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Does Suri Cruise actually exist, or is this all a well-orchestrated publicity stunt? Given the dearth of evidence to support a conspiracy, such as a bogus birth certificate and some very fake-looking pictures of alleged mom Katie Holmes, we are convinced there is no baby. But do fans across the nation share our opinion, or are we going out of our minds? That's precisely what the Gossip wanted to find out with our EXCLUSIVE POLL (above, right).

As of the time of this post, 231 of you have voted, with 58 PERCENT believing that there is no baby. If you have not cast your vote yet, please do so, as we can gauge the general population's opinion more accurately with a larger sample size! There appears to be widespread belief that this is all a hoax, or at least very suspicious.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Image

Below is a sampling of some reader comments we've gotten re: Suri. Some of them may surprise you. Others may offend you. All are pretty much guaranteed to amuse you:


"Suri?!? More like surreal! No way this kid exists." -- Amanda

"Wow, that picture looks totally fake... if she really WAS that big, then her stomach should be much lower. I know everyone carries differently but come one... also, there is no possible way to be wearing regular jeans when you are that big. Well, I suppose there is but it is SOOO uncomfortable." -- Teresa

"I believe she's real. Why she would stay hidden all this time is weird though." -- V

"There is no way that a woman's stomach can appear as Katie's does in this [sic] pix. It does not look real, and even though my teen tried to tell me, I am now convinced that Suri is fake also. Shame on TomKat if it's not true." -- Missy

"OK, well... I have actually believed that there really was a baby. But... either there was some doctring [sic] to this pic or that is a totally fake tummy. I've had 2 kids and all my friends have too, and I have NEVER seen something as freaky as that! lol" -- Katherine

"Here's the REAL question: which is more real - Suri Cruise or Ashlee Simpson's chin? At least we've seen a picture of Ashlee's chin." -- Allen

"I honestly believe that Suri Cruise is fake. I love Leah Remini but i think that Tomkat asked her to say that they saw her just so people wouldnt catch on to Suri not being real." -- CoJo


"ya know - who cares - I was a huge Tom fan from the early 1980's - after he totally dissed Nicole Kiddman [sic], I could care less about him, who he is currently bedding nor his freaky alledged [sic] child - don't care!" -- DeeCee

"I don't get it - we criticize celebrities so often for being in the spotlight too much. Now, we have a loving couple choosing to keep their baby and private life private … and we make fun of them for it? What does that say about our society? Our need to be nosy?" -- Donna

"Suri is real and she's almost 8 months old; born last December, daddy unknown. Remember Katie got really big really quickly?! She was '3' months and looked like 8 -- and don't forget Katie is tall... tall women usually hide the bump well. And did anyone actually believe the whirlwind romance in the first place? But these guys are supposed to be actors -- you really think they could have done a better job -- stoopid heads! Neither of them have ever really struck me as mental giants -- which might explain why the bump kept changing size. The real question is... why did they bother in the first place? We'll see Suri when she's too old to tell the difference -- e.g. 'is this a 12 or a 16 month baby?'" -- Claire

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We would love to post a picture of Suri Cruise here today, on this, the 100th day after she was supposedly born. But since she isn't real, you'll have to settle for an ordinary pic of plain ol' TomKat. Sorry! What is your opinion of the alleged baby? Is she real, or the total farce / PR stunt we believe her to be? Leave us a comment or vote in our poll (above).

Tom Kat Photo

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Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson may be tying the knot this weekend in St. Tropez â€" marking the first of at least four vow exchanges the on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again lovers have planned â€" but don't expect TomKat to follow suit.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Pic

According to TV Guide, a spokesperson for Tom Cruise said that the rumors of a weekend wedding the actor and his (possibly-fake) baby's momma, Katie Holmes, are bogus. As far as the source claims it knows, the plans are for nuptials to be exchanged in late summer/early fall at one of Cruise's homes and not in Holmes' hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

In a statement, Toledo expressed a collective, "Thank you!"

In a blog, The Hollywood Gossip offered a hearty, "We'll be there! Just tell us the date and time and we'll show up!"

P.S. Suri Cruise is not real.

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Stay-at-home mom of a child that may or may not be real? You can forget about trying to pigeonhole Katie Holmes into that role!

Katie, 27, is tired of looking like a total wreck and keeping to herself in Telluride, Colo. According to Us Magazine, she's back in L.A. and ready to get back to work.

Anybody Got a Blunt?

On July 19, the actress held a meeting sans wackjob fiancee Tom Cruise with her agents in Beverly Hills to fire up the search for the perfect vehicle for her return to the acting world.

"She knows it's been too long. She doesn't want to give up her career for her new life," says a supposed friend of Katie's, who adds that Holmes has been reading scripts looking for an older, more mature role.

And, although she wants a hot career again, her family life won't have to suffer, says an insider close to the pair.

"She's still very much involved with Tom and pretending they have a the baby. But she does want to start working again soon," the source said.

Of course her family life won't suffer. Suri Cruise is a farce!

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The truth has funny ways of coming out.

A staff member here at the Gossip was standing in line at the grocery store this afternoon and leafing through People Magazine, which ran a picture of Katie Holmes similar to those we have posted lately of the former Dawson's Creek star keeping it mellow and looking absolutely f--king brutal.

Mother and Doll

But here's the good part. The photo caption revealed, in a classic Freudian slip, the truth behind the mystery of her yet-unseen baby Suri.

"Katie Holmes has been lying low lately," it said.

Clearly, what the magazine meant to say was that Katie is laying low. But instead it confirms what we already know, and she and everyone around her are liars, and that Suri Cruise is a farce. Don't even try to tell us otherwise, because you're wrong. If you believe Leah Remini, you have got to put down that Scientology-flavored Kool Aid and grab yourself a nice, hot cup of reality.

Sure she has looked overweight, unkempt and possibly pregnant for months. That doesn't mean there is a baby -- Holmes has clearly just let herself go! With her current partnet, can you blame her?
At least that's our take. Star says that the real reason behind the "hiding" of fake Suri is due to the fact that Holmes is terrified of having stalkers like she had in the past during her TV days. She still hasn't recovered from nightmares and is scared to subject her daughter to it.

Fiancee Tom Cruise has reportedly hired more security. For what, we don't know. To make it look like you have something to protect? Come on man. Just give it up. We know you're the world's biggest star, but you're just throwing money away at this point.

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One is already being trained to save the world, while the other may or may not exist. Both Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise will be kept warm this winter, however.

Swedish knitwear designer, Suss Cousins, has given Tinseltown's two most famous toddlers her gift of the yarn. Let's first take a look at Shiloh's new sweater, an outfit that features this newborn's face alongside Zahara, the adopted child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:

Baby Brother For Suri!

Next, we have Suri's personalized present. The Gossip can only assume the "S" on front stands for "Scientology," "Sham" or, perhaps, "Scientology sham."

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not been hiding three-month old baby Suri from all their friends. So says Leah Remini, star of CBS' hit comedy The King of Queens, who has reportedly seen the mystery baby.

"She's a newborn and normal size!" Remini gushed. "Tom and Kate... want to have a life and raise their baby. They're normal parents. [Katie] is the most serene, gracious, sweet human being."

Suri Shops with Katie

Remini, 36, also claims to have bought Suri shoes. Talk about a waste of money. Why? Because this "sighting" proves nothing. Suri Cruise does not exist, people, and sooner or later, the cover-up will be exposed and people will realize that this is all an incredible sham.

NEWS FLASH: Remini is, like Cruise, is all into that Scientology garbage.

These people are complete lunatics who have no qualms about lying for one another and brainwashing new members. Leah also had a recurring role on Saved By The Bell back in the day. Relevance to this blog? Zero. But she's still a publicity-hogging liar, and until we see Suri pics, we are not buying any of this crap. So there.

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Power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes say they won't be peer pressured into showing off their baby, Suri, any time soon.

It's been 12 weeks since their baby daughter's birth and rumors that Suri Cruise does not exist have started to gain traction as no pictures have been made available and a supposedly shady birth certificate is all we have to go on. Nevertheless, a spokesperson for the couple says that's not about to change anything.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Picture

"If and when they do make a decision, it will be at their discretion and not anybody else's," said the spokesman, who has a very interesting job.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Holmes' parents are going to boycott her upcoming wedding to Tom, as they're not happy about the couple's location of choice. Rumor has it that Cruise will marry his baby's momma within the next month in a Scientology ceremony performed by David Miscavige.

Holmes' parents, Martin and Kathleen, are devout Catholics, and intend to skip the actual ceremony, according to an alleged friend of the couple, who is apparently not trustworthy whatsoever, as he/she went off and blabbed to Life & Style Weekly.

The magazine quotes a family friend as saying that Martin and Kathleen Holmes aren't happy with their daughter's choice of where to marry, and that if Katie were to have a proper Catholic wedding, her whole family would gladly be a part of it.

Katie, who is looking rough as hell these days (see Exhibit A, below) initially wanted a Catholic wedding herself, but realized she'd never win that argument with her brainwashed beau.

Bad Katie Holmes Hair

"She knows that if she had rejected Scientology, her relationship with Tom could've ended," the unnamed, untrustworthy source said.

By this point, the bride-to-be has become a big part of the cult church, so there is no turning back. The only question is whether her family will come around. We're not even sure which alternative is better.

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Katie Holmes, who has rarely been practically in complete seclusion since giving birth to Tom Cruise's love child April 18, emerged from her baby's daddy's home in Telluride, Colo., for an evening stroll with a friend and a little window-shopping.

Katie Struts Her Stuff

Not surprisingly, the new mom was toting only a cup of coffee, not the still-unseen and possibly-fictious baby Suri.

"She's back at the house," Holmes told Us Weekly, adding that the little one is also "doing great."

Holmes then hopped into the passenger seat of her gas-guzzling, ozone-thinning, Iraq War-causing Hummer H3 and headed home.

Both Cruise and Holmes have been shying away from the spotlight of late, retreating to Cruise's homes many homes, particularly those in Beverly Hills and Telluride. Yet the more the couple stays inside, the more the neighbors talk.

We may never know the answers to these great mysteries of our time, but the Gossip can assure that it will stay on top of things to the extent that a lowly website can.

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Lo and behold, it appears Suri Cruise may actually exist.

Or does she? The Gossip isn't so sure. While no pictures have yet been released of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' love child, her birth certificate has been posted online by But the document may actually raise more questions than it clears up. It was filed on May 8, 2006, nearly a month after the baby Cruise was supposedly born on April 18.

Disney Princess

The official policy of St John's Hospital, where Holmes gave birth, is to file birth certificates within a week of the birth.

According to a hospital official, this delay was caused by the fact that neither of the parents, nor a representative of the parents, signed the necessary document certifying the birth. That person, whose signature is illegible and who is labelled a "friend of the couple," arrived on May 4. It is not known whether said friend was present at the birth, or if said friend is a certifiably insane, couch-jumping lunatic like Cruise.

One thing is for sure, though, which is that the "Attendant or Certifier" of the document was not present. Anne Heffernan, who inked the certificate in that capacity, wasn't in the delivery room at the time and didn't see Suri either. However, a hospital representative says this is standard practice, and that Heffernan is authorised to sign the document if no doctor is available, even if "normally, the doctor signs."

Suri has been unseen since her birth, with no official photo spreads or paparazzi shots. It has however been reported that Cruise was offered several million for photos of his newest child, but determined that the money was not substantial enough, or objected based on his nutcase Scientology beliefs, depending on what you read.

Katie Holmes Biography

Tom Kat Pic Yes, that's actually Katie Holmes. KMart style! The former Dawson's Creek star is the current fashion disaster / brainwashed zombie wife... More »
Toledo, Ohio
Full Name
Kate Noelle Holmes

Katie Holmes Quotes

"Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience—in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it's the most important job you have in the world."

Katie Holmes [on being a mom]

"As a woman, you make the transition from being singe to [being] a partner. I have a teammate."

Katie Holmes [on married life]
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