Kelli McCarty was Miss USA 1991. Her victory was celebrated because the event took place in Wichita in her home state and because it...

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She was a former Miss USA (1991) hailing from Kansas and played the whacked-out Beth Wallace on the now defunct soap opera Passions from 1999-2006.

Now Kelli McCarty has taken her career in a new direction, which is an adult film star. This stunning revelation has taken the mainstream, celebrity gossip and soap opera media factions by storm for the last several weeks now.

With the release of Faithless: From Beauty Queen to Porn Queen on February 4, Kelli has appeared on many news shows due to this unconventional career choice. Here's an excerpt of a recent interview she did with a soap opera site:

Q: It has been a whirlwind for you since you released your film, Faithless. There has been so much publicity, and obviously, that was the plan. Are you at all uneasy about it?

Kelli McCarty: Honestly, when I decided to get into the adult film industry, I knew it was going to cause a bit of a stir, not only in the pageant world, but the soap opera world and press world in general. I’m really happy about what happened. I want to let people know you can do adult entertainment and then go right back to mainstream.

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Q: Did you do Faithless partly to jump-start your career post-Passions? Is that why you decided to get into the adult film business?

Kelli McCarty: I did not do an adult film to jump-start my career. I just did it because I thought it would be interesting. I was sort of bored, and one day I woke up and I thought, “You know, I want to know what it would be like to be a porn star, and let me see if I could make that happen.” So I approached Vivid Entertainment, they said they would like to work with me and it went from there.

Q: Did you create the concept and script for your XXX film, Faithless?

Kelli McCarty: I went to Vivid with the idea for a storyline and they put me in touch with the writers. So I had it in my contract that I would also cast the movie and help edit the movie, and have final approval over everything.

Follow the link to continue reading this titillating interview, then follow the jump for some screen caps of Kelli McCarty in her new role ...

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During her time on Passions - a soap opera that made Days of Our Lives' far-fetched story lines seem tame by comparison - Kelli McCarty experienced it all.

A love triangle with herself, a dude and an orangutan, dressing up as a clown, being wooed romantically by her own father, you name it. The good ol' days.

These days, however, Kelli McCarty is exploring a different kind of passion ... by starring in her first-ever adult film, Vivid Entertainment's feature Faithless.

"Doing an adult film was never in the back of my head," McCarty says. "I just sat on the idea, approached Vivid, and they said, 'Yeah, let's make a movie.'"

Of course. Chief among the concerns Kelli McCarty had going in was wanting to "combine the acting and the sex ... and to have a storyline that I liked."

In an interview with TV Guide below, she talks about some of her XXX-rated experiences, as well as what we can expect from this fine work of cinema:

Such insight. Who knew the fluffer actually existed, yet is now a thing of the past. Sad. Follow the jump for pictures of Miss USA 1991 in Faithless:

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Kelli McCarty won the 1991 Miss USA Pageant.

This weekend, Katie Stam defeated all comers at the 2009 Miss American Pageant.

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And while McCarty might be dealing with a different set of comers in her new adult movie, Faithless, it only makes sense to match up the two beauty pageant contestants currently in the news.

Kelli McCarty or Katie Stam: Who would you rather...


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Kelli McCarty, Miss USA 1991, is taking the term "disgraced beauty queen" to a new level, starring in the new adult movie Faithless, on sale February 4.

McCarty, who played Beth Wallace on the soap opera Passions for seven years, is ready to get extremely passionate in this new classic from Vivid Entertainment.

Her reason for embarking on this new XXX-rated career?

"I enjoy acting, and I really like sex," says Kelli McCarty.

"This was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions. I approached Vivid with the idea of shooting a film with a sexy but interesting storyline."

"I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of control I was given," McCarty added in a comment that can be taken a number of ways. "I am very pleased with the final edit of Faithless, and I just may do another adult film."

Mmm. One can only hope (pray!) Tara Conner goes down this road someday.

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