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T.H. Gossip has has learned that famed fashion designer Giorgio Armani has been asked to design Katie Holmes' wedding dress for her upcoming wedding in Italy.

T.H. Gossip is still waiting for its invitation to said nuptials, but we just changed addresses, so maybe it's lost in the postal system somewhere. You know how that goes. Along similar lines, Kristin Cavallari never writes back to our letters.

Tom and Cameron

In any case, for those who aren't aware, the lovely Ms. Holmes will, of course, be marrying that Scientology-spewing, couch-jumping freak, Tom Cruise.

"I can confirm that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have asked Giorgio Armani to design their official wedding attire for their upcoming marriage," a rep for the designer said.

The couple seem to be taking their love of all things Italian to the extreme. As we talked about yesterday, the couple recently changed their wedding plans to an undisclosed location in Italy.

The awesome TomKat wedding will take place in November.

Cruise and Holmes have been together for a year and a half and are parents to daughter Suri Curise, who is six months old today!

Happy Half Birthday, you little Asian cutie.

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Contrary to reports that they were going to get hitched at George Clooney's Lake Como villa this month, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will apparently be tying the knot next month -- although Italy will still be the venue.

According to Us Weekly, MSNBC, TMZ, and just about every other TomKat-loving source, the much-anticipated wedding will not in fact be happening at the palatial villa Clooney owns, which was prominently featured in his film Ocean's 12.

Taking the Questions

How do we know this? Because George Clooney will be banging so many chicks there in the next month, he can't afford to lend the place out. Or because his rep said so.

"No weddings have taken place at [Clooney's] villa and no weddings are scheduled to take place there," says Clooney's rep.

There you have it.

But it seems that Katie and Tom "both want everything to be right," says an Us Weekly source. "They needed more time."

In fact, Holmes' new BFF, Victoria Beckham, flew with her on October 7 from Paris to Italy to lend a helpful hand with her boobs some of the wedding planning.

Cruise's rep is "not denying" the new date or location, although he's done the same thing with every other date and location, all of which have turned out to be false. Suri Cruise had no comment. Nor did a prominent world leader and Tom Cruise look-alike.

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Sometimes it's easy to forget that only 18 months ago, Katie Holmes, 27, was best known for Dawson's Creek.

Already 40 minutes late to the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris on October 5, the actress stepped out of a limo with new BFF Victoria Beckham and was greeted by a gaggle of photographers. But she wasn't looking for couture for her nuptials to Tom Cruise.

Cradling Suri Cruise

"I'm picking clothes for my closet," Holmes told Us Weekly, adding, "I've already chosen my wedding dress."

The designer? She wouldn't say (though Vera Wang and Karl Lagerfeld are rumored, they won't comment), but others are definitely guessing. No really, they are. For serious.

"She's a classic beauty, so I think she'll go with Armani," stylist Jennifer Rade tells Us.

Suggests stylist Phillip Bloch, "I think it should be off-white with a plunging neckline."

T.H. Gossip is betting on K-Mart, actually.

But no matter which dress Holmes has chosen, one thing is certain: She and Beckham will always have Paris. "I'm having so much fun," Holmes, who left Cruise and possibly fake and Asian daughter Suri Cruise in Beverly Hills, told Us. "It's amazing!"

Her glitzy itinerary began at YSL. Then the friends, who met last year, feasted on fish at the Place de la Madeleine and went to a party at the home of mogul Mohamed Al Faed.

The two pressed on the next day, hitting the Chanel and Giambattista Valli shows.

"Katie saw a black dress on the Chanel runway and mouthed to Posh, ‘I like that,'" says an insider.

At 1:30 a.m., they hit a Chanel party at the VIP Room, where Holmes glowed in a camel coat, despite the heat.

"Katie is so confident and glamorous now," says a source. "Tom has been good for her."

Sure. And K-Fed has been good for Britney.

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It seems that psycho Tom Cruise has a new mission these days -- helping his baby's mama reclaim her former hardbodied physique.

According to sources close to the couple, Tom has become "very concerned" about the appearance of Katie Holmes these days, and has become directly involved with Katie's workout regimen as a result.

Taking the Questions

According to sources, Tom is willing to jump on couches do whatever it takes so his bride-to-be "looks the best that she can walking next to him down the aisle."

In addition to joining her strenuous workout sessions, the insane one also makes sure that Katie's strict schedule goes without interruption. That means barking orders at her through a megaphone personally booking babysitters for the kids.

One of whom is Suri Cruise, that little Asian cutie.

Oprah may not be able to pump gas, but Katie can -- and she also pumps iron. Hard. She's actually really into it, and lamented the fact that she couldn't hit the weights while pregnant with Suri.

Since the birth of her daughter, Holmes is said to be hitting the weights at least 4-5 times a week, focusing on building muscle in her shoulders and back.

Katie has recruited the help of the Buff Brides fitness program to help squeeze into her sleek, form fitting strapless wedding gown. She's also enrolled in Scientology, though, so her judgment is highly questionable. Who knows what kind of cult these Buff Brides are.

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That's right, just four months after her birth and one month after her Asian much-anticipated debut in Vanity Fair, rumors are bubbling that little Suri Cruise may have some company in her insane household before long.

On Saturday, paparazzi were on hand to capture Tom Cruise's standard Suri-free outing to cheer on his adopted children with Nicole Kidman -- Connor, 11, and Isabella, 13 -- at their respective football and soccer games.

Doting Dad

His baby's mama, Katie Holmes, accompanied him, and the photographers instantly noticed what appeared to be a slight swelling beneath the super-slim actress' sweat-inducing ensemble of a black mock turtleneck, black bodysuit, second-skin black jeans and green blazer.

In Hollywood, and in Gossip circles, this teeny bulge was enough to spark talk that Scientology may soon add another devotee to its ranks.

Could Katie be incubating a second "glorious," "gorgeous" and completely "normal" mop-topped Tom spawn, or is her apparent puffiness simply the result of too much layering (to ward off the blustery 75-degree chill), or perhaps a remaining pound or two of baby weight, or even an extra-large latte downed moments before the photo op?

Who the hell knows.

As for the long-heralded Cruise-Holmes nuptials, which Us Weekly recently posited were just "days away," but that crappy magazine can't seem to get the on details straight. In Touch says Katie will pledge to love Tom in sickness and in health, in Xenu and E-meters, until death -- career or otherwise -- do they part while wearing a Giorgio Armani creation.

"She wanted something completely original. It will be classic -- long, flowing and fabulous. She's going to look like something out of a fairy tale," the mag claims.

The official word from the TomKat camp has long been that the vow-swap will happen by "early fall," which means right about now-ish.

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Katie Holmes has reportedly gone through a dramatic weight-loss regimen to "get herself in shape." But why the intense effort?

  • Because she idolizes Nicole Richie?
  • So she can resume her acting career?
  • So she can fit her crazy ass into a wedding dress?

All of the above are solid theories... but with rumors of impending TomKat nuptials swirling, we have to believe the latter is most credible.

Katie Holmes Hair Disaster 230

According to a report this weekend, her baby's daddy, Tom Cruise has been "eager" to get Katie to get fit, and that evidently she's done him proud.

"Katie has lost a lot of weight. A lot," an observer tells MSNBC. "I've heard that Tom was eager to get her back in shape. Looks like she made him happy. And then some."

The prevailing buzz, of course, is that the wedding of Suri Cruise's crazy parents is imminent, and Cruise's rep, Arnold Robinson, has maintained all along that the pair will be getting married sometime this fall.

If only they'd tell us when and where. They're making it awfully hard for T.H. Gossip to crash the thing! Jerks.

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Some news vendors in L.A. believe members of the Church of Scientology are buying up multiple copies of Vanity Fair's October issue to make sure that the issue is a huge seller.

Philip Hovan, who owns a local newsstand near a number of Scientology-owned businesses, says he has sold three times the number of magazine -- which features the long-awaited baby Suri Cruise pictures -- he normally does.

Cruisin' For a Bruisin'?

"People have been buying five or six copies each," he says.

And so goes the desperate TomKat image rehab campaign. Have fun with your 5-6 copies, you psychos.

Meanwhile, in other Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes news, the pair are to star in a film together. Sources say Katie has been looking to re-launch her career and it seems that she and Tom will appear in a joint project.

"Tom is looking for a movie that will make the most of their chemistry," a source tells In Touch Magazine. "He's devoting himself to putting together a project that will not only make Katie a bona fide star, but will put him back in the good graces of the movie-going public."

They've got work to do. Look at Katie in this picture! Forget image rehab, get this woman into detox, ASAP. Must... cleanse... mind... with... classic Katie Holmes pic...

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The Hollywood Gossip lives in the present, bringing you the juiciest and most absurd celebrity news each and every day. But that doesn't mean there aren't days when we long for the past... the days when men were men, when the CW was still the WB, when Britney Spears wasn't married to that ass bag K-Fed and Lindsay Lohan was just a nice young actress trying to make it in this world.

The newest addition to our Classic Celebrity Pictures gallery is none other than the once-fabulous Katie Holmes. It seems hard to believe that the better half of TomKat and the mother of fake baby Suri was once the sweet, normal-looking girl who captured our hearts on the hit TV series Dawson's Creek. See below.

Nice Hat (NOT)!

Wow. Great stuff. We must bring back the real Katie Holmes! Leave us a comment using the link below if you want to join our campaign. Free Katie!

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In recent weeks we've brought you the ramblings of Bill Simmons, a.k.a. The Sports Guy on But it turns out there's more to Bill's love of pop culture than we previously believed. His wife, affectionately termed the Sports Gal, weighs in on everyone's favorite brainwashed celeb couple, TomKat, in his latest column! Here's what she had to say:


Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Image

Last Saturday afternoon I took our daughter to La Cienega Park in Beverly Hills. There was a kid's soccer game going on and I noticed a big circle of paparazzi crunching around two people. So we moved towards them and it was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!

The first thing I noticed was that they were the same height -- he must have been wearing lifts and either she was wearing flats or he had her ankles removed. No way they're the same height. His hips were five inches higher than her hips. But I ended up feeling really bad for them. The photographers were literally two feet from their face and moving as they moved. They just wanted to watch his kid's soccer game.

Then I was thinking about Katie and what her life is like -- she just lost the baby weight and probably still feels fat all the time, but every time she leaves her house, she has to look good enough to be photographed from two feet away. This would drive me nuts and now I understand why most female celebrities end up being nuts. No wonder Kate Bosworth hasn't eaten since 2003. I also felt bad for the other kids in the game.

They're just trying to play soccer and then 40,000 photographers show up. That's not fair. All the celeb kids should be forced to play in celeb youth leagues so normal kids can play soccer in peace. Celeb kids are just going to be screwed-up adults some day, it's not like they have a chance. Normal kids do.

Anyway, I felt bad for Tom and Katie for two days until Bill showed me how they were sitting in the front row of the Redskins game and obviously hoping to get shown on TV over and over again. Now I'm wondering if they alerted the paparazzi ahead of time about the soccer game. They probably did. I hate Hollywood. We need to get out of here.

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As an actor whose movie plots typically revolve around romance, action and a healthy dose of suspense, Tom Cruise likes to keep the plots of his many flicks closely under wraps.

Now he's doing the same with the production of a lifetime -- his wedding to Katie Holmes.

Tom and Connor

But he's planning on making an honest woman out of his baby's mama very soon, according to Holmes' friend and the president of the Rock & Republic fashion line, Andrea Bernholtz.

"All I really know is that the wedding is soon! They will surprise us all," she said.

The Gossip has learned that after a 15-month engagement, the couple have finally set a wedding date, and it's going to happen in the next 3-6 weeks, a source close to the twosome tells T.H.

The couple's rep, Arnold Robinson, says that the wedding is still in the planning stages, and that they're really excited about it. TomKat has always said they will be married by the early fall, and they are still in that window. They can't wait.

Why did Holmes and Cruise -- whose whirlwind courtship started April 18, 2005, exactly a year before Suri Cruise was born -- wait until now to finally walk down the aisle? Why does Cruise do anything? As recent Tom Cruise pictures indicate, the man is clearly not sane. So any speculation we can offer is pretty pointless. Which is not to say we won't offer it.

Which designer did Holmes pick for her wedding gown?

How did the couple think their Vanity Fair Suri pics came out? What's up next in their careers?

For more details on TomKat's big day and what's in store for the future, stay tuned to T.H. Gossip, the ultimate celeb news source.

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