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It appears that Kate Upton ACCEPTED an L.A. high school senior invitation to his upcoming senior prom, which went viral after he posted it on YouTube.

She Tweeted a response to his video invite last night:

Kate Tweet!

Wow. Jake Davidson started an online campaign to get the supermodel to accompany him to the dance, and his Kate Upton prom invite became a big hit.

Including, it turns out, with the blonde beauty herself.

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With senior prom right around the corner, one soon-to-be high school graduate in Los Angeles decided to reach for the stars. Or specifically, one star.

Jake Davidson started an online campaign to get Kate Upton to accompany him to the big dance. Check out his video pitch to the model below:

Explaining to Kate why the two would be a good match, he shaves, works out, showers, gets dressed, and even has a butler fetching things for him.

Davidson has a strict 11 p.m. curfew, sadly, so he can't stay out late with the 2012-13 SI swimsuit cover girl, but believes they can still have fun.

The video ends with the go-for-broke teen (and butler) atop a mountain with a bouquet of roses, officially asking Kate Upton to his senior prom.

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The smoking hot Kate Upton look-alike claiming to be a "Russian Mail Order Bride in Training" is not ... to the dismay of thousands of U.S. male would-be suitors.


A 22-year-old Russian student named Ania tweeted a photo of herself posing like Kate Upton on the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover this week.

Kate Upton herself re-tweeted the picture, it went viral.

Ania, who calls herself a "Mail order bride in training" in her Twitter profile, then made her tweets private to stave off the onslaught of attention.

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Kate Upton is so hot. 

She also has a somewhat distinctive look - All-American blonde, voluptuous and not ultra-thin - as well as countless, instantly recognizable photos to her name.

So we suppose it was only a matter of time before the imitators came along, and on that note, meet Ania, a bona fide Kate Upton look-alike / Russian twin!

  • Kate Upton Look-alike
  • Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover 2013

She's not related to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, nor does she even know her; but thanks to Twitter, Ania was able to reach Kate directly.

Kate, being Kate, re-tweeted the pic, adding "amazing!"

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Kate Upton rules. She's as candid as she is gorgeous.

Exercising is not fun. Food is great. Other models can be catty sometimes. Modeling is great work if you can get it, but still a challenge if it's 30-below.

You can count on Kate's honest assessment of things is the point. So what did she say when asked in a recent interview what her favorite body part is?

Kate Upton Sexy Picture

"I think it's... my eyes," she said. "Because when I'm shooting, I change my expression all the time. It's like..." [starts making eyes, giggling] "It's like Tourette's!"

Lies. Modest and endearingly delivered ones, but lies.

Kate Upton does have some nice eyes (they're blue/green, we think), but that's probably not the feature most guys would associate with the 20-year-old.

Watch the beauty's interview on Ellen after the jump ...

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She's definitely the "It Girl" of modeling at the moment ... but is Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton also America's most hated model among fellow models?

Kate Upton Underwear Photo

Upton, whose racy Antarctic photo shoot landed her the much-coveted cover of SI's swimsuit issue for the second year in a row, is finding fame a little ... icy.

According to Us Weekly, the 20-year-old blonde bombshell's fellow pinups are not the biggest fans of the mag's Kate Upton photos - or the model herself.

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Kate Upton, long rumored to be dating Justin Verlader, may not be after all. In a recent interview, the 2013 SI swimsuit issue cover girl said she's single.

Yes guys, you still have a chance. Not a very good one, but a chance.

Kate Upton Topless Photograph

In an interview with FOX 2 Detroit on Thursday, Kate Upton clammed up when asked a lengthy, leading question about her "boyfriend Justin Verlander."

"Actually, I'm single right now," she said, to the surprise and delight of young fellas everywhere. "So I spent my [Valentine's Day] in Melbourne, Florida."

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Anyone who thinks models don't work hard, think again.

Kate Upton made history with her latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover as the first to grace it two straight years since Tyra Banks in 1996-97.

Boy did she have to earn it in Antarctica, though.

"It was definitely the hardest shoot I've ever done," she says. "The best as well ... Antarctica is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to."

"But I'm from Florida, so it was pretty painful. I was very surprised by the news that that’s where my shoot was going to be located,’’ she recalled.

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You have to hand it to Sports Illustrated for its 2013 Swimsuit Issue.

As if its cover girl single-handedly melting the Antarctic wasn't enough, the magazine posted an entire Kate Upton nude gallery to cure your winter blues.

And then they featured Katherine Webb bikini photos to boot.

The girlfriend of Alabama QB AJ McCarron became an overnight star after she was ogled on TV, so it's okay if you do. But is she hotter than cover girl Kate?

Vote for which SI model you think is most beautiful below!

And the Winner is?

Kate Upton or Katherine Webb: Which Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model is hotter? Not that there's a wrong answer, but vote in our survey and tell us! View Poll »

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Last night, David Letterman enlisted 10 models featured in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue to read the Late Show's nightly Top Ten List.

The “Top 10 Questions on the Application to Become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model” were hit or miss ... but the women themselves? Amazing (looking).

Check out Kate Upton and stunning cohorts on Letterman below:

If you've missed the just-released 2013 SI swimsuit issue and you're a guy ... what is WRONG with you! Three words: Kate Upton nude. You're welcome.

Also making an appearance in SI, and at #2 above? Katherine Webb!

Kate Upton Biography

Kate Upton Poster Kate Upton is an model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,first in 2011, when she was named... More »
St. Joseph, Michigan
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Kate Upton
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