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Remember when a nude Britney Spears posed while pregnant?

Well, it looks like Katie Price doesn't recall this disturbing image.

Katie Price and Boobs

If she did, the British model also known as "Jordan" might have avoided posing in her birthday, preggers suit alongside husband Peter Andre. It just isn't sexy to be competing with Salma Hayek for biggest baby bump while baring it all for the world to see.

We know certain English women such as Price, Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder don't have much to offer the world aside from giant boobs, but come on. No one wants to see this.

We'd almost prefer if you talked more about your loose vagina, ok, Katie? But maybe try making news one day for something that's actually not related to any of your private parts.

It's a bold concept, of course. But even Kim Kardashian is trying to make herself known for something other than a sex tape these days. She's focusing on bad singing instead.

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Jenna Jameson, perhaps you could talk some sense into Katie Price.

The world famous porn star has suffered from complications after a vaginoplasty left her private area in pain. But that hasn't stopped the model known as "Jordan" from wanting to reduce the size of her bearded clam.

Katie Price and Boobs

"I wouldn't be doing it because I want to be smaller, because [husband Peter Andre] likes me the way I am," Price said. "But, and women who've had kids will know what I'm talking about, sometimes you're not as tight down there as you'd like afterwards."

And we thought Paris Hilton's pussy had problems! Just listen to what else Price had to say on the topic:

"Sometimes if you cough or sneeze a bit of wee comes out! I just have to cross my legs and hope it doesn't trickle down my leg."

We appreciate that image, Katie. It actually makes us wanna look at Brooke Hogan in chaps.

Finally, Price concluded this stomach-turning interview by explaining that she isn't after anything too special. She doesn't need a top of the line private parts enhancement, like the one Heidi Montag paid for.

"It's not really a designer vagina I'm considering, but I'll probably get a couple of extra stitches put in while they're down there!"

Sorry for all that detail, fellas. But hurry up and take a look at Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth involved in some hot girl-on-girl action. It should make you feel better.

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Peter Andre fans can rest easy:

The Australian pop singer has been released from hospital after receiving treatment for viral meningitis.

Katie Price, Underwear Pic

The artist was being treated for the brain bug at the East Surrey Hospital in the native nation of Kate Middleton, England.

A spokesman said: "He now needs to be left alone with his family to recover."

No problem. We'll abide by that request by ignoring Andre and posting an alluring picture of his wife instead. Here's your Katie Price photo for the day:

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How does a woman known solely for her giant boobs and attractive appearance react when photographers wish to catch her pregnant, disheveled and wearing multi-colored sunglasses?

In the case of Katie Price, she tries to hide behind a shopping bag.

Katie Price, Underwear

But cameras still managed to snap a shot of this reality TV star, who portrays herself, alongside husband Peter Andre in the show Katie and Peter. We think she looks okay, at least compared to the scary dude in the background.

Aside from this unwanted picture being taken, Price is probably upset that she didn't rank on the Sexiest Woman Alive poll conducted by the British version of FHM magazine - especially when that teenager, Hayden Panettiere somehow managed to claim the sixth spot.

But maybe Katie can take solace in this: our celebrity gossip staff agrees that you're hotter than Victoria Beckham. A lot hotter.

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It hasn't taken long for Katie Price (and her sexpot alter-ego Jordan) to make an impression in American.

The British model, her celebrity boobs and her perfectly waxed husband, Peter Andre, are taking aim at Posh Spice, with Andre telling EXTRA that Jordan's "better looking than [Victoria Beckham]" but rightfully adding, "I'm not as good looking as David."

Katie Price, Huge Boobs

But Price/Jordan wasn't done, adding: "It's not hard to be better looking than her, is it really?"

Oohhh, snap! Forget the Fergie/Nelly Furtado feud, break out the claws for this catfight!

There's only one way to settle it, we think: get naked, Katie Price. We've already heard about Victoria Beckham nude. Now show us what you've got!

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Just to clear up any confusion: Katie Price is the real name of British super model, Jordan. Now, on to more important issues ....

Doesn't she look a lot like Big Bird in this picture?

Katie Price, Underwear Pic

We know Price is pregnant, just like Salma Hayek, so we're not knocking her weight. But this yellow outfit doesn't exactly flatter someone that's made a living off her looks. You don't exactly see Haley Scarnato wearing anything like it on American Idol, do you?

Price is trying to follow in the English footsteps of fellow models such as Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder, as she hopes to establish a worldwide name for herself. First, perhaps she needs to decide on whether that's "Jordan" or "Katie Price."

A few years ago, of course, Katie did take the most important step of all in order to become more well-known: she pulled a Heidi Montag and got breast implants. Let's just hope Big Bird doesn't do the same.

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