Katie Rees is a former Miss Nevada. She got in hot water by, well, getting naked and kissing lots of women at a party. We think she...

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Remember Katie Rees?

The former Miss Nevada 2007 was stripped of her crown when a series of racy photos of her were leaked soon after the coronation.

Now, following the announcement that Carrie Prejean won't receive the same punishment after her set of topless pics were released, Rees is speaking out. She told E! News the development is a "huge double standard."

"Semi-nude photos are semi-nude photos," Rees said, comparing the topless lingerie pics of Prejean with her own images (linked to above).

In December 2006, however, Miss Universe owner Donald Trump - the same man that said this is the "21st century" and the pics of Prejean were mostly "lovely" - deemed Rees' photos inappropriate and stripped Katie of her crown.

But what about the contracts both Rees and Prejean signed? Each stated that contestants must own up to any history of naked or semi-naked photographs.

Lost amidst Prejean's gay marriage stance is the simple fact that she violated her contract. What's the point of making such documents if there's no incentive to adhere to them?

"I don't know why I am the only one who was punished for their behavior," Rees said. "I was only 19 when those photos were taken of me, and it was me in my personal life, far before I was crowned Miss Nevada. Carrie actually posed for these professional semi-nude photos. I think that's worse."

You're totally right, Katie. But Prejean cited the Bible, said God spoke to her and got narrow-minded Christians on her side. See where you went wrong now?

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Katie Rees, the dethroned Nevada beauty queen, won't have to worry about dropping the soap in any prison showers in the future: she's pleaded no contest to a list of traffic violations in exchange for no jail time.

The police busted Rees after she allegedly assaulted an officer in Las Vegas on February 6. She admitted to speeding, operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance and driving with an expired registration, a suspended license and suspended registration.

For old times/libido's sake, Katie Rees is seen here fondling a friend.

Rees was ordered to pay more than $1,000 in fines.

She had been facing up to six months in the slammer, before she copped to the charges like some sort of drunken pageant winner copping a feel of her friends on the dance floor.

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Arrest? What arrest for assaulting a police officer?

Katie Rees has put the past behind her (nude photos, stripped Miss Nevada crown, the aforementioned recent arrest) and decided to dance, dance, dance her problems away! Good for her!

TMZ caught the dethroned beauty queen at The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio last night, gyrating her rump shaker like only she can.

Somewhere, Tara Conner is locked away in a Donald Trump-sponsored prison, drooling over this picture.

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Katie Rees found a new way to use her body last night.

The former Miss Nevada was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly assaulting a police officer, TMZ reports.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The walking beauty pageant scandal was pulled over for a traffic violation. What went down? Well, it wasn't Rees, for a change. But when cops attempted to arrest her, Katie began to elbow and kick them.

Police said they were just gonna cite Rees, but when she went all Mary Delgado on them, they had to take her in. FOX5 in Las Vegas broke the story.

Rees, of course, was famously stripped of her crown after she stripped down for a number of quasi lesbian photos that surfaced online.

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File this among The Most Disappointing Happenings in Hollywood, right along with those supposedly naked Amy Polumbo photos.

We should've known that we couldn't have counted on that beauty queen to bare it all, but what's Katie Rees thinking in the accompanying pictures from her 23rd birthday party over the weekend? It was held at a topless pool!

Yet somehow, Katie Rees - a raunchy gal who is best known for naked, lesbian pics - couldn't even take off her bikini top. For shame.

Rees and friends rocked out at the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage yesterday afternoon. Based on the evidence included here, though, there was more nudity in the Mary-Louise Parker Weeds ad than during these festivities.

This was a major letdown and we're afraid of what will happen next. Might Spencer Pratt be heartfelt and understanding on The Hills season premiere tonight? Perish the thought.

When it comes to birthday suits, however, at least we have Keira Knightley nude to ogle over now.

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That's right, while suckers such as Brody Jenner are throwing birthday parties that require heavy clothing, Katie Rees has the right idea:

Bare your breasts. Have a good time.

The controversial (i.e. HOT!) former beauty pageant contestant is throwing herself a 23rd birthday bash in Las Vegas on Sunday. It's gonna be held at the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage, the sort of venue where Tila Tequila or Lucy Pinder ought to feel right at home.

And why shouldn't it be? Rees earned a name for herself by releasing pictures that made Antonella Barba nude photos look tame in comparison. She might as well celebrate such a milestone by doing the same.

While we don't know what the guest list looks like exactly, you can assume any party thrown by Katie Rees involves nothing but the classiest of celebrities.

So get ready, Kim Kardashian, this is your chance to shine again.

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Hayden Panettiere, step off.

Yes, we know. You're an up-and-comer, as we've seen in some recent photos. But you've got nothing on some of the sex-crazed, attention-craving purveyors of girl-on-girl action seen below. Consider this something to strive toward.

Spencer and Heidi: Not Married

Let's take a look at The Hollywood Gossip's All-Star Team ...

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: Lauren Conrad (left) leans in to give Heidi Montag some sugar. And this was before Heidi's boob job! There will be no more slumber parties or tickle fights between these former roomies, though. Just real fights. LC and Heidi aren't really friends, mostly because of her relationship with that d!ck Spencer Pratt. The photo at right, of a pre-train wreck Britney Spears going at it with Madonna, needs no introduction.

SISTERS AND PORN STARS: We knew she'd sleep with just about anything, but we didn't expect to see Sienna Miller (left) gettin' freaky... with her sister! Yes, borderline incestual girl-on-girl action, ladies and gentlemen. Let's just hope she didn't slip her the tongue. And while it's probably not fair to include a porn star in this feature (as they get paid for lesbian action), we weren't about to exclude the lusty pride of Broward County, Mary Carey.

BEAUTY QUEENS GONE WILD: Call it (disgraced) beauty queens row. Tara Conner and Katie Blair (left) not only made headlines for winning the 2006 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, but for hooking up. With each other. Is this a great country or what? Meanwhile, Katie Rees (right, middle) was stripped of Miss Nevada honors after this pic and others like it surfaced. But who are you gonna remember, her or Helen Salas? Exactly.

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Some people and places just go together. Like Heather Mills and the fiery gates of Hell.

Or Katie Rees and Las Vegas.

The former Miss Nevada doesn't seem to be missing her crown very much. Rees has been taking advantage of all Sin City has to offer, such as beautiful pools and orgasm contests.

Pictured here, Katie is hanging out at Bare Pool and Lounge at the Mirage. Oddly enough, however, this is a topless poolside ... but there's nary a nude Katie Rees photo to be found. We hope the crazy, occasionally lesbian party-goer hasn't changed her ways.

Elsewhere, Rees made like Eva Longoria and played a few hands of poker at the JET Nightclub Celebrity Poker Tournament and was also spotted with Vegas high-roller George Maloof, an owner of the Palms.

Katie then ended her night at JET's one-year anniversary party, sipping Grey Goose, just chillin like the fun-loving, laid back single gal that she is. And if Andy Baldwin is reading this now, we think there's little doubt about who he should be focusing his lovelorn eyes on.

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No ... No .... stop .... please stop .... oh, God, nooo ....

That's the basic message Cirque du Soleil is sending to Katie Rees when it comes (pun ... intended!) to her female orgasm contest. Allow us to explain:

TMZ.com has obtained a cease and desist letter from Cirque du Soleil, sent to "Beacher's Madhouse" host Jeff Beacher at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

The letter asks him to halt production on the "orgasmic" part of his variety show, hosted by the former Miss Nevada, because it infringes on Cirque's trademarked name.

Cirque believes that Beacher has been advertising the orgasm contest as a "Cirque du Soleil" event in several online publications.

There's no word on how he's been advertising the girl-on-girl action we're sure Rees also shows off for the audience.

Although that probably speaks for itself.

Beacher insists that the name was used in blogs by mistake and that it was never part of his show. He also laments the fact that another scorned beauty queen, Tara Conner, never joins Rees on stage. Okay, that's not true.

TMZ spoke to Beacher, who said:

"I have no intention, and have never even thought about calling my orgasm contest the Cirque du Soleil Contest. I'm calling it exactly what it is; an Orgasm Contest."

That pretty much sums it up. We're just wondering when Kim Kardashian will be brought in as a judge.

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Sorry, fellas, these are not nude Katie Rees photos.

But they're still pics of the former Miss Nevada, doing what she does best: No, not judging female orgasm contests. Just partying it up like the young hottie that she is.

Seen here, Rees is making like the Tara Conner of old.

She was spotted at Body English night club in Las Vegas until 3:45 a.m. over the weekend - and why shouldn't she be? The estranged pageant queen is just taking advantage of her looks and few moments in the spotlight.

As long as Lauren Conrad wasn't her designated driver on the way home, we commend this beauty for enjoying herself while still young.

We just hope Katie Rees doesn't blame us for f%#$ing her over that night. It's our job to run photos such as this, ok?

We also assume that was the job of this guy that night. 

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