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The lovely Ms. Katy Perry will soon be making the jump from pop superstar to queen of 3D with her upcoming concert movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

The voluptuous, Grammy-winning artist is offering fans the chance to walk the red carpet with her when the film premieres this summer, to boot.

Check out a video of Katy promoting the “Golden Ticket” to the film below ...

From Paramount Insurge Pictures, the same studio that brought us Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, it's safe to say this film won't disappoint the faithful.

The studio, Perry and Twitter have combined forces to offer her legion of fans multiple opportunities to help shape the film as it is being put together, too.

That's even more exciting than our gallery of Katy Perry pictures ... or at least it's pretty close. It's a pretty awesome gallery we've compiled at THG.

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Katy Perry channeled two of her contemporaries this weekend with a cover of Rihanna's "Only Girl" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" in Manchester (UK).

The singer has teased an upcoming collaboration with Rihanna - though it's unclear what that will entail specifically - and paid homage to her BFF here.

Perry has been touring Europe, where she's been linked to model Baptiste Giabiconi, in the wake of her surprising divorce from zany comic Russell Brand.

Take a listen to the live Gaga-Rihanna medley below ...

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Katy Perry's official "Part of Me" music video has just been released, and it's an homage to all things girl power. Specifically, the few, the proud, the Marines.

It starts with Miss Perry sitting in a car, watching her beau attempt to work it with another girl. She storms into a gas station and a confrontation ensues.

While storming out, she lays eyes on a bumper sticker on the community board that reads, "All women are created equal, then some become Marines."

Perry, who wrote this song two years ago (it's not a slap at Russell Brand) enlists and dons some camo gear and boots. It's a pretty hot look on her, no?

Katy, who has recently been linked to model Baptiste Giabiconi, has performed her latest single live on numerous occasions in the U.S. and in Europe.

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Does Katy Perry already have a new boyfriend? One named Baptiste Giabiconi?

The blue-haired singer, who surprisingly announced her divorce from Russell Brand late last year, has been on a whirlwind tour of Europe here in March. 

By her side: Baptiste Giabiconi, a 22-year-old male model and aspiring singer.

They have not officially commented on their relationship, but were seen together last night outside the Montana Club in Paris, according to TooFab:

Baptiste Giabiconi Photo

Allegedly, Katy was spotted getting cozy with him on the EuroStar train from London to Paris earlier this week as well. So who is he? And is this really a thing?

Baptiste, who is said to have his sights set on a music career, hails from France and has been described by iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld as his "muse."

In fact, TooFab says that Baptiste and 77-year-old designer spent so much time together at one point, it was actually rumored they were dating, as well.

Looks like Katy landed him instead. Maybe. We've learned not to assume too much about Perry's life, since she shoots down rumors pretty regularly.

Still, these two are totally hanging out. Stay tuned.

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Katy Perry is so excited about the prospect of a collaboration with BFF Rihanna, she may have put her foot in her mouth discussing the potential project.

Perry weighed in on the forthcoming song (which undoubtedly will be a catchy #1 hit with those two working together), with an apparent dig at Beyonce:

"We've collaborated on things, just not songs yet. It's one of those things that's got so much build-up that we have to deliver," she said on BBC Radio 1.

  • Katy Perry is Back
  • Beyonce in Concert

"I want it to be like that Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin song 'Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves,' not 'Beautiful Liar.' I definitely want to do something iconic."

Beyonce's 2007 track "Beautiful Liar," featuring Shakira, isn't her best song, but it did reach No. 1 on the iTunes best-seller list and U.S. Hot Singles Sales.

Perry doesn't have a reputation for starting beef with other celebs, so we're guessing she did not mean it as an insult ... even if it sort of reads that way.

Maybe Bey and Katy can collaborate next and bury the hatchet in this non-feud?

In sort of related news, KP sort of embarrassed herself covering "N****s In Paris" by Jay-Z and Kanye West at the same BBC Radio 1 appearance.


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Katy Perry is straight up gangsta.

On her whirlwind UK media tour, the bubbly, blue-haired singer cranked out a rendition of ... the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration, "N**gas in Paris."

Anyone see that one coming? No?

Katy Perry stopped by BBC Radio 1 in London for the performance, during which she substituted the word "ninjas" for the ... similar sounding titular word.

Watch and assess her performance below:


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Private Perry, reporting for duty! Pop superstar Katy Perry debuted the teaser trailer for her ‘Part of Me’ music video today, and she's ready for combat!

Showing the Grammy Award-nominated singer preparing for battle in full army gear, the 25-second tease hints at an interesting final product to say the least.

The song, already a hit for Perry, features female-empowering lyrics that some say are a direct slap at ex Russell Brand, though Katy has denied this.

Will the video reveal a similar message, whatever that might be? We’ll find out when it fully premieres Wednesday, March 21. For now, the trailer ...

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Despite some lyrics that make clear reference to a relationship falling apart and love gone wrong, Katy Perry insists "Part of Me" isn't about Russell Brand.

"I wrote it two years ago, which is funny because everybody is like 'God, it sounds so current,'" the pop star, 27, told MTV News about her latest single.

The song is full of jabs - "You can keep the diamond ring/It don't mean nothing anyway" etc. - leading many to conclude that it was a dig at Russell.

Not the case, says Perry, whose split with Brand remains amicable.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Photo

Katy and Russell wed in October 2010 and split in December 2011.

"Some people that I work with were like, 'Just say you wrote it a couple of weeks ago,'" she says. "I'm like, 'I'm not a d---, I'm going to tell the truth.'"

"I wrote it two years ago when I was writing and recording Teenage Dream, [but] it didn't feel right on the record. It's not about [Russell Brand]."

Still, Perry admits that the timing is eerie in a sense.

"Sometimes I'm like, 'Am I living in The Truman Show?' It just feels like sometimes I'm caught in this movie where my life is paralleling my music!"

"It seems very serendipitous, but, as un-fun as it sounds, I prepare everything. I'm overly prepared and kind of a control freak in the best of ways."


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In a change of pace, Katy Perry has ditched the blue hair, over the top wardrobe and heavy makeup in favor of pure, glamorous sexiness in Interview magazine.

A surprising and smoldering change of pace.

Wearing a bejeweled bra, chandelier earrings and black gloves, Katy was photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Karl Templer for the March issue.

Thursday marks the release of Interview's interview of Perry, conducted by Kristen Wiig, but her new look is already one of our favorite Katy Perry photos.

Dare to disagree? Take a look below:

Katy Perry Interview Magazine Cover

Katy Perry unzipped? Where do we sign up?

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Pop superstar Katy Perry will guest star on Raising Hope on the Tuesday, March 6 episode of the Fox sitcom, the network announced via press release this week.

She'll play a prison attendant who claims to be a former friend of Sabrina's.

The episode will find Sabrina arrested after participating in an Occupy Natesville protest. She ends up in jail, and Perry's Rikki (below) plays a key role there:

Katy Perry on Raising Hope

How did this come about? Executive producer Greg Garcia said:

“Shannon Woodward (Sabrina) told me that her friend Katy was interested in doing an episode and I thought, ‘Why not? Let's do your friend Katy a favor,’”

“Then she came in and did a terrific job. She was hilarious."

"And now, people are telling me that Katy Perry is also a singer. I sincerely hope her appearance on RH helps her get her career off the ground. It's a tough business.”

Nicely played. We're just sad she doesn't have a blue 'fro.