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We've provided the full list of 2009 Emmy Award winners. Now let's get down to something even more crucial - the evening's fashion winners and losers!

Here's a battle of Grey's Anatomy stars past and present.

Sandra Oh came up short in her quest for an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy for the fifth - fifth! - consecutive year. She's getting robbed, people.

But can she get redemption against her former co-star Kate Walsh, who went on to star in Private Practice, in this style showdown? It'll be a tough one.

Who looked best last night? Vote in our survey below ...

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Who looked better at the Emmys?


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Former star of The Hills and recent Dodgers pitcher Lauren Conrad may have said her goodbyes to the reality show that made her famous, but that does not mean she can't still laugh at the faux drama with the rest of us.

LC herself stopped by Saturday's "The Hills: A Staged Reading," put on by the Upright Citizens Brigade, and enjoyed the show alongside fans and comics alike.

Even better? Private Practice star Kate Walsh played the role of Conrad, the recently retired Hills beauty and leading lady, and Lauren couldn't get enough.

Throughout the evening, Walsh performed an uncanny impersonation of Conrad's trademark facial expressions and infamous lines from The Hills, including:

  • "Tell me if he's cute 'cause I'm drunk."
  • "You're a bad person. That's reality."
  • "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you."

The real Lauren sat just rows away, laughing at Walsh ... and thus herself.

  • LC in Blue
  • K. Walsh

Lauren Conrad was the butt of many jokes on Saturday, but you know you've made it when Kate Walsh impersonates you on stage. [Photos: Fame Pictures]

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a renowned improvisational theater group in NYC and LA, kept the mood light, offering this amusing (and truly accurate) introduction as it prepared to lampoon The Hills and its cute, catty stars:

"You've seen Shakespeare, you've seen Mozart, now experience the work of the greatest geniuses of our time. It's Heidi vs. Lauren and it's really, really important."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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Collateral damange from Kate Walsh's bitter divorce is escalating to the point where the head honcho of ABC is asking for protection - from a court of law!

The actress' estranged husband, Alex Young, has subpoenaed Stephen McPherson, President of Disney/ABC Television, for a deposition - to testify about Kate Walsh's finances. Young alleges Walsh is hiding financial information from him.

Kate Walsh, Neil Andrea

McPherson, who is effectively Walsh's boss, is having none of it. Disney's lawyers have filed legal papers asking for a court order blocking any such deposition.

Young believes Walsh is not coming clean with all the assets acquired during their 14-month marriage. His lawyer, Jeff Sturman, fired off the subpoena to McPherson, claiming he has "unique" knowledge about Walsh's financial situation.

Alex Young and Kate Walsh announced their split in December.

Kate Walsh starred on Grey's Anatomy for two seasons and then left to take the lead role in its moderately successful spinoff series, Private Practice.

Disney lawyers replied that Young is "harassing" McPherson, "because at the the time of Ms. Walsh acquiring the role on Private Practice, Mr. McPherson was not running ABC Studios." Disney is willing to send an underling to the depo.

Young, a 20th Century Fox movie exec, has also subpoenaed financial docs from Disney itself. Disney and Young will fight it out in court on July 8.

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Kate Walsh's estranged husband, Alex Young, has filed a lawsuit accusing the company that managed both his and the Private Practice actress' finances of "unlawful and unethical conduct" by refusing to hand over documents.

Alex Young, who filed for divorce December 9 after 14 months of marriage, has requested information pertaining to the couple's house and other assets.

K. Walsh

Walsh's rep said the breakup was amicable at the time, but Young's camp says that accounting house London & Co. "was very slow to respond and it would not answer certain questions" the Fox exec had about their "very valuable house."

The 20th Century Fox studio executive also wants to know about the value of some of the furnishings, artwork and other improvements they both paid for.

Per his filing, Alex Young moved out when he decided to go ahead with the divorce, leaving everything in the house in Kate Walsh's possession.

But when he tried to access all of their purchase and tax records from the accountants, London & Co. balked, he says, and the firm has turned over a paltry amount of information overall, despite being served with a deposition subpoena.

The accounting firm was engaged in a clear "conflict of interest," contends Young, who alleges that it behaved in a manner that benefited one client, Kate Walsh, while opting to drop him as a client when the couple split up.

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Here's a Grey's Anatomy spoiler we didn't see coming.

According to court papers, movie exec Alex Young, 37, has petitioned for a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences with actress Kate Walsh, as of Nov. 22.

"The couple remain on friendly terms and sincerely hope the media will respect their privacy during this difficult time," they said in a statement Thursday.

Walsh, who went on to star in the mediocre spinoff Private Practice after making it big on Grey's Anatomy, wed Young – a production co-president at 20th Century Fox – on September 1, 2007, in the town of Ojai, just north of Los Angeles.

In October 2007, Kate Walsh talked about the pair's whirlwind relationship, telling Ellen DeGeneres, "There was this kind of funny moment, after we were like we're married and all of the hoopla was over and we were like, 'What do we do now?'"

Guess she ran out of answers to that question sooner than expected.

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Some apparently awesome photographer named Timothy White has taken some sexy celebrity photos for his new book, entitled Hollywood Pinup.

Among those featured is the beautiful Kate Walsh, 40, who used to star on Grey's Anatomy before moving on to mediocre spin-off Private Practice.

Kate Walsh Nude

Yowza. We wouldn't mind having to Practice some very Private things with Kate Walsh if you know what we mean. We're talking about ... forget it.

Enjoy the photo:

HOLLYWOOD PINUP: A sexy Kate Walsh certainly looks the part of the new book she's in. How that guy talked her into this, we have no clue. But awesome work.

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Kate Walsh used to shine on Grey's Anatomy (2005-2007).

Her efforts are currently wasted on Private Practice.

Nevertheless, she is one of our favorite actresses and The Hollywood Gossip would like to wish a happy birthday to Kate Walsh, who turns 41 (!) today. She would totally be a MILF if she actually had kids, but she's only newly married!

Here's a little Kate Walsh photo tribute. Click to enlarge ...

Kate Walsh in Marie Claire

Which celebrity birthdays are coming up next? What star or stars share your special day o' birth? Confer with our calendar and see.

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Kate Walsh starred on ABC Grey's Anatomy, which returns for its fifth season tonight, then went on to star on Private Practice, its lackluster spin-off.

Her recent hairstyle shift may have been another regression.

The gorgeous redhead chopped a few inches off her awesome hair as she opted for a sleek, shoulder-length bob for this past week's Emmy Awards ...

  • Walsh, K.
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Which Kate Walsh hairstyle is best?


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While Britney Spears spent the holiday weekend shopping, Kate Walsh (her tan bikini blending nicely with the sand) strolled down a Hawaiian shore with her new husband, 20th Century Fox movie executive Alex Young.

The newlyweds, who married Labor Day, spent Thanksgiving vacationing on the beaches of Maui, frolicking in the surf and walking the coast at sunset.

K-Walsh Pic

Kate Walsh and Alex Young: Very much in love.

At 40, the former Grey's Anatomy and current Private Practice star looks so good, she'd be prime MILF material... that is, if she had kids. Despite rumors that she is pregnant, Walsh has said that at least for now, her baby is her TV series.

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTE: This is as close as you're ever gonna get to Kate Walsh nude. As in the flesh-colored tone of her bikini. That is all.

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This just in: Kate Walsh is pregnant (with a TV show)!

When Extra asked the recently married 40-year-old actress the inevitable "when are you having a baby" question, Kate Walsh replied:

Walsh, K.

"Right now, my baby is Private Practice... she is beautiful, strong, and growing every week," referring to her hit Grey's Anatomy spin-off series.

We might take issue with the first two parts of that description, but it's nice that Walsh is having a good time and feeling confident in her new show.

Extra then asked Kate Walsh if she was indeed pregnant, to which she joked: "I'm pregnant with triplets now and I feel really good!"

Kate Walsh married Alex Young, 35, a 20th Century Fox production executive, in September in Ojai, California. Walsh sat down with Extra on the Private Practice set and, for the record, denied being pregnant, explaining:

"Both of us are pretty much working constantly and seeing each other when we can... that's him, the pretty blond guy over there!"

So, looks like no babies on the way just yet for this striking former member of the Grey's Anatomy cast. But we're still big fans of Kate and wish her the best.

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