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Excuse us for a moment, Gemma Atkinson.

You're very pretty and all, but it's time to focus on our favorite British beauty. Indeed, Keeley Hazell nude may not be difficult to come across - but that doesn't make these pics any less attractive once we do.

Keeley Hazell as Britney Spears Nude

One of the original sex tape queens - it's safe to assume Olivia Mojica and Toastee Toof were simply following her lead - Hazell is beloved by men on both sides of the Atlantic. She's also an inspiration to women.

Even a nude Avril Lavigne posed in the same publication as Keeley a few months back.

You have to hand it to this lingerie model. Unlike fellow English hottie Katie Price, Hazell doesn't need a reality show to get famous. She can just take her clothes off. 

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We've never heard of Arena magazine. But we may need to take out a subscription for it today. How come? Can you not see the Keeley Hazell picture below?

Keeley Hazell Naked Picture

While this British lingerie model may be best known for a recent sex tape, she's mighty fine in still images, as well.

Moreover, the publication has managed to make Avril Lavigne look sexy.

Seriously. This punk singer looks to be hoping for an Antonella Barba photo-like makeover to her career with this picture shoot....

And we were surprised when nearly nude Hilary Swank pics popped up.

Looks like previously pristine singers and actors are beginning to climb about the naked picture train. What does The Hollywood Gossip have to say about such a development? All aboard, people.

All aboard.

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Some things are surprising: There's a magazine in England called "Zoo."

Others are expected: Keeley Hazell is almost nude within the pages of it...

Keeley Hazell Nude Pic

The lingerie model is one to give Antonella Barba a run for her scantily clad money, as both beauties have an affection for their own skin. But only Hazell, of course, has put out a sex tape so far.

Well, not only Hazell. Kim Kardashian also has done so.

And Dustin Diamond.

And someone named Melanie Martinez.

Moreover, is there any doubt Barba will release one at some point? You should really just ignore this entire post.

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There are some celebrity sex tapes we cannot confirm the existence of.

Come on, Kim Kardashian come clean already. Pun, sort of intended.

Keeley Hazell, Fully Dressed

But Keeley Hazell is proud enough of her body - and skills - to circulate a video of herself and a piece of man candy. After seeing the pictures below, we understand why.

You might wanna sit down for these, fellas. You also might wanna thank The Hollywood Gossip - between these pics and the Eva Longoria nude photos previously published, we're almost too kind.

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Keeley Hazell is a British model who has a role in the movie, Cashback.

The part she plays? "Naked girl."

Keeley Hazell 2009 Calendar

So it doesn't exactly come as a shock that this 20-year old vixen stars in the latest celebrity sex tape.

The only real shocker here?

That Dustin Diamond wasn't prominently involved.

From what The Hollywood Gossip can gather, neither was sex tape purveyor, David Hans Schmidt.

He probably wishses he were, however, as Hazell is popular in Britain and - after Americans get a glimpse of her talents in this video - will soon be in the States, as well.

As popular as a Britney Spears sex tape? Of course not.

But that's a standard not even Keeley Hazell can live up to.

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Keeley Hazell Picture When it comes to Keeley Hazell, boobs and lingerie are pretty much the order every day. She has starred in a sex tape and taking her... More »
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My boob once slipped out when I was talking to a bloke.

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