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Chris Robinson, you have no idea what you're losing. Actually, you probably do.

Now that the Black Crowes rocker has officially split from wife, Kate Hudson, pole dancing Thursdays are gone forever. So are porn-watching Tuesdays. The horror of it all.

One Hot Hudson

The couple got married on New Year's Eve, 2000. Hudson gave birth to a son, Ryder Russell, on January 7, 2004. Now on the market after six years of marriage, Kate is hopefully reading this hint right now:

There's a pole in The Gossip offices.


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So, let us get this straight: Kate Hudson likes porn AND stripping for husband, Chris Robinson?!?

Kate Hudson, Hairstyle

Forget that sports lover, Vanessa Minnillo, there's a new candidate for Coolest Female Ever.

Reportedly, Goldie Hawn's daughter and recent star of You, Me and Dupree got so into a recent pole dancing performance that she injured herself.

In June, Hudson admitted she likes stripping and dancing for Robinson because it keeps her fit - and here most middle-aged women are wasting their time on the StairMaster!

But her friend said: "she has been really stepping up her routine lately but she may have overdone it ... She was trying an elaborate move and ended with a pulled muscle in her leg and a friction burn on her arm. She's out of the stripper game for a while."

As soon as word got out that there was an opening for taking off your clothes, Lindsay Lohan applied on the spot.


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When she's not watching porn with her husband, Kate Hudson is winning lawsuits.

On Thursday, Goldie Hawn's daughter accepted libel damages from a magazine that printed a photograph making her look too skinny, alongside an article that said Hawn wanted her to eat more.

Kate Hudson Breast Implants?

The only thing now being eaten? Crow, by the UK Enquirer, over the article which appeared last October under the headline "Goldie Tells Kate: Eat Something!"

According to Hudson's lawyer, Simon Smith, the story and pictures implied Hudson had "recklessly and foolishly endangered her health by deliberately starving herself." One picture "purported to show Ms. Hudson as very frail and gaunt in appearance."

Moreover, Smith said, Goldie had never expressed any concern over her daughter's appearance. Her choice to star in Alex & Emma, however? That's a different story.

The magazine agreed to pay an undisclosed sum and print a public apology. But the main reason Hudson wanted her non-skinng story set straight?

She didn't want Paris Hilton to hate her.


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Chris Robinson may be the lead singer for the Black Crowes - but when it comes to watching pornography at home, he doesn't need to eat any crow (too much of a stretch?).

That's because Robinson's wife, Kate Hudson, has no problem with the dirty films. At all.

Good Luck Charm

As Goldie Hawn's daughter put it on The View:

"Men like sex. So I have absolutely no issues with pornography. People can do what they want to do. They can watch it if they want to watch it ... I probably wouldn't hold it against my husband if he wanted to enjoy it - well, actually he does enjoy it!"

But, wait, Hudson wasn't finished. We're not sure what the main topic of focus was in the following line of reasoning, but she opined:

"Who cares? It doesn't matter. Sex is sex is sex is sex no matter which way you like it. I don't have any qualms."

Unless, of course, it involves R. Kelly in any way.