Katie Couric was a Today Show star, then a CBS News anchor and now she's headed for a talk show on ABC. Sarah Palin really doesn't like...

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Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer have been two of the most respected names in broadcast news for several decades, but a new tell-all book claims that the iconic journalists sank to stunning lows while fiercely competing with one another early in their careers.

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In The News Sorority, veteran journalist Sheila Weller levels some startling accusations at Couric, Sawyer and CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

Newly released excerpts from the book aren't flattering for any of the women involved, and one anecdote in particular has caught the Internet's attention in a big way:

"When Diane beat Katie on an interview with a 57-year-old woman who'd given birth to twins," Weller writes. "Katie mused aloud, according to a person who heard the comment: 'I wonder who she blew this time.'"

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Snubbed by Katie Couric and left off her wedding invite list, Matt Lauer joked to Howard Stern that the Today show motto “is just bullis--t, apparently!”

Matt Lauer and Katie Couric

That would be the dubbing of NBC's morning show crew as America's First Family, which is laughable given the recurring strife behind the scenes.

In any case, Katie Couric and John Molner tied the knot last weekend in the Hamptons, and despite other big TV players being on hand, Lauer was not invited.

Lauer joked how he and other staff members were plotting to “crash” the wedding disguised as waiters or pest control workers, but it wasn’t meant to be.

He said he even consulted with his producers, but the idea was nixed, believing the men would look horrible breaking up the elegant occasion with schtick.

Not sure how they figure that ... wedding crashers always make for the best stories. Unless no one likes the people crashing the soiree, of course.

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Katie Couric and John Molner, who got engaged last September after dating for two years, tied the knot in the backyard of Couric's home on Saturday.

In front of 50 friends and family, they wed in East Hampton, N.Y.

Katie Couric and John Molner Photo

"We wanted to keep the wedding just very low-key," Couric told People. "This is not my first rodeo so I didn't want to go too crazy and neither did John."

The ceremony, which Couric says had "traditional touches," featured readings by Molner's children, Allie and Henry, as well as Couric's two daughters.

Katie's children by late husband Jay Monahan, Ellie, 22, and Carrie, 18, sang for them, while Molner's nieces were flower girls at the duo's nuptials.

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Stop us if you've heard this before: There's turmoil on the set of Today.

This time, however, the wrath of many staffers is not aimed at Matt Lauer, but rather at the prospect of Katie Couric temporarily returning to co-anchor the morning show that made her famous.

As previously reported, the NBC program is considering re-hiring Couric this summer after Savannah Guthrie goes on maternity leave.

"Asking her to fill in for Savannah is really a disservice to [Natalie Morales and Tamron Hall],” an insider tells Radar, explaining why blasting to the show’s past could backfire:

"You already have two seasoned pros that are a part of the show, ready, willing and able to step up for Savannah."

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Katie Couric may be on her way back to the chair that made her famous.

Insiders tell The New York Post and TMZ that Today producers may bring Couric back on a temporary basis once Savannah Guthrie takes off on maternity leave. 

Guthrie announced in mid-March that she's married to Mike Feldman and is five months along with her first child.

Katie Couric on the Red Carpet

Couric is friends with Guthrie and, of course, remains very close to Matt Lauer.

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Katie Couric’s talk show Katie will be officials canceled after two up-and-down seasons, Disney, ABC and Katie Couric herself announced Thursday.

The show will continue production until June 2014, Deadline reports.

The talk show’s cancelation was not a surprise, given its rocky ratings.

Katie also suffered an identity crisis of sorts as it awkwardly tried to marry hard-hitting news interviews by Couric with much lighter daytime talk show fare.

ABC and Katie Couric said in a joint statement regarding the move:

“We’re very proud of everyone’s contributions to making Katie the #1 new syndicated talk show of 2012-13, and we look forward to the rest of the season."

Katie also recently closed a deal to become the face of Yahoo news at Yahoo, and will start appearing on the service next year, so she'll be doing okay.

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Has Katie Couric, who signed a deal three years ago for her daytime talk show, Katie, and a role at ABC News, already signed a new deal with Yahoo?

According to reports, she has, although no details have been released just yet on what the former Today superstar will be doing with the company.

Despite its low ratings, her talk show could still press on, considering that the syndicated program was separate from her deal with ABC News.

Although the network declined comment, an exec reportedly told THR, "Katie is an incredible journalist and this was an opportunity that she couldn't pass up."

"Thanks to the powerful association between ABC and Yahoo we know that Katie will continue to work closely with us and welcome her on our air anytime."

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Katie Couric has moved on from her feud with Kim Kardashian.

And into the arms of John Molner! For life!

Yes, the talk show host is now engaged to her long-time boyfriend, following a romantic proposal a few days ago in East Hampton, New York. Romantic and totally unexpected, we should say.

Katie Couric People Cover

"He said that there was a reason he'd brought me there to the beach, and that he loved me and was committed to me, and I said, 'Yeah, I know that, you didn't have to bring me here to tell me that,' " Couric tells People. "Finally he said, 'Couric, I'm trying to propose to you,' and I was stunned."

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She typically reports the news, but now Katie Couric is the news:

This former CBS anchor and current talk show host is engaged!

The journalist's rep confirms to People that Couric accepted the romantic proposal of boyfriend John Molner over the weekend, as he popped life's most pressing question in East Hampton during sunset.

John Molner and Katie Couric

Molner - the head of mergers and acquisitions at Brown Brothers Harriman - and Couric went public with their relationship in April of last year.

Couric, whose husband died in 1998 of colon cancer, recently made headlines for getting into a beef with Kim Kardashian.

But that's in the past and a life with the man she loves is in her future. We send our best wishes to this couple!

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Katie Couric claims her baby gift to Kim Kardashian, which the reality star took her to task for, was a nice gesture, and that she never slammed Kim or her family.

Kim put Katie Couric on blast Friday when she Instagrammed a pic of the talk show host's card and gift for little North West with the hashtag #IHateFakeMediaFriends.

She added: #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit.

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Kim Kardashian was furious with the gift, since Katie recently said in an interview that she didn't understand why she and her family are famous.

None of us do, honestly, and Katie says this was just a true statement.

One which she said was made with no ill intent toward the Kards:

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