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In a manner of speaking, of course.

Katie Rees, the dethroned and humiliated Miss Nevada, believes she got the shaft (har har) in being stripped of her state beauty queen title.

According to the troubled wild child herself, she was so blasted the night those Katie Rees pictures that got her booted as Miss Nevada were taken, she doesn't even remember it.


"When I saw them, I was shocked," a tearful Rees told Inside Edition. "We were just out being goofy girls and celebrating. We had a few drinks. That night, I don't think I thought about much of anything, to be honest with you."

Rees claims that, unlike Miss USA Tara Conner, who was given a second chance by Donald Trump despite her wild ways, she was unfairly treated.

"These are things that I didn't do during my reign as Miss Nevada. These are things that were done three years prior to knowing that I would be a public figure," said Rees, who actually cleans up nice. "I don't see why these pictures change the person I was when I won it."

Never mind the fact that we've since shown you a new Katie Rees photo showing similarly raunchy behavior from a different bar on a different night. Details.

In any case, while we can't say Rees got a raw deal in losing her title, we don't fault her one bit for trying to run with it and make some money. Hey, someone's gotta serve as Vegas' resident female orgasm host. Right?

Right. Anyway, here's a bonus pic of Katie Rees and her drunk, oversexed friends of hers from the crazy night that ultimately cost her the crown. Now that's girl on girl action.

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Katie Rees.

Female orgasm.

Certain words just go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, or Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen. Certainly Ms. Katie Rees, the disgraced ex-Miss Nevada and no stranger to raunchy behavior, would concur.

But don't sell her short. The dethroned beauty queen - who lost her Miss Nevada title after a collection of wild Katie Rees pictures were revealed to the world via the Internets (and thank heaven for that) - has shown that when she's not making out with other girls, she sure can clean up nice.

After losing her beauty pageant crown to Helen Salas amid a storm of controversy and some awfully compelling girl-on-girl action, Rees recently put her clothes back for a photo shoot with Las Vegas' newest magazine, Racket.

While she looks like a pretty and downright respectable gal in non-nude pics, there is just something about Katie Rees in a normal photo session that throws us off. And we're not the only ones. Rees' own rack apparently has misgivings...

There's only one thing left to do. Sign the petition and reinstate Katie.

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Katie Rees is multi-tasking.

The former Miss Nevada is hosting a female orgasm contest in Las Vegas.

She's also posing non-nude for some photos.

Now, reportedly, Rees will be crowned Miss JET Las Vegas.

"I'm really excited about the party at JET. I haven't been able to go out and spend time with my friends at all since the ordeal. It will be a relief from all the stress," she said.

You mean these friends, Katie?

The "coronation" is being billed as "Hail to the Queen," and her majesty will be crowned on Monday, January 29 at JET nightclub at The Mirage.

We heard Isaac Cohen may be the jestor.

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The following pairing is as natural as Lauren Conrad and Rodeo Drive.

The most famous, ousted, occasionally lesbian Miss Nevada of all-time, Katie Rees, has been hired to host Beacher's Madhouse at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

What does that entail, you ask? We're quite glad you asked.

Rees, dethroned after sexy photos of her and some female friends emerged on the Internet, will co-host the opening night on March 31 alongside Pete Giovine and Jeff Beacher, recently named "Best Showman on the Strip" by Rolling Stone.

"Miss Nevada is going to push the envelope, even for Beacher's Madhouse," Beacher told TMZ.(No, not the new Miss Nevada, Helen Salas; the fired one.)

Rees will be hosting a female orgasm contest during the opening of the show. Yes, you read that correctly. And, yes, we assume Paris Hilton would win if she entered.

The night also promises "half-naked girls, midgets, and monkeys." Sounds like fun. Maybe Tara Conner actually wishes she weren't given a second chance now.

We doubt they have orgasm contests in rehab.

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These are not nude Katie Rees photos.

We just wanted to warn you, fells. But the ousted Miss Nevada is back in the spotlight nevertheless. She's just wearing more clothing there.

Rees - who gave up her crown to Helen Salas in a swirl of controversy and girl-on-girl action - is posing for the brand new Las Vegas magazine, Racket.

While guys may need to turn to Tricia Helfer in Playboy to see nudity now, as opposed to a suddenly dress-wearing Rees, the new pics are rather provocative. Or at least weird. In one, Katie poses wearing paint on her face and neck.

The inaugural issue of Racket hits newsstands this Monday. And the odds of Katie Rees ever starring in soft-core porn stand at 4-1.

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We don't know what to say.

The Hollywood Gossip staff is speechless.

There are really Katie Rees pictures out there that are NOT racier than a Saturday night at the Playboy mansion?!?

Indeed, the former Miss Nevada knows how to wear clothing, according to our friends at Splash News. They seem to have uncovered pics of Rees, well, covered.

Katie still has a long way to go until she's as pure as Helen Salas, but we hope spreading the word of these images will help.

The gal just made a mistake. She does know how to not be naked.

Which is typically more than we can say for Anna Nicole Smith.

Anyway. Enjoy these new Katie Rees photos.


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We have two questions:

  1. How many sex-crazed Katie Rees photos are actually out there?
  2. What the heck kind of restaurants do they have in Tampa Bay?

By now, everyone is aware that Katie Rees was stripped of her crown as Miss Nevada for stripping off her clothes at Fletcher's Backstreet Grill in Tampa a few years ago.

The embattled beauty queen pleaded for a second chance over the weekend, saying such naughty, public behavior was an isolated incident. Turns out, though, she was being less honest than Anna Nicole Smith when asked about her baby's daddy.

This picture was taken at Tia's Mexican Restaurant in Tampa in June, 2004. Rees doesn't appear to have learned much over the years. Guys may be thankful for that. But Donald Trump and other beauty pageant officials probably are not.

Don't be counting on a Tara Conner-like second chance now, Katie.

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By now, you must have seen the Katie Rees pictures.

Heard the public outcry. Witnessed the removal of this beauty's crown. Wondered what was wrong with the uptight world.

Because it may be difficult to get Donald Trump on the phone and plea Katie's case, a few fans have started an online petition. Their mission is pure and simple:

Reinstate Katie Rees to the Miss Nevada throne. If you wish to join the cause, click here and begin.

Good luck.

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Katie Rees may not have been thinking ahead a few years ago when certain racy pictures were taken - but she's trying to get ahead of a PR nightmare now.

The former Miss Nevada is apologizing for racy pictures of her that circulated on the Web â€" and cost her to be stripped of her precious crown.

In a press conference held Saturday Rees said:

"These images were from an isolated incident during my teenage years, long before my consideration to compete in the Miss USA program. While I take full responsibility for the photographs .. This incident does not reflect who I am or who I plan to be."

Wait, it doesn't? Nevermind then. Don't call us. But Katie Blair, we're still waiting by the phone for you.

Rees went on to say she hopes her experience will serve as a cautionary tale to other young women.

"Please don't let your guard down when it comes to being photographed," she said. "As you can see, just one mistake can have great consequences."

Like current Miss USA Tara Conner, who was nearly removed from her crown earlier this week, Rees is hoping for a second chance.

It's all up to Donald Trump at this point, of course. He may not be feeling too sympathetic, however, after insulting every conceivable aspect of arguing with Rosie O'Donnell all week.

In the meantime, Rees has been replaced by first runner-up Helen Salas.

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Really, what more is there to say about the kinky, sex-crazed Katie Rees pictures that surfaced in the last 24 hours?

For those of you who live under rocks, we'll sum up. The girl went wild one night and pictures of her partying and simulating sex acts resulted in her losing her title of Miss Nevada. She has been replaced by Helen Salas.

Granted, it was just one night of drinking and girl on girl action. We all have our wild days when we're young. But how did she not think debauchery of this magnitude would one day come back to bite her hard (pun definitely intended)? One can only imagine what she was thinking at the time, or what was running through the head of the poor gal pal pictured servicing Katie Rees below...

Okay, so there's no way the girl thought that five years ago, when these memorable pictures were taken and no one knew who Tara Conner was. But you can't ignore the fact that in the past week alone, three prominent U.S. beauty queens (Rees, Conner and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair) have been embroiled in scandals involving drinking and hooking up with other girls.

Is this a great country or what?

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