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Kate Major is an out-of-control mess who needs help ASAP.

Kate Major Mugshot

That's the main takeaway from a police report filed after her arrest in Boca Raton, Fla., this weekend. If you missed it, Jon Gosselin's and Michael Lohan's ex-GF was jailed for battery after she was seen BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF A GUY AND HIS WIFE.

Police say Major allegedly had to be restrained on the ground by several people who saw her attacking and screaming at Rosario Tapia and Juan Jimenez.

Kate Major Mug Shot

The officer who wrote the report says, "I attempted to speak with [Kate Major], who was screaming and yelling obscenities at Tapia, calling her a 'fat f**k' and a 'b*tch'."

Jimenez told police he and Tapia pulled into the parking lot and noticed someone had parked in their assigned space, so they were waiting for another spot to open.

That's when Kate Major, allegedly, came bolting toward the car out of nowhere.

Jimenez claims Major opened the door and went crazy, calling him and his wife "several racial names" before attacking his wife in the hands, breast and face.

When cops tried to arrest Major, police say she resisted arrest and tried to kick the officers. After she was arrested, she continued to act belligerently.

Officials say she yelled at police and tried to make a break for it. At one point, cops say, she slapped the arresting officer and called him a "fat f**k."

She was since been released, but we have a hunch this isn't over.

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Kate Major, Michael Lohan's on-off girlfriend and sparring partner, was arrested early this morning in Boca Raton, Fla., for battery and resisting arrest.

The hot mess former assistant of Lindsay Lohan was booked at 3:10 a.m. She was detained for resisting arrest and battering an officer with violence.

It's unclear if MiLo was involved in this ... but we wouldn't be surprised.

Kate Major Mugshot

The fact that there's a permanent restraining order in place prohibiting Michael Lohan from being near Kate Major obviously wouldn't stop him, we know that.

Major was kicked off a plane in November and arrested for misdemeanor battery after getting into a scuffle with another passenger. No charges were filed.

Kate, who was once engaged to MiLo, checked into rehab shortly thereafter, but checked out just last week. Sounds like money and time well invested.

Major was released this afternoon and ordered to complete a mental health / drug evaluation and bring it back to the court within the next 48 hours.

Wonder how that'll turn out.

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Michael Lohan is weighing in for the first time on Kate Major's possible pregnancy in a new interview ... apparently these two nut jobs only communicate via Dr. Drew.

MiLo says he's heard about it, but not much more than we have.

"I've heard about it ... When she left her dads house, she left some medication and her pills there and she was off the pill for like 4-5 days and of course we had sex."

"So there was a chance ... from what I understand now, she says she's pregnant or she could be. Evidently she is taking the test so she thinks she might be."

Riveting insight right there.

Michael Lohan and Dr. Drew

Asked about how he would react if Kate Major were pregnant, given that neither of them believe in abortion as a possibility, Mike told Dr. Drew the following:

"I would never, never, never want to let a child grow up without a father and a mother, so if she was pregnant, it would be something that she has to consider."

"Does she want to raise a baby on her own? I don't think so."

Michael Lohan added that his relationship with his children with Dina Lohan would improve as they get older and would not be affected adversely by this.

He also said that he has not seen any Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures, nor will he be checking those out for obvious reasons, but he supports the career move.

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Kate Major is no longer missing.

She checked into a hospital under a fake name the other night and that's why no one knew her whereabouts, other than the doctors who were caring for her.

Michael Lohan's ex was hospitalized after a seizure, but was later released. Major is still undergoing rehab, and from the looks of these pics, buying pregnancy tests:

  • Kate Major Pic
  • Kate Major Up Close

According to Kate's hat, she's been to Cheaterville. We have no idea what that means or how it applies to this post ... but pregnancy tests? Wow. Just wow.

Major implied she was pregnant, or at least that she could be, in a sit-down with Dr. Drew last month. Now she's out at the drug store buying the tests?

It looks like a staged photo - someone just happens to be tracking Kate Major of all people into the store, where she buys these personal items in plain view?

We doubt she's expecting, but if Michael Lohan is having another kid, that would certainly be 20 times more shocking than the Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Kate Major went missing Sunday night after she apparently wandered off from a hospital, where she had been admitted after suffering a seizure while in a rehab center.

According to her rep, Major was transferred from rehab in Boca Raton, Fla., to a hospital after suffering a seizure. It's not clear what brought that on or how severe it was.

In any case, Kate Major left the hospital on her own and no one knows where she went. She has no money, phone, credit cards or clothes besides the ones on her back.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

Kate Major and her combustible ex in happier times.

The former reporter for celebrity news magazine Star is best known for dating the guy above and frantically calling the police every so often when he flies off the handle.

It is not known what caused her to leave the hospital or how she pulled that off with no one noticing, but she had been in rehab to treat her recurring alcohol abuse.

If you've seen Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin's ex ... we have no idea what to tell you. But you should probably contact your local authorities and ask them what to do.

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Kate Major of Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan dating / restraining order fame has checked herself into rehab voluntarily. At least she'll be safe from Mike in there.

She will get treatment for alcohol abuse. Sources close to Kate tell TMZ she checked into a treatment center in Boca Raton, Fla., and will stay there for 90 days.

Kate made news last month when Lindsay's dad allegedly assaulted her when she failed to provide oral relief, then violated his no contact order twice ... MiLo was arrested a second time for that violation, and trying to flee the police.

This 911 call was made by Kate before the first of the back-to-back busts.

Major made the decision after an alleged drunken plane fight a few weeks back. Sources close to Kate feels that drinking changes her into somebody she isn't.

This may also help explain why in the HELL someone dates Michael Lohan.

We assume (and really hope) Kate is not really pregnant by MiLo.

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Kate Major has now strongly implied, in her sit-down with Dr. Drew, that Michael Lohan sexually assaulted her and that she may be pregnant with his kid.

While no one deserves to be subjected to the things he did to her, you have to wonder.

What are the motives of someone to turns around and instantly milks this for publicity?

Asked what her worst experience with MiLo was, she replied:

Dr. Drew and Kate Major

"I guess I have to be really honest here. He had been doing cocaine all night and he was kind of coming off of a binge. I woke up. I wasn’t involved in that."

"We were in the Hamptons ... I went through his phone and I saw that he was talking to a woman ... he was saying some very nasty things about me."

"I woke him and said what is this? He took a remote, threw it at my head, handcuffed me to a bed and forcefully had sex with me. I never reported that."

That's messed up if true. And it gets worse still ...

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Kate Major shed some interesting light on Michael Lohan's recent behavior in an interview with Dr. Drew. According to Kate, Lindsay's father is on steroids.

And trying to blackmail her by threatening to sell sex tapes she didn't know existed, and/or by killing himself and her as well. Guy is not really too stable.

Lohan, who is still in jail after being arrested a second time in less than 72 hours last week for harassing Major, allegedly threatened and attacked his ex.

Some excerpts from her sit-down with Double D:

Dr. Drew and Kate Major

On why she met up with MiLo that night last week: "I had agreed to meet with him. I said I wouldn’t meet with him alone. I didn't know he was on steroids."

"He was flipping out at me because my friend, who he didn't like, called me and I didn't answer the phone because I knew there was going to be an altercation."

"Threw the phone and cracked the phone. I got really scared. Then he took a vase and he was running around saying he was going to smash himself in the head."

"He took the phone out of my hand, threw me to the ground. I was afraid."

On his threat to sell sex tapes: "He had sent it to my house in a fedex envelope. Two dvd's of sex tapes that he had been taking without my knowledge."

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Michael Lohan's hilarious arrest the other night earned him a 6-5 career lead over daughter Lindsay in number of entries in our celebrity mug shots gallery.

It also got him his ass handed to him by a judge.

Jailed twice in the past week, MiLo appeared in court Friday, making excuses about why he violated a restraining order barring him from contacting his ex.

The judge was far from moved, given that Lohan took all of a few hours to break the rules the last time he was out on bail, so he was denied it this time.

Michael Lohan Booking Photo

In a wheelchair after spraining his foot trying to flee the cops by jumping off a balcony (seriously), and handcuffed, Mike had his lawyer plead his case.

Following testimony from ex-GF Kate Major about his incessant calling, harassment and alleged abuse of her, Lohan said he needed to be free because:

  1. Dr. Drew is expecting him at some TV shoot
  2. Lindsay Lohan's next court hearing is coming up on Wednesday
  3. He's got a celebrity boxing match with Tareq Salahi coming up

Stunningly, the judge wasn't moved and MiLo will be cooling his ass in a cell until further notice. He faces domestic violence charges and much more.

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Kate Major's landlord has had it up to here with Michael Lohan drama.

As such, the former Star Magazine reporter and assistant to Lindsay Lohan has been put on notice - move out of her swanky Florida condo by next week or else.

Kate, who's been involved in an ... interesting relationship with Michael for the past year and a half or so, called the police on him twice in the past week alone.

Michael Lohan and Kate Major Picture

Kate Major lives in an exclusive housing complex in Tampa, home to several rich and famous people, including pro athletes, and home to plenty of drama this week.

Michael Lohan was arrested for domestic violence after a dispute over oral sex early Tuesday ... then released and busted again after contacting Kate the next day.

He tried to flee the second time, but cops pulled him out of a tree.

In any case, Kate's landlord has not taken kindly to the media firestorm, serving her with an eviction notice, giving her until November 1 to pack up and leave.

Kate is fighting the eviction, but it doesn't look good ... much like the chances of Michael Lohan actually paying attention to the terms of his restraining order.


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