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Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams were arrested and charged with robbery last night after an incident with paparazzi.

After a celebrity photographer reported that the men stole her camera last month, L.A. police launched an investigation and ultimately brought criminal charges.

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Because Knight has a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon, reports say that he could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted in this case.

Knight, 49, was arrested in Las Vegas, taken into custody without incident.

Williams, 43, was arrested at a L.A.-area courthouse when he appeared for an arraignment in a separate assault case, and faces up to seven years if convicted.

That's not likely, but the men are nonetheless forced to face the music after allegedly taking a paparazzo's camera in Beverly Hills back in September.

The incident remains under investigation by Beverly Hills police.

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Katt Williams has a history of erratic behavior.

Williams slapped a Target employee for unknown reasons in 2012, and he's been arrested numerous times on charges ranging from burglary to child endangerment.

Last night in LA, however, the troubled comedian may have taken his violent behavior to a new level:

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According to police reports, the trouble started when Williams attended a stand-up show at The Comedy Store in LA.

Apparently, Katt doesn't need to be on stage in order to be heckled, as another audience member started cracking jokes about Williams' height and race.

Williams allegedly became irate and pulled a gun on the man.

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Katt Williams isn't all about stand-up comedy and getting arrested.

He has a charitable side too, he showed in a big way Sunday.

After a performance in Boston, he gave a wheelchair-bound woman in attendance $1,000 after learning that the fan badly needs a kidney transplant!

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Williams' gesture took place after the comic's security team saw the woman crying in the crowd and found out the surprising reason why.

She said that they were "tears of joy" because it was the first time she had laughed since being told by her doctors that she needs a new kidney.

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Oft-arrested comedian Katt Williams has avoided jail and was sentenced to community service for his low-speed police chase in Sacramento, Calif.

The Scary Movie 5 star pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of evading police and was sentenced to 180 days in jail ... with a major catch.

The Katt

Half of those days were converted to 420 hours of community service, while the other half of the term was stayed, so he remains free, E! News confirms.

Williams was also given three years' informal probation and ordered to report back to Sacramento Superior Court on June 14 to show proof of this.

Chris Brown recently got into hot water for allegedly not reporting community service fully, so it stands to reason a judge will seek to verify it.

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Katt Williams is making news once again - but NOT for getting arrested!

Instead, the trouble-making comedian is agreeing with Mayor Vincent Gray, who said earlier this week, the moniker "Redskins" for Washington's professional football team should maybe be changed.

Redskins Logo

"Do you know how racist that is?" Katt said to TMZ of the name. "That would be like saying the Chinese Yellowskins or the Compton Blackskins.

"Can you please not keep disrespecting the people we already admit we did wrong to?"

Do you agree? Are the Washington REDSKINS offensive to Native Americans?


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Katt Williams arrested in L.A. last night after blowing off a court date in Sacramento.

A judge issued a bench warrant for Katt's arrest yesterday when the comedian failed to show up for his arraignment, stemming from his wild 3-wheeled police chase.

Kat Williams

He's been charged with evading a police officer while driving recklessly, a felony.

Law enforcement sources say the LAPD was aware Katt was a wanted man and when detectives spotted him outside his L.A. home, they placed him under arrest.

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Katt Williams and Suge Knight got into a huge fight outside a Hollywood club Friday night, just hours after the comedian's arrest (the most recent one).

Following Katt Williams' arrest for child endangerment, he was seen alongside Knight as Suge popped some guy and nearly mowed down others in his SUV.

A massive brawl erupted outside Eden nightclub, with Suge trying to go after someone as Katt gets away from the action, walking behind a dumpster.

It's not clear why, but Suge connects with a punch as he and Katt, who he manages, make their way to black SUV while being chased by someone.

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Stop the presses, but reprint the same headline we've seen multiple times over the past couple months: Katt Williams has been arrested.

The comedian was booked last night on charges of child endangerment. And here's why:

The Katt

An investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services determined there were multiple guns and illegal drugs in Katt's home, leading to a dangerous hazard for his four kids.

As of this writing, Williams remained in custody, held on $100,000 bail, while the children were placed in protective custody.

The arrest may lead to felony charges for Williams.

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Katt Williams was arrested at a Subway restaurant last night while his good pal Suge Knight was getting a manicure / pedicure at a nearby nail salon ... seriously.

The comedian was involved in some kind of disturbance at the West Hollywood Subway. Obviously, Katt claims he did nothing wrong whatsoever.

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The drama began while the comedian was waiting in front of Subway while Suge Knight, his friend and manager, was getting a mani-pedi nearby.

Sorry, that part of the story is beyond hilarious.

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