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She's only 30 years old, but this is how impressive a career Kelly Clarkson has enjoyed already:

On November 19, the original American Idol will release a Greatest Hits album.

The perfect stocking stuffer for music fans everywhere, Clarkson has unveiled the cover art for this upcoming CD:

Kelly Clarkson CD Art

The crooner has also come out with the official track list. It includes the new single "Catch My Breath," as you can see below:

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Kelly Clarkson took her tour to Dublin last night, but this time she made headlines for singing her own material.

The original American Idol - who has been taking fan requests for covers all summer long, most recently taking on Carrie Underwood - debuted one of the new tracks off her upcoming Greatest Hits album, telling the audience that "Catch My Breath" is a "happy song."

But will it be a hit song? We think so. Watch and listen for yourself:

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The two most successful American Idol winners met in Perth, Australia last night. Sort of.

Continuing her trend of covering hit songs by fellow artists, Kelly Clarkson took on Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away," per a fan's request.

Take a look and a listen now, sound off with your take - and then prepare to answer the most important question of all...

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She's spent the summer covering the songs of other artists, as detailed and depicted in our Kelly Clarkson music section.

But now the original American Idol is releasing a new track of her very own.

Kelly Clarkson Cover Art

It will be titled "Catch My Breath," it will hit iTunes next week and it will be part of Kelly's first-ever greatest hits album in November.

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Kelly Clarkson was at it once again in Sydney, Australia last night.

The THG favorite took yet another fan request during a concert - following her incredible take on Adele - and brought the crowd to its feet with a rendition of Sia's "Breathe Me."

Where does this cover rank on the Kelly Clarkson music scale over the past couple months? Watch, listen and judge for yourself:

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We all knew this was coming, right?

With Kelly Clarkson criss-crossing the globe in concert all summer long and taking fan requests to cover other popular artists along the way, was there ever any doubt that she'd eventually be asked for her take on Adele?

The incident took place in Brisbane, Australia last night - and did you really doubt that Clarkson would knot Adele out of the talented park? Watch her cover of "Someone Like You" now:

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Kelly Clarkson takes on the Queen in the following concert clip.

Following a terrific cover of Rihanna, which followed a tremendous take on Lady Gaga - along with a number of fan requests across her summer-long, nationwide tour - the original American Idol stopped in Tuscaloosa, Alabama over the weekend.

She thrilled those in attendance with a version of Aretha's Frankling "Ain't No Way," once again showing off her range and talent. Give it a look and a listen now:

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Kelly Clarkson was back at it last night in Virginia Beach, and THG is now back at our coverage of this amazing singer's summer string of concerts.

By now, most music fans know the drill:

Clarkson has been touring the country and taking fan requests at each stop, covering well-known singles by well-known artists and blowing us away with takes on such smashes as Lady Gaga's "You and I" and Eminem's "Lose Yourself."

Her latest? Rihanna's "We Found Love." Sit back and enjoy Kelly's version of this number-one track now:

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Kelly Clarkson went Gaga during a concert in Houston on Friday night.

Lady Gaga, that is!

The singer took her incredible act to her home state of Texas over the weekend and continued to honor fan requests, as she's done so all summer long at stops in Illinois ("Cry Me a River") and Virgina ("No Scrubs").

This time, the evening's cover focused on the music world's most eccentric Twitter user, with Clarkson risking the wrath of 25 million Little Monsters. Did she deserve their admiration or their ire following a version of "You and I?" Decide for yourself now:

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Kelly Clarkson took a different tact than usual during a concert in Independence, Missouri yesterday.

While the incredible talent has been touring the country and taking fan requests to cover such artists as Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey, Clarkson mixed it up last night... and covered herself!

But the artist had a very good reason: It was 10 years and one day ago when she took home the first-ever American Idol title. Wow. That makes us feel old, and also appreciative of Clarkson.

Watch her relive that moment via her show-winning single now:

Kelly Clarkson Biography

Kelly Clarkson Then and Now You know Kelly Clarkson as the first-ever American Idol. She has an amazing, amazing voice. More »
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