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In the spring of 2005, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes met.

They hit it off immediately and began a whirlwind romance, which many people felt was a publicity stunt. Many people are eating serious helpings of crow now.

Their first date was said to be a sushi dinner aboard Tom's private plane and later that month, they were exclusive. By April of 2006, they had a daughter, Suri.

Then in November 18 of that year, TomKat became lovingly joined in matrimony. Yep, today's there five-year anniversary. That's like 25 in Hollywood years!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Image

Tom Cruise takes a lot of flack for being kind of out there in his own world, but let's face it, he and Katie are not only harmless, but a model relationship in many ways.

We don't know them personally, but neither goes out of their way to seek attention and both seem like attentive parents and spouses. Quirky, maybe, but who's not?

With so much coverage devoted to Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher, it's nice to see a marriage working out, isn't it? Granted, it's his third. But they try! Hard!

It seems like forever ago that Cruise, who's now filming Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, was jumping on couches and warring with Matt Lauer like a loon.

We kinda miss those days, but we're glad he's happier and mellower with Katie these days. Happy anniversary, TomKat, and happy weekend, THG readers ...

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She looks the same as ever, but the Katie Holmes of yore is long gone.

Now that this is a bad thing, says the actress in the new Marie Claire.

"I'm excited to begin a new phase in life," the 32-year-old actress says. "Roles I may have been afraid to play before, places I want to travel to with my daughter. I'd like to build a design business. But not too fast.

Katie Holmes Marie Claire Cover

When she's not playing a slutty pumpkin on How I Met Your Mother, Holmes is first and foremost a mom to adorable five-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise.

Holmes, who recently hit the big screen in the thriller Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, says she better understands certain roles thanks to being a mom.

"You will do anything for that person, and you have strength you didn't know that you had, which is what I like about my character," she said. "So I think that being a mom definitely gave me much more insight to this character."

Follow the link to read Holmes' full interview in Marie Claire.

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How I Met Your Mother has cast Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin.

If you watch the show, you know that this person has been spoken of at length for six years but never before shown her face. If you're not a fan, just enjoy the fact that Katie Holmes is playing a slutty pumpkin, okay?

Hot Katie Holmes Picture

The costumed cutie has been referenced numerous times since the show's first season as an attractive woman Ted met at a Halloween party.

Before he could smash that Pumpkin, he lost touch with her.

Hyping the role as "literally six seasons in the making," co-creator Craig Thomas says, "Katie is a lovely, talented actress, which is why we've saved for her perhaps the most classily named character in our show’s history."

Well said. We're just a little surprise Tom agreed to this.


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We don't want to get on Tom Cruise's bad side or anything, but ... is it just us or did Katie Holmes look a bit under-dressed at the 2011 Emmy Awards?

Compared to some of the stunning celebrity fashion statements at the event, she looked like she was off to the junior prom, not a major award show.

Minka Kelly, meanwhile, looked gorgeous as always as she promoted her new ABC show Charlie's Angels, but how did her dress stack up with Katie's?

Tell us by casting your vote in the Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed best at the Emmy Awards, Katie Holmes or Minka Kelly? Vote here on who you think was the more stylish star on Sunday night! View Poll »

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Who knew Katie Holmes had such a horrifying streak?

After screening her latest flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, for her husband Tom Cruise recently, Katie said it left the actor sufficiently spooked.

Holmes said Cruise had to watch another film before retiring for the evening. “I’m not sure what he watched ... Maybe The Sound of Music?”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Photo

Our partner site, Movie Fanatic, just saw Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (follow the above link for more on the film) and can confirm that yes, it is scary.

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro tells the story of a modern family living in an old Rhode Island mansion that has secrets buried deep below the ground.

Holmes, a fan of the classics from the horror genre, admits that she appreciated del Toro’s take on the steadfast haunted-house movie storyline.

She also liked that the film allowed her to be a mother figure to a young daughter, just like she is in real life to Suri Cruise. She's five now. Five!


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We've seen Katie Holmes embody old-fashioned elegance, Jackie O style. We've seen her look frumpy, robotic and straight up rough. It happens.

Channeling her inner dominatrix, though? That's a new one.

Rocking a tight black Lanvin lace dress and a leather hat, Mrs. Thomas Cruise strikes a sensual pose for the cover of Vogue Spain's September issue:

Holmes Heat

Katie Holmes works on her sexy pout.

Fetish fashion is never something we associated with this girl next door, but you know, sometimes you have to expand your horizons. Right? Right.

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Katie Holmes is pretty in pink, and on the cover of InStyle magazine’s August 2011 issue. The 32-year-old actress had a lot to share with the magazine.

On flying with Tom Cruise: “Two years ago he took me up on his P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane from WWII. He painted the words, ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ on the side."

"It feels like you’re on a bike in the sky ... I thought, I’m either going to spend this whole flight totally freaked out or realize this is pretty thrilling.”

Katie Holmes, In Style

On making time for career and family: “In our family we have a policy: we make it work. We Skype, we try not to go a week without seeing each other."

"We’re also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.”

On not feeling pressured to give daughter Suri a sibling: “We already have a very big family; a full household with cousins who are over a lot."

"She also has her friends. My biggest thing is making sure she’s happy and that she's always fully taken care of and doing well.”

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Katie Holmes is totally pregnant. And by totally, we mean not at all.

Who are we kidding here. We don't expect celebrity gossip magazine OK! to let facts get in the way of a good cover, but this isn't even semi-believable.

There’s a special glow emanating from Katie lately, the story says, and it’s not a great tan or some Scientological aura. It's from ... not being stick thin.

They claim it's a baby bump, but really, all this cover is based on is an unflattering shot of Katie a Barneys New York in L.A. on May 6. Check it out:

Katie Holmes Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Holmes is showing ... signs of not being anorexic.

Katie’s rep denies that she’s expecting, probably because she's not. But they delayed the announcement of her pregnancy with Suri, too, so hey, who knows!

At least claiming Holmes is pregnant and ecstatic isn't likely to get the magazine sued, unlike Star, which recently defamed Katie by calling her a drug addict.

Whatever the reason, OK! is going all out insisting this is true.

“She said she’s finally past the morning sickness phase,” an insider says, saying that Tom Cruise's wife “was talking a mile a minute. She’s so excited.”

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And with this, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes confirm their place at the top of the list of celebrities you do not want to defame if you're a gossip magazine!

Less than two months after Katie served Star with a $50 million lawsuit for their “Katie Drug Shocker” cover story, the legal battle has been resolved.

Mrs Cruise Photo

She won - a settlement and an apology.

Lesson: Don't pick on the only star with more lawyers than you.

According to a statement released today from the actress' camp, she and American Media, Inc. have reached a settlement, part of which includes an apology in the magazine’s May 9 issue and touted on the cover as well.

The full statement can be found after the jump:

Continue Reading...

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Poor Suri Cruise. Almost five, girl is "suffering the effects" of Tom Cruise's religion, Scientology, according to Katie Holmes' parents and Life & Style.

Scientologists treat kids like adults, "independent individuals capable of making their own decisions," reports the magazine's so-called expert.

For Suri Cruise, that means 1 a.m. dinners, playing with penis-shaped candies and still being allowed to use a pacifier, leaving Katie's folks "really upset."

Suri With Katie

NO BOUNDARIES: That's what Tom and Katie allegedly set for Suri.

"They're very worried that Tom isn't letting Suri enjoy the childhood she deserves because of his Scientology beliefs," says an alleged inside source.

"She often throws tantrums when she's out with Katie and Tom," the insider says, recalling that on March 15, Katie couldn't get Suri into her car seat.

"As always, Suri won and didn't have to sit in her car seat."

Breaking news right here, people. Four-year-old girls can get be temperamental and couples have different ways of raising kids. Stop the presses.

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"Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience—in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it's the most important job you have in the world."

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