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The major talk at last night's Country Music Awards centered around the utter domination of Taylor Swift, who took home four trophies.

From thee, people talked about how beautiful host Carrie Underwood looked.

Eventually, though, conversation turned to Kellie Pickler and the fact that the singer debuted a new hair color at the ceremony.

"The hair doesn’t make the person, but it has been a shocker," Pickler told People. "It's been interesting with red hair because you can’t wear the same things. It’s an excuse to go shopping!"

We think Pickler looks pretty. Do you agree? Compare the colors below and then vote...

Kellie Pickler at the CMT Awards

What is Kelle Pickler's best hair color?


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Two former American Idol finalists.

Two beautiful blondes.

One red carpet.

Both Carrie Underwood (the seventh-ever female to be named Entertainer of the Year) and Kellie Pickler rocked the red carpet at last night's Academy of Country Music Awards.

They both look gorgeous, but only one can be named the winner of this Fashion Face-Off...

Who looked better at the Country Music Awards?


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Kellie Pickler was a crowd and judge favorite on season five of American Idol. She even received consistent praise from Simon Cowell.

We wonder what the cantankerous British critic would say about Pickler's latest look, however.

The country-singing cutie has abandoned her adorable, bubbly look for something more Lisa Rinna-like. Take a look for yourself:

Has Kellie Pickler undergone plastic surgery?


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Former American Idol hopeful Kellie Pickler has on hand to sign autographs at the 2008 CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday.


Was the airhead country crooner actually there for the affair, or did a wax figure take her place? You decide in this edition of Real or Wax ...

Kellie Pickler has fake boobs. There is really no question about that. Come on, you've seen those things. But are they (and the rest of her) real or wax?

Follow the jump to find out the answer ...

Continue Reading...

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Kellie Pickler has fake boobs.

There's really no question about this.

Total Rock Star

But was the American Idol finalist faking her apparent stupidity on a recent celebrity edition of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Or, well, did she really think Europe was a country? Decide for yourself:


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We love Kellie Pickler, fake boobs and all.

And we feel terrible that her mother left when this American Idol finalist was a toddler. Still, didn't Pickler's tears during her performance on last night's Country Music Awards feel a bit forced? Maybe even staged?

She times her final sniffles pretty darn well, in accordance with the closing of her song, "I Wonder." It got us wondering. Check it out for yourself:


Was Kellie Pickler truly moved to tears? Or trying to steal some attention away from the night's big winner, Carrie Underwood? Tell us what you think!

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Forget about Tony Romo, Matt Leinart and Tom Brady for a second.

Lost in the NFL quarterbacks' quest to dominate celebrity gossip headlines are the efforts of more than a few past and present NHL stars to slip one between the pads (if you know what we mean!) of certain celebrities.

Nate Lowman Picture

While few NHL players match Romo or Brady's notoriety - more people have already read this post than watched last year's Stanley Cup Finals - more than a few hockey stars have scored - and skated on thin ice - with Hollywood's finest. Below, we separate the bottom-feeders from the true players ...


José Theodore. The Colorado Avalanche netminder partied with Paris in 2006 while girlfriend Stéphanie Cloutier was pregnant. You'd think a goalie, of all people, would be able to fend off such a brutal attack. Here's hoping he at least used protection... and we don't mean his 30 pounds of hockey equipment.


Valeri Bure. Full House star Dave Coulier introduced Bure to his Canadian co-star cutie, Candace Cameron, in 1996. The rest (marriage, three kids) is history.

Wayne Gretzky. How can we leave off the legend who wed and has four kids with actress/model Janet Jones. Wayne revealed to Howard Stern that he and Janet Jones "consummated their relationship" the night they met at an L.A. Lakers game in 1987. Stern's reply: "That's why they call you The Great One."


Jordin Tootoo. Nicknamed The TooToo Train, the first native of Canada's Nunavut territory to make it to the NHL was an inspiring story. When the Nashville Predators enforcer hooked up with American Idol alum and country singer Kellie Pickler this spring, it was a match made in... an alternate universe. But a happy one just the same. That is, until he messed around on Kellie, who later told a sold-out crowd that her new theme song is Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" and said she hoped Jordin Tootoo's teeth would be knocked out in a game. [*whistle*] You can take that TooToo Train straight to the penalty box, Jordin.

Sean Avery. The 27-year-old New York Rangers winger already has 913 career penalty minutes, and his off-ice exploits have certainly landed him in the sin bin of love more than once. Sean Avery is supposedly dating Mary-Kate Olsen and has been linked to Rachel Hunter and Elisha Cuthbert. He is also rumored to be the subject of Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around... / ...Comes Around."


Mike Comrie. Hilary Duff is known for being a good girl among raunchy celebs, but Mike Comrie is melting her ice! The two have been dating since July, and recent reports have Hilary gettin' freaky with the Islanders center - in public no less! The 2000 Hobey Baker Award finalist is now on his fifth NHL team, but it looks like he might be on Team Duff for quite some time.

Mike Modano. In December 2006, Mike Modano signed a lifetime deal with singer, Playboy centerfold and Dancing with the Stars alum Willa Ford. The former #1 overall pick has always known how to light the lamp (507 times career), and he's certainly lit a fire with Willa Ford. Modano hoisted the Stanley Cup in 1999, but snaring a trophy (wife) like this might be his best career goal.

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Love is in the air for past American Idol contestants.

We've already reported on the validity to celebrity gossip rumors that Carrie Underwood is dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Now, it appears as though Kellie Pickler is following in the Idol champion's dating footsteps: not only has she bagged a new boy, but he's also a professional athlete.

The country singer has reportedly won the heart of Nashville Predators hockey star Jordin Tootoo, admitting to Us Weekly that "we've been seeing each other since January, but we kept it under wraps."

This would mean that Tootoo has gotten a first-hand look - and feel - of Pickler's supposedly fake boobs. Perhaps he can now bond with Spencer Pratt over what it's like to fondle such enhanced cleavage.

The romance began when Tootoo invited the singer - who appeared on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show on May 14 and refused to confirm or deny rumors that she had the aforementioned breast augmentation surgery - to one of his games.

"I am this country bumpkin and he's an Eskimo," says Pickler, who plans to visit his central Canada hometown this summer. "I'm going to build an igloo!"

Well ... okay then.

In other Jordin news, Jordin Sparks sang like a true American Idol champion last night. Fans should prepare to welcome her to the winner's circle, to join the likes of Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, this evening.

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Did Kellie Pickler make like Heidi Montag?

The Season Five American Idol finalist looks a lot curvier these days, especially on top. But does that mean she got fake giant boobs? The lovely southerner isn't saying.

On Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Monday morning, Seacrest asked Pickler how she felt about people's comments on her "supersize" figure after she made a guest appearance on this season's show.

She replied: "Are you talking about my boobs again? Why are you looking at my boobs anyways, you pervert?"

"I'm not looking at them, America is looking at them," Seacrest said.

Pickler responded that she simply appeared to have a fuller physique because "My hair was shorter so everything else looked bigger. [Besides,] I'm 20, my boobs are supposed to be perky."

Well, sure. Jennifer Love Hewitt has been 20 for years, based on that reasoning. But when asked directly if she's gotten an augmentation, Pickler said:

"I don't know. Ever since the show and your comments, all I hear about is my boobs. But you know me, Ryan, I like to be the center of attention, and right now me and the girls, we are pretty much getting a lot of attention. I like to keep it a mystery. Let the mystery live on because as soon as I say yes or no then no one is going to care anymore."

In other words: Kellie's breasts are as real as the staged pictures of Montag and awful boyfriend, Spencer Pratt.

Meanwhile, Pickler has been keeping herself busy with other things. She's currently on tour opening for Brad Paisley and performing her new single "I Wonder," about her mom, who left when Pickler was a little girl.

"I feel like people are really getting to know me on an intimate level," she told Seacrest.

Although Pickler says she's still be the small-town girl America fell in love with, a few things about her are different, Seacrest pointed out. "My, my, how our Kellie Pickler has changed," he said. "She was a little innocent girl and now she has Crème de la Mer on her bus."

"I don't have Crème de la Mer on my bus," she replied. "Oh wait, yes I do. I was thinking about crème brulée!"

That's our girl! As cute, ignorant and large-breasted as Jessica Simpson.

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Kellie Pickler had a whole new look when she sang for American Idol fans last week. But did it include more than just a different hairstyle?

While other stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, have denied rumored boob jobs, it may be difficult for Pickler to offer much of a defense. Just take a look at the images below.

There's nothing wrong with giant breasts, of course. Just ask Victoria Beckham. But we hope Kellie underwent a safe, healthy procedure.

As Tara Reid can attest to, boob jobs can be dangerous.

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