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Men around the country have already ogled Katherine Webb bikini pictures.

So the gorgeous brunette has gone ahead and given them the next best thing in the latest issue of Vanity Fair: Katherine Webb lingerie pictures!

Watch for that drool and stare away now, fellas:

  • Katherine Webb Vanity Fair Pic
  • Katherine Webb Lingerie Photo

Webb - who stars on ABC's upcoming Splash, a diving-based reality competition and who is famous for dating Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron while being really hot - says she turned very few hears as a teenager.

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Katherine Webb is a perfect 10.

This is evident to anyone who ogled Katherine Webb bikini pictures in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

But it's also the opinion of the man who made Webb famous, as Brent Musberger was asked to sign a poster of the gorgeous brunette prior to calling this week's Kansas/Iowa State basketball game.

Katherine Webb Signed Poster

Approached by a student with a picture of Webb, Musberger happily obliged an autograph request and wrote along with his name: "She's a 10!"

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Katherine Webb's career is already taking a dive. Literally.

We've got swimsuit photos of the beauty queen on the set of ABC's new celebrity diving show, Splash! Yes, that's a real show, and she's really on it!

Katherine Webb Making a Splash

The show premieres March 19, and while you may think "C-list celebrities jumping into a pool and being judged sounds like the worst reality show ever," consider this:

Katherine Webb is on it. Bam. Thank you and goodnight.

Check out more shots from the Splash set right now:

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While men around the country gawk at the Katherine Webb bikini photos gracing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, this brunette model spent the weekend with a Basketball Hall of Famer.

In what has to be the most random photograph in recent memory.

It features Webb and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Why is the NBA's all-time leading scorer donning a Darth Vader mask? Why ask why, we suppose?

Just go ahead and ogle Webb instead:

Katherine Webb and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar

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You have to hand it to Sports Illustrated for its 2013 Swimsuit Issue.

As if its cover girl single-handedly melting the Antarctic wasn't enough, the magazine posted an entire Kate Upton nude gallery to cure your winter blues.

And then they featured Katherine Webb bikini photos to boot.

The girlfriend of Alabama QB AJ McCarron became an overnight star after she was ogled on TV, so it's okay if you do. But is she hotter than cover girl Kate?

Vote for which SI model you think is most beautiful below!

And the Winner is?

Kate Upton or Katherine Webb: Which Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model is hotter? Not that there's a wrong answer, but vote in our survey and tell us! View Poll »

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What is the next best thing to Kate Upton nude? Kate Upton bikini pictures?

Probably. But Katherine Webb is here with something to say about that!

The reigning Miss Alabama - who rose to prominence simply by having a television announcer gush over her at the BCS National Championship Game - makes her debut in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition...

... and she looks darn good while doing so!

Sit back, relax and browse through the following Katherine Webb photos now. You'll be very glad you did, fellas.

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Katherine Webb is about to get all wet.

The 23-year old beauty has signed on for Splash, the ABC celebrity diving (yes, celebrity diving) competition that kicks off on March 19.

But in an interview this morning with Ryan Seacrest, Webb admitted she preferred a different reality show is given the choice.

Katherine Webb Close Up

"If I were to do any show it would have been Dancing With the Stars just because I love dancing," Webb said. "I don't know the technicalities on that, but I know that I was on the list I think, but I had a secured spot for celebrity diving so I went ahead with diving."

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Katherine Webb is again making the most of her sudden rise to fame - and she's doing it once more via bathing suit!

With Katherine Webb bikini photos set to be included in Sports Illustrated next month, multiple sources confirm the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron has signed on for Celebrity Diving.

Yes, that really is a new reality show.

It will premiere March 19 on ABC and also include such stars as Nicole Eggert and Ndamukong Suh. Look for these contestants to be judged by Olympians such as Greg Louganis and someone named David Boudia.

Katherine Webb Photograph

Webb, of course, made headlines during the BCS title game when Brent Musberger gushed over her good looks.

She has since appeared on The Today Show; will cover the Super Bowl for Inside Edition; and will, without a shadow of any doubt, one day Dance with the Stars.

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Seriously, ESPN, no apology was necessary for Brent Musberger's comments regarding Katherine Webb.

Thanks to that announcer gushing over this 23-year old beauty last week, Webb has gained many Twitter followers; signed on for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; and now landed a gig with Inside Edition.

She will cover the upcoming Super Bowl for that entertainment news program.

Katherine Webb on Stage

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