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Kelly Bensimon is not shy about her body. Sometimes, she pokes a nipple out for no reason whatsoever.

But after viewing photos of the Real Housewife of New York City in Miami over the weekend, we have some advice for her: cover up. Seriously. We'll send over a blanket if that helps.

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The reality star is thin, but far from toned. We actually have no idea what's going on with her stomach in some of these pictures, and don't exactly get turned on by the sight of ribs jutting out of a woman's side.

Do you? Would you go to bed with Kelly Bensimon?


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Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon was in a giving mood last night.

The reality TV mainstay walked the runway of "Dressed To Kilt," a charity fashion show held in The Big Apple. It benefited The Wounded Warrior Project, The Paralyzed Veterans of America and The Erskine Hospital in Scotland.

All good causes, no doubt.

But Bensimon also gave those in attendance a mini show, as her right nipple sneaked its way out of her top. Heck, it was almost more revealing than Kelly's lame Playboy spread.

See what we mean below.

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When we initially heard Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon would be posing in Playboy, we asked the obligatory question:

Do you wanna see her naked?

If you answered yes, however, we have troubling news: you won't get a chance to.

In a new interview with E! News, the 41-year old reality TV star said she drew the line at exposing her vagina. The reason?

"I don't think that part of a woman's body is really evocative. The roundness of the hips, the buttocks, the breast, the shoulders, the clavicle, the hair, the teeth - those are things that I think are most evocative and provocative parts of the body. I don't think it's really necessary to show that."

We actually agree. (But if Brooklyn Decker wants to prove us wrong, feel free to bare it all, Mrs. Roddick.)

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The Playboy cover model, meanwhile, insists that she's actually kinda shy. Bensimon said:

"Everyone thinks of me as this exhibitionist, and I'm not. I'm just not that kind of girl. I'm not that kind of model. I wear clothes!"

Except when she doesn't, that is. As for why she chose to take almost all of it off in the March issue of the men's magazine, Kelly replied:

"I'm 41. It's a great image for the rest of the world. Yes, you can have it all. You can have two kids, you can be in shape and you can really enjoy life."

That's not a terrible sentiment, but it would be easier to believe if this wasn't just another example of Bensimon pocketing wads of cash for doing absolutely nothing.

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The speculation is true. The clothes will soon be coming off.

A rep for Playboy confirms that Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon will pose in the magazine's March issue. She "will be featured on the cover and in a 6-page nude pictorial," the insider said.

Former Real Housewife of NYC

Bensimon's upcoming spread is seen at a direct challenge to Bethenny Frankel, who posed nude for a PETA billboard in Times Square in mid-December.

As the stakes between these co-stars grow higher, we can only imagine castmate Jeana Keogh eventually one-upping them all and doing porn.

Do you wanna see Kelly Bensimon naked?


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The Real Housewives are about to get really naked.

As previously revealed, Bethenny Frankel nude pics will soon hit PETA-sponsored billboards. (Note to animal lovers:

Former Real Housewife of NYC

Now, Frankel's reality TV show co-star and rival has announced her intention to outdo her bare-bodied enemy.

In Touch Weekly reports that Kelly Bensimon will be pose in the December issue of Playboy. Ex-husband Gilles Bensimon actually snapped the photos, but don't get too excited, fellas: the mother of two will only be partially nude.

“Kelly is a former model, so she will be a natural,” said an insider.

Hey, at least she's a better choice than Kate Gosselin.

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