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Anderson Cooper tweeted a topless photo of his friend and New Year's Eve co-host Kathy Griffin, joking that it may be what she wears this evening.

The CNN personality joked that the comedienne "just sent me this photo of her outfit for New Year's Eve. She's kidding, right? Please tell me she is."

We can't speak to that ... but this is what you get when you send Anderson Cooper selfies with no top on. Instant Internet infamy. Mental note made.

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If she's gonna get naked tonight on CNN, where she's hosted New Year's Eve live with Cooper since 2007, Griffin will be braving harsh conditions.

She's been Tweeting about the inevitably cold weather she'll be facing in Times Square from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. ET: "Let the nipple freezing begin!"

The unfiltered Griffin has proven to be the perfect comedic foil for the straight-laced Cooper, who is actually a terrific journalist in the proper setting.

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A message for the Parents Television Council: if you are waiting for an apology from Kathy Griffin for simulating oral sex on national TV this week... you may be waiting for a long time.

The comedian appeared last night on The Late Show with David Letterman and addressed the controversy that stemmed from her visit to Anderson Cooper's private parts on New Year's Eve.

"If you think this is the part where I'm going to apologize for trying to go down on Anderson Cooper, you are sorely mistaken," Griffin says in the following video. "I tried, ladies and gays. I tried for you."

The PTC has come out and slammed Griffin and CNN for the gesture. Do you think she ought to make an apology?

Where do you stand? Kathy Griffin pretending to go down on Anderson Cooper was...


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Okay, Parents Television Council, you may have a point this time.

Following CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast, during which Kathy Griffen feigned oral sex on Anderson Cooper, the organization has come out with harsh words for the comedian and network.

Griffin "has shown increasing contempt for the audience," PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement, adding that "the onus is now on CNN....

"Either the network has a policy that allows its on-air talent to fondle a co-anchor's genitals, or it has a policy that forbids such conduct."

What about the fact that the incident didn't take place until after midnight? Hogwash, Winter basically says: New Year's Eve is the one time kids stay up that late with parental permission!

Where do you stand on this issue, THGers? Katrhy Griffin simulating oral sex on live television is...


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What's more awkward than Kathy Griffin in a bra on live television?

Kathy Griffin simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper during the duo's New Year's Eve coverage?

But that's exactly what CNN viewers were stuck watching Monday night, as the comedian attempted to make things as awkward as possible for her co-host throughout that network's broadcast.

"You’re scaring me,” Cooper said shortly after midnight, as Griffin kept referring to his "Christmas present." "This is getting to be the night bad things happen.”

Yes, a man who has covered tragedies in Rwanda, Lebanon and around the world was frightened by Kathy Griffin. And for good reason. Watch the vide now:

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On a recent installment of her self-titled talk show, Kathy Griffin introduced Jimmy Kimmel by joking that she's often the go-to guest on his program whenever another celebrity cancels at the last moment.

And she did so at the expense of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

Speaking of Kimmel and his producers, Griffin told the audience:

"I'm the person [they] call if Demi Lovato is cutting, or if Miley Cyrus flashed her crotch again, and it's too breezy down there."

As you might expect, based on Demi's documented history with self-mutilation, the singer's fans have rushed to her defense on Twitter.

"Kathy Griffin is an old tart who's mad Demi is beautiful and funny without having to rehearse jokes others wrote for her," one follower wrote, while another added:

"Truly disappointed with @kathygriffin making a joke of @ddlovato's struggles with self-harm, there's nothing funny about it."

What do you think of Griffin's joke? Fair or foul?


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Things you didn't expect to see today ... Anderson Cooper recalling to Kathy Griffin about the time he tore some guy a new one on an airplane!

The CNN anchor appeared on Griffin's Bravo show Kathy Thursday night and described how someone was recently trying to take his photo on a plane.

When he saw the guy was trying to clandestinely "do the reverse iPhone thing" and snap a pic of AC - even as AC watched incredulously - he snapped.

"I've lately become emboldened and grabbed the guy on the shoulder," Anderson said, followed by, "Bitch, what the F are you doing?"

Bet you didn't see that coming ... nor did the guy with the iPhone.

The Silver Fox then added, "It was just one of those things where, as soon as I said it, I thought 'I can't believe I just said this to the guy!"

Neither can we, but it's pretty hilarious.

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Kathy Griffin's still got it.

The proud D-list comedienne famously stripped in Times Square for Anderson Cooper. To boot, last week, she followed that stunt by disrobing in front of David Letterman.

The Late Show host appeared mildly flustered but for the most part dead panned it as if it were your average occurrence, even asking if she needed "pliers."

Nice of him to help out, wasn't it? We highly advocate for her to continue this pattern. Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, you're all on notice.

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New Year's Eve telecasts were chock full of entertaining performances, from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez.

But Kathy Griffin has stolen many of the headlines from these performers, not by belting out any notes... but by undoing her belt, along with other items of clothing.

Indeed, the comedian co-hosted CNN's Time Square coverage alongside Anderson Cooper and shed most of her layers while the camera was capturing the crystal ball, confetti and thousands of revelers. When it returned, viewers were treated to the following awkward sight:

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Cooper asked, trying to stifle the sort of laughter that engulfed him a few weeks ago on live TV.

"I have a no-apology policy," Griffin told CBS news hours after the broadcast. "No apologies for jokes. I apologize in my real life all the time. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly... But when I'm on stage, I'm at a microphone... it's a joke!"

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Well played, Kathy Griffin. Very well played.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's love profession for Emma Stone this week, the comedian has released her own video, this one in honor of Justin Bieber.

In it, Griffin says Bieber is "all around sexy;" asks the artist to go steady; suggests a camping trip, but then expresses fear over what might happen to her "naughty parts;" and, in the end, simply concludes: Justin, you are special. Anyone care to disagree with that assessment?

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Kathy Griffin has been a recurring thorn in the side of the Palins, so it's no surprise that GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is in her sights now.

Appearing on Conan this week, the comedian recalled meeting the Congresswoman in D.C. while researching for her rally to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

How did that run-in go? Listen to Kathy describe it:

Perhaps mistaking Griffin for someone else, or simply not recognizing her, a Michele Bachmann staff member began filming their interaction for her website.

First, Griffin says she asked the Minnesotan if she'd support an effort to repeal the law that banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military.

Bachmann declined, so Griffin got personal: "Congresswoman Bachmann, were you born a bigot or did you, like, grow into it?" she asked, to her face.

Her answer? "That's a good question. I'm gonna have to get back to ya."

Now that would be a great presidential campaign slogan right there.

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