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If influential means sending your boyfriend to rehab and then making out with him there, then Kate Moss does deserve the recognition she recentlty received.

But we're still surprised by the result.

Kate Moss at Ivy

British experts have named the supermodel as the most influential celebrity in the world, beating out favorites such as Madonna and the pairing known as Brangelina.

Insiders - with way too much time on their hands - analyzed how many times a star is mentioned in the media, magazine covers, and entries on (and, probably) to come up with the power list.

The Material Girl finishe d second, while, soccer stud David Beckham took home the bronze.

Angelina edged out her real-life paramour, Brad Pitt, by one spot to come in at number-five.

While Moss may have more promotional campaigns than she can count and a personal style that is often emulated by women around the world, she's also a recovering cocaine addict. We sort of hope that hasn't influenced anyone.

Although it could be too late for Ashlee Simpson.


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Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, a.k.a. PeteMoss, are indeed planning to marry and start a family soon, according to the manager of a Dublin, Ireland, venue he performed at last week.

The pair has confirmed their relationship is back on track by making a number of public appearances together, including a duet onstage with Doherty's band Babyshambles at the Irish capital's Music Factory.

Kate Moss Baby Bump?

Manager Eamonn Tucker chatted with the couple and discovered their plans:

"They're very much in love and are planning to either get married here, or at least have their honeymoon in Ireland. They feel very at home here. She's (Moss) just a very sweet girl who's very much in love with Pete. He makes her laugh and they're looking forward to having children soon."

This is good news. Pete needs to make an honest woman out of Kate. While it's a hell of a good time, there comes a point when you simply grow too old for dry humping and regular drug arrests.

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Rocker Pete Doherty is out of his (reportedly) successful stint at court-ordered rehab, and the British tabloids are already buzzing that the crazy recovering drug addict is going to marry his supermodel fiancee, Kate Moss, in the very near future.

We've heard this story before, with Pete bragging to some of his pals that he was going to marry Kate, his on-again, off-again girlfriend/fiancee, during one of their prior reconciliations.

Possibly Preggers

Then, Kate and Pete were supposedly planning a wedding in Ibiza last month when one of Pete's many drug arrests forced the sad postponement of their nuptuals. Apparently he was detained by cops and couldn't make it.

But the two seem to be doing well, even if the strict supervision at Pete's rehab clinic prevented them from doing each other. Hey, dry humping is better than nothing. Just ask pre-teens across the globe.

In other Mosserty news, several sources report that the couple wants to move to America, and are considering buying a place in New Jersey!

That figures. Only these coked-up lunatics would think that the Garden State is a nice place to live. Just kidding, Bruce Springsteen and Zach Braff!

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Dry humping -- it's not just for elementary school kids anymore.

The Sun has an interesting report from a certain rehab center where rocker Pete Doherty is spending his days, and where his ultra-thin fiancee, Kate Moss, recently paid a visit.

Kate Moss Baby Bump?

Apparently, Moss and Doherty shocked patients at The Priory this weekend by getting jiggy with it on the lawn.

The pair got so horny they were a moment away from having full-blown sex on a bench when they were admonished by some of the facility's employees. Kate and Pete realized they had been caught and cooled off. She began running around and he vanished. Presumably for a cold shower. Or some drugs -- the dude is all about 'em!

Considering that the posh rehab clinic contains people suffering from all kinds of sex addictions, plus problems with alcohol, drugs and fame, Kate and Pete must have been really going at it in order to get yelled at.

Best of all, there were groups of people attending a self-help group for the day. Because it was nice weather, their leader suggested they move things outside. During their session they noticed a celebrity couple being rather frisky on a bench... then the lawn. They were kissing and groping each other, with hands going up clothing and lots of groaning.

Classy! Get a room, you two!

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Let's see ....

Ashlee Simpson is the face body of Victoria's Secret. Of course, it's a body you can scarcely see.

On the flip side, Kate Moss is the lead model for the designer lingerie line Agent Provocateur. And in a few new, short films, you see A LOT of her body.

Kate Moss Lingerie Photo

We think the latter wins.

Whether she's coked up or defending semi-fiance, Pete Doherty, Moss still draws an audience. That's not likely to change after four shorts, entitled "Dreams of Miss X," hit the airways in the near future.

The supermodel speaks and even appears nude in one of the erotic films. Response has been so overwhelming that the first of the films, "Dream 1: Shadows," caused the company's site to crash after thousands logged on to check out the waif beauty in all her lacy splendor.

Safe to say, this is more attractive than a nude Heather Mills.

"Dream 2" will be available starting November 1 on the Agent Provocateur website. In the meantime, maybe it's not too late for Moss to get in on the fervor over who is, indeed, "The Body." Look out, Elle Macpherson!


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Rocker/junkie Pete Doherty missed out on his own nuptials to supermodel Kate Moss on Saturday, as a result of being incarcerated.

Britain's Daily Express reports that Moss and 14 close friends, including her brother Nick, flew to a resort in Bali last week, causing widespread speculation the couple was planning to get married. But Doherty was stuck in London after a judge ruled that he must attend rehab in order to make bail for cocaine and heroin charges. Wonder if he watches Prison Break!

Pete Doherty And Kate Moss Photo

Doherty pled guilty to charges on Friday and will be confined to London's Priory Clinic each night until sentencing. Despite the efforts of Moss and her lawyers to find a loophole, the Babyshambles' lead singer won't be making it to Indonesia.

"She is in a terrible state. When she flew to Bali, she was ecstatic and told friends there was going to be a ceremony," a source said.

It's been quite the week for drug addicts. Okay, not really. Anyway, the loving Moss dumped Doherty last summer after a year and a half of dating, the couple reunited last month and have been dating ever since. The model has been sporting a fine diamond ring on her left ring finger for several weeks.

Lucky for Moss, the upstanding Mr. Doherty is now prepared if the two ever do end up exchanging vows. He already has something old (his drug habit), something new (more drug charges), something borrowed (an orange jumpsuit) and something blew (cocaine). Ohhh!

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Troubled rocker Pete Doherty, boyfriend of crack hoe supermodel Kate Moss, has once again proved to be a complete shambles after missing an Ibiza gig.

According to, his band, Babyshambles, had to cancel its appearance after it was discovered that Doherty, the frontman, was traveling with a passport that had expired. This meant he let down the hordes of fans who had flocked to the Ibiza concert.

  • Pete Doherty Photo
  • K. Moss

Doherty and his bandmates were set to headline Manumission-owned Bar M in San Antonio, but they failed to turn up following his blunder.

According to reports, Doherty, 27, tried to get a replacement passport but authorities refused to accept the photos he provided, so he was left stranded in the UK. Apparently, he told organizers he lost his passport and was applying for a temporary one but the mugshots did not meet Government standards.

The fiasco was the second time Babyshambles have let down their fans on the holiday island. The group were meant to play the same venue a week ago but Doherty, whose substance abuse problems are well documented, told bosses he had checked into drug and alcohol rehab so they had to reschedule.

Last month, the singer told a judge he plans to have a chemical implant put into his abdomen to help wean him off of drugs. None of these troubles are apparently impacting his relationship with Moss, however. According to the Cape Times, the rock star and the 32-year-old stick figure model are said to be engaged.

Newspapers published pictures of Moss wearing a diamond ring at a party the couple threw at a London nightclub on Saturday. The Sun also said they were rumoured to be getting married in Ibiza this week, but pals of the rail-thin drug-addict model thought she would be making a mistake.

Is she? Getting married and/or making a mistake, that is? We suggest you stay tuned. T.H. Gossip certainly will be.

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Nine months, one stint in rehab and a couple criminal charges later - and it's like Kate Moss was never let go by Burberry!

The 32-year-old model is featured in Burberry's fall-winter 2006-07 promotion, appearing in a black and white print ad, dressed in a white lace trench coat on a rooftop overlooking the London skyline.

Moss Baby Bump Watch

The spots, marking the fashion house's 150th anniversary, are a notable about-face for Burberry after it publicly distanced itself from the Moss following all that cocaine stuff.

Photos of the ravenous beauty were published London's Daily Mirror, purportedly of her snorting drugs in the recording studio of then boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Other employers quickly dumped Moss. Among them were H&M, Chanel and Gloria Vanderbilt, as British police pledged to investigate the allegations. Two weeks ago, prosecutors announced they would not pursue drug charges against her, citing lack of "forensic evidence and direct eyewitness evidence."

Since publicly apologizing and entering a rehab clinic, Moss has been on the comeback trail. She's strutted her recovering stuff for Robert Cavalli, Nikon, Calvin Klein, Virgin Mobile and Longchamp.