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Michael Lohan was released from jail on $5,000 bond yesterday following his Tuesday a.m. arrest for domestic violence against on/off girlfriend Kate Major.

Lindsay's father was then arrested AGAIN for allegedly contacting Major in violation of a restraining order, then got stuck in a tree trying to evade police.

Seriously, this actually happened. Talk about going out on a limb.

Michael Lohan Back in Jail

Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed MiLo had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn't leave her alone.

This after he was torn a new one by a judge for violating the restraining order the same day, and told if he even dreamed about Major, he'd go to jail.

Officers interviewed Kate, who called 911 on him earlier this week, at her apartment after she made the call. While police were there, he called. Again.

Officers believed that given Michael's repeated disregard for the no contact order, he was considered a "threat," so they went to his hotel to arrest him.

That's when he tried to escape by hopping a third story balcony ... and landed in a tree. Officers then helped him down and hauled him back to jail.

Michael Lohan was charged with violating a condition of his pretrial release (contacting Kate) and resisting arrest without violence. He is in custody.

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The 911 call placed by Michael Lohan's girlfriend Kate Major after he allegedly lost it and threatened to kill her in a dispute over oral relief has been released.

On the call, Major does not sound happy.

You can hear a panicked Kate, who has been down this road before with MiLo, telling the operator, "I'm afraid of him. He's gonna come in here and hit me."

She then hesitates to give out her address for some reason (as the dispatcher says, that's what 911 is for), then appears to lie when Mike asks who she's calling.

The father of Lindsay Lohan got popped on suspicion of domestic violence early this morning in Tampa, Fla. Here's the 911 call that led to his arrest ...

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Michael Lohan was arrested for domestic violence early Tuesday after an alleged dispute in which on/off GF Kate Major declined to provide him with oral relief.

Just hours before the Lindsay Lohan Playboy deal broke, Tampa Police arrested her dad on suspicion of domestic violence following an incident with Major.

Hilariously, MiLo complained of chest pains when authorities arrived, so they took him to a hospital. He then attempted to peace out after he was treated.

An officer spotted him, though, and hauled his ass to jail ...

Michael Lohan's Mug Shot

WARNING: The details of this story may be hard to swallow.

According to Kate Major, Michael flipped out and threatened to kill her because "she wouldn't give him a 'bl*w job'" ... pretty standard behavior for most guys.

The police report states that Michael came over to her Tampa apartment, when he began to yell about a SEPARATE upcoming domestic violence court hearing.

Major claims the argument got heated and MiLo got violent.

Kate, who has accused him of such behavior numerous times before, claims Lohan pushed her multiple times and squeezed her arms, and it got even worse.

She claims Lindsay's father also threw the remote at her and told her that he would "slit both his wrist and her wrist" and toss her off a fourth-floor balcony.

For his part, Mike takes issue with her story, bl*w job and all.

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Kate Major has convinced a Florida judge that Michael Loahn poses such a threat - he has allegedly threatened to "whack" her - that he's been restrained indefinitely.

Major, who used to be engaged to Lohan and has made similar claims about him in the past, only to retract them, says Lindsay Lohan's dad is also harassing her.

Incessant phone calls and texts, threatening to "ruin her career" (whatever that consists of), the works. Michael must now stay at least 500 feet away from Kate.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

Happier times in between violent, ridiculous fights.

The judge also declared, hilariously, that Michael Lohan can't have Kate or her father followed by hired muscle. He also is prohibited from phoning or texting her.

MiLo, who has TMZ on speed dial we're guessing, quickly responded on the celebrity news site: "This is just another way of Kate trying to make money."

Not sure how that works exactly, but sure thing Mike.

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Michael Lohan scored a major court victory by default. He will no longer be prosecuted for allegedly roughing up his ex-girlfriend Kate Major.

Why? Because she's kind of hard to reach these days.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office charged the father of Lindsay Lohan with one count of misdemeanor corporal injury to a cohabitant.

Kate and Mike in happier times. Rare times they were.

That went down after the two allegedly got into a heated argument at the apartment they used to share and he allegedly tossed Kate around.

A similar incident also occurred a few months prior, only to see Kate (a former assistant to Lindsay) recant the allegations against Michael.

However, the D.A. announced that it can no longer proceed with the case because it cannot reach Kate, the only victim and the only witness.

MiLo wins.

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The steadfast Michael Lohan is sticking to his story that he did not beat up his former fiancee, Kate Major. He pleaded not guilty to the charge today.

MiLo faced a misdemeanor charge of inflicting injury on a cohabitant and entered the plea just a short time ago at the courthouse in Beverly Hills.

Naturally, he made sure the gossip cameras tracked his every move.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

Kate Major used to be Lindsay's assistant. Real normal.

Michael's trial starts July 5. As you may know by now, he was arrested on March 21 in L.A. after an argument with Kate allegedly became physical.

Kate says Mike choked her with a towel and threw her over furniture.

Michael claims Kate is the one who assaulted him, obviously, and/or that she made her story up like she did the other time, when charges were dropped.

Sounds like a healthy relationship, to say the least.

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Michael Lohan was arrested and hospitalized the other night following an alleged act of domestic violence against his former girlfriend/fiancee, Kate Major.

Not surprisingly, MiLo tells a different story of events than Kate Major told police, and vows to press charges against his ex, who he claims came at him.

Lindsay's dad says he is meeting with the cops and wants Kate charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault and trespassing.

He was charged today with domestic violence, but vows to clear his name.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

“I asked to press charges on her. Look, I’m the one who got cut, I’m the one that was bleeding!" Michael told Radar Online. “I’m going to press charges.”

“I have to see what's missing and have her charged with robbery," he said.

And that's not all: “I want to also have her charged with assault with a deadly weapon - she cut me with something - domestic assault and trespassing."

MiLo was originally nailed for three felonies: preventing the report of the victimization, false imprisonment and inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant.

After complaining of chest pains he was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where he remained under arrest, closely guarded by police officers.

He was released late last night and issued a citation, his lawyer says.

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Looks like THG was correct in its theory that Michael Lohan's arrest for domestic violence last night stemmed from an incident with his ex, Kate Major.

It appears this violent confrontation got ugly really fast.

According to TMZ, citing what she told the cops, MiLo went to his apartment, which shared with Kate, last night. She hasn't lived there for a while.

Mike Lohan and Kate Major

Kate, who also dated Jon Gosselin, was briefly engaged to MiLo last year.

Kate dropped by to pick up some of her stuff, but Michael Lohan became upset that Kate was packing up for good, and quickly "went ballistic."

The two started arguing, and Kate turned her back on him, only to be grabbed and thrown across the room, striking the bedpost with her shoulder.

Kate Major claims Michael took a towel and began choking her, too.

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Michael Lohan recently reached out to Billy Ray Cyrus.

His ex-fiancee, Kate Major, says he's been doing the same - and just filed a criminal complaint because he's calling, harassing and threatening her constantly.

A few weeks ago, the on-off couple split (again), Kate tried to pack up her stuff from their NYC apartment, MiLo got in the way and things blew the f*%k up.

Mike Lohan and Kate Major

Kate then fled to her family's Florida home, where Michael called so much, Kate asked Verizon to permanently block his number, which didn't sit well with him.

Michael allegedly threatened to do "something bad" to her at that point.

She filed a criminal complaint with police in Florida and plans to seek a restraining order on Monday. Mike, of course, says her accusations are false as always.

MiLo, accused of assault on Kate last summer, only to have her drop the charge, says "She has done this many times, and the allegations always prove false."

Much like his claims of representing Lindsay to the Late Show.

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Michael Lohan is free ... to do whatever it is he does again.

Following a personal plea from Kate Major, a judge in New York's Hamptons region agreed to drop second degree harassment charges against her ex-fiance, who she previously accused of beating and threatening to kill her.

Dr. Drew and Kate Major

In addition to asking the judge to throw out the charges, Major also requested that the order of protection against Lohan be dropped; the judge agreed.

Kate Major says she was not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications that would impair her judgment. If Michael is arrested again within the next six months, charges from the alleged assault on Kate could be re-filed against him.

Michael Lohan is off the hook, and out of Kate Major's life.

The incident took place in July, prior to Michael leaving to be with daughter Lindsay Lohan in L.A. (not by her request, certainly). Major, Lindsay's former assistant, says Michael shoved her to the ground and kicked her in the face.

So why drop the charges?

"I have personal reasons as to why I dropped the charges," Kate tells Radar Online. "I'm fine with the outcome and just want to move on with my life. I don't want anymore negativity in my life, but I wish Michael all the best in the future."

When asked if they were getting back together, Kate Major said, "Not at this time." Michael said only "I feel bad for Kate and what she's going through."

Jon Gosselin's taken now, too. Bummer.

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