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Likely inspired by the Rihanna and Chris Brown debacle, Keira Knightley has filmed a public service video that focuses on domestic violence.

In the two-minute clip, which debuts April 6 in movie theaters, Knightley heads home after a long day of filming.

Once there, she is brutally attacked by her boyfriend.

As the camera pans out, the beating continues, the location is revealed to be an empty film set and the ad reads:

Isn't it time someone called cut?

The actress says she filmed the spot because "while domestic violence exists in every section of society we rarely hear about it.... Domestic violence affects one in four women at some point in their lifetime and kills two women every week."

Are you listening, Rihanna?


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Any loyal celebrity gossip follower knows what Kim Kardashian looks like when she bangs. It's hot stuff.

But Keira Knightley recently showed off her own bangin' style, as her eyelash-dusting locks call attention to her beautiful brown eyes below.

Kim and her Kurves

Compare the similar 'dos and let us know which celebrity is the better banger:

Whose bangs do you like best?


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It's been a long ass while since our last Rupert Friend sighting, but it's very good to see that he and Keira Knightley are still together.

On Friday, the two of them were seen cozying up to one another while strolling through her London neighborhood. Aren't they sweet?

A Rupert Friend in need ... of some Keira Knightley lovin'!

The gorgeous Keira can be seen on film starring alongside Dominic Cooper in The Duchess. How is it? Follow this link for a The Duchess review!

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Whether or not Keira Knightley is anorexic can be debated for hours.

But the fact that Keira Knightley is beautiful is indisputable.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

With that in mind, men may wanna line up for her latest movie, despite its chick flick-esque title, The Edge of Love. How come? In a word: boobs!

Rupert Friend isn't the only person who can see Keira Knightley nude.

"I always bare my breasts," Knightley said at the press conference to promote the film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. "It's not like it's only in this film!"

She makes a good point. The Love Actually star did bare it all in Atonement last year, as she explained why she gets naked in the new movie during the same press conference.

"It was very simple. It was a sex scene and I never like them when they've got bras on," she said, referring to a hot part of the script. "[So when the director asked me to remove her bra] I said, 'All right then.'"

All is right with that decision, indeed, Keira.


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The Hollywood Gossip: Yeah right.

Despite the actress' remarkably brittle, slender figure, the mother of Keira Knightley insists it's thanks to her genes, not her diet.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

"She's always been thin," Keira's mom, Sharman Macdonald, told Britain's Sunday Times. "She's her daddy's daughter, with his long body."

Like her father, the actress, 23, must "eat like a horse," to maintain her weight, Macdonald said. Mmm hmm. We've heard it all before.

Last year, Keira Knightley successfully sued Britain's Daily Mail, saying the tabloid implied she lied about having an eating disorder.

In 2006, Knightley vociferously denied that she suffered from anorexia. She soon began dating Rupert Friend, who's some sort of actor.

That's not at all relevant, but we thought you might be interested.

In the Times interview, Knightley's mom says the rumors are all upsetting, especially because she felt there was little she could do about them.

"It's a playground situation that we're looking at with the press â€" it's a form of bullying â€" but what can we do?"

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That's Rupert Friend, people! Her boyfriend! Of, like, a long time! While the rest of you poor saps are hankering for a five-second glimpse of Keira Knightley naked in Atonement, this dude is seeing the real deal every day! All 80 pounds of it!

Keira Knightley stays bundled up and walks in step with boyfriend Rupert Friend during a chilly afternoon comprised of running errands in London on Wednesday.

In the estimation of The Hollywood Gossip staff, Rupert Friend is certainly among the least interesting celebrity boyfriends out there. All they do is walk around! Oooh.

There was a time when Cash Warren fit that bill, as all he and Jessica Alba did was show up at the occasional NBA game. But then he got her pregnant! Go Cash! What are you waiting for, Rupert Friend? Give us something to gossip about man.

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We can't say with certainty that Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend are built to last, but they sure looked cozy on some recent nights out.

Braving snowy N.Y. weather while out for a walk in the SoHo neighborhood with beau of at least a year, Rupert Friend, Keira Knightley was somehow able to keep warm despite her thin frame. Phew.

The next night, the couple, dressed in hip attire, snuggled up together at a Chanel Beauté dinner at the N.Y. eatery, Balthazar, to celebrate the actress' new film, Atonement.

A source at the party tells us that Rupert "More Than A" Friend kept his arm around his girlfriend all night, adding that they were "very sweet together."

Looks like someone is trying to keep Keira Knightley naked all to himself. Can you blame him? Now if he'd just get her to eat a cheeseburger every so often, we'd be set.

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If you enjoy looking at Keira Knightley naked, you may be in luck:

The actress recently told Elen DeGeneres that she can't stop baring it all during magazine shoots.

"At the moment, my friends actually have bets going on that I can't actually do a photo shoot keeping my clothes on," the actress said, following a question about her recent, naked pictorial for Interview. "And I can't."

And why not, Keira?

Because her birthday suit is "vaguely liberating," the actress said. "I hope I don't become a nudist."

We hope this British star doesn't mind if we don't exactly share that hope.

Keira Knightly admits she can't stop getting nude for photo shoots. But we fail to see the problem.


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You can pay $10 to see Keira Knightley nude in the upcoming movie Atonement.

Or you can shell out about half that amount and see the actress half-naked in the December 2007/January 2008 issue of Interview Magazine. Here are some highlights from Knightley's chat with the publication:

How was the photo shoot?
We ended by taking my clothes off again. How does that always happen?

Why do you think?
I don't know. Because I say yes, I suppose.

Did you relate to the Hollywood-glamour thing when you were growing up?
I think it's wonderful to have those aesthetic fantasies. Those films pretend that you can wake up in the morning with bright red lipstick and perfect false eyelashes and hair; I like that.

Keira Knightley Naked

Take notice, Heather Mills: Keira Knightley shows how to be naked and classy.