition featuring just guitar, mandolin and vocals.

Watch below as she nails both Rihanna's part and Chris Martin's:

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