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Kate Gosselin's days as a reality star are over.

After years of providing insight into her domestic bliss with Jon Gosselin, then the ugly demise of her relationship with Jon Gosselin, as she raised their eight children all the while, TLC has pulled the plug on her show.

R.I.P. Kate Plus 8.

Shut UP Lady

"TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8," a network rep said. "By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone."

"TLC hopes to check in with Kate Gosselin and the family periodically."

Read: Probably never, but that sounds kind of polite at least.

Sad news for Kate, but probably good news for the kids, who have been scarred for life as it is. Many times over. Besides, she'll have more free time now, which should help her efforts to start dating again. There's a silver lining.

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Get ready to see more of supermom.

No, not Nadya Suleman. Gosh no. If there's anyone we'd like to see less of, it'd be her. She makes Kate Gosselin looks like the patron saint of celeb moms.

The prettier Gosselin and her brood return with new episodes of Kate Plus 8 Monday, August 8. We'll see the family's adventurous trip to Australia.

The Hot Gosselin

The mother of eight Tweeted earlier today:

"GM friends! I'm awake but didn't drag myself out to run...Yet...Will do as soon as breakfast is over! Lots2do 2day as usual! Whatcha doing?"

More importantly: Would you hit it?


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Despite the objections of Jon Gosselin, Kate Plus 8 returns to the airwaves with all-new episodes beginning Monday April 4, TLC announced Tuesday.

In the hour-long season premiere, the infamous reality mom takes her eight kids on their most far-flung journey to date (one that Jon tried to halt).

Kate Gosselin and Paul Teutul

We'll get to see the famous family ring in a New Year in Sydney, Australia.

BACK IN BUSINESS: Kate is back doing what she loves.

Other highlights of their down-under adventures include playing at the beach, quality time with Australian aborigines, freezing-cold ocean encounters with sharks; another camping trip (hopefully better than her Alaskan one) and more.

It's this kind of well-rounded, worldly experience Kate defended recently as she looked to deflect criticism of her show doing more harm than good.

What do you think? Are you excited it's coming back on?

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Rumors are swirling on the Internets about the future of Kate Gosselin's two reality shows, Kate Plus Eight and Twist Of Kate, and whether either will be back on TLC.

With work permits for the Gosselin kids expiring before the end of the year, and new Pennsylvania child labor laws potentially in the making, things are up in the air.

So is the end of Kate's career on the horizon?

Reality Queen

OFF THE AIR: But for how long?

Don't bet on it. Sources say TLC is still extremely happy with Kate Plus Eight and also has very high hopes for Gosselin's annoyingly-titled spinoff, Twist of Kate.

Between Bryan Masche and the Sister Wives cast, the network is solidifying itself as a network where you can learn way too much about unusual families' lives.

Why jeopardize that reputation by letting go of its flagship whack job? Exactly. So relax and expect a heavy dose of Kate and her hot bikini body before long.

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Like parents across the country, Kate Gosselin enjoyed a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend at home with the kids. But it's back to reality TV soon!

With Dancing with the Stars now behind her, Kate's new TV effort is the revamped Kate Plus 8, which kicks off this coming Sunday, June 6, on TLC.

Dead Opossum Style

You know you missed her.

Fittingly, it's been exactly a year since Jon and Kate Gosselin split. Leaving her husband behind, the reloaded show will feature the single mom alone.

She's so excited to turn over a new leaf with the new Kate Plus 8, she's billing herself "Clean Slate Kate." We prefer "Irate Kate," but whatever works.

Didn't you miss your weekly Kate Gosselin fix?!

It'll be great to see those eight little faces back on screen in any case. No word if their trips to the child psychologist will be featured, or if Kate needs help parenting.

Will you watch the reloaded Kate Plus 8?


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Kate Gosselin's elimination from Dancing with the Stars did not mark the end of her reality TV career. It's official: TLC is bringing back Kate Plus 8.

It's a go at the network after the local Department of Labor says the eight children have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

Kate Chows Down

This despite the objections of her own brother, Jon Gosselin and millions of us across America who are just plain sick of her. Stick it to 'em, Kate!

A rep for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry says the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved ... and said:

"The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for Kate Plus 8." Thank goodness. And tough luck, Jon. How's your career going?

KATE PLUS 8: Gosselin and the gang are running it back!

No word if the reloaded Kate Plus 8 will feature Jon in any way, as he was the one who axed the original show for starting to phase him out exploiting the kids.

Our guess is for the right price, he won't object this time around. Especially if he succeeds in pursuing a rich cougar to bleed money and sexual favors from.

As for Kate's other TLC spin-off (yes, there are two proposed Kate Gosselin shows in the works), tentatively titled Twist of Kate, no paperwork has been filed.

Without the Department of Labor signing off, you can bet that TLC won't push its luck. So this may indicate that the children may not be joining her there.

Are you excited for Kate Plus 8 2.0 apparently coming back?

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They couldn't go back to their old TV show or start a new version of it after all they've been through ... could they? Apparently one of them could at least. Jon Gosselin is "definitely open" to co-starring with ex-wife Kate, his lawyer said.

Whether it would be a new show or a revamped Jon & Kate Plus 8 remains to be seen, but "under the right circumstances" Jon would totally be down.

The only caveat, his attorney Anthony F. List stated, is that "the contract would have to be tighter." As would the leash Kate had him on, most likely.

Jon's lawyer said having Jon and Kate around the kids more would be a plus, and that he'd "love to settle" their latest legal dispute that he made up.

Yeah, settle as in get him off the hook for child support maybe.

Hair Club For Men

JON & KATE PLUS ANOTHER SHOW? Don't count it out.

The douchebag filed legal papers asking for primary custody and support last week, citing Kate's Dancing with the Stars gig as proof she's an absentee mom.

While it's kind of a BS argument, as she provides for the kids while he parades around chasing mediocre girls, Jon says he is prepared to press on with it.

Unless Kate cancels her "global commitments, that is." 

Jon (hypocritically) feels Kate is "addicted to the pararazzi" and can't have it both ways as a star and an attentive parent. As opposed to himself ... neither.

He says even if his former spouse is booted from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday (which Tony Dovolani is hoping for) he won't be dropping his custody case.

Kate is "caught up in the glamour of Hollywood" and will take other job, he says. Which he is outraged by ... unless she cuts him in on it, then it's all good!

Who deserves custody of the Gosselin kids?


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Kate Gosselin is officially taking over reality TV.

From the TLC hit Jon & Kate Plus 8, to her current stint on Dancing with the Stars, she's become a staple. Now fans can prepare for an-all new Twist of Kate.

Seriously, that's the name of her new show. As an added bonus, the network will be milking its cash cow to the max this summer with Kate Plus 8 specials.

As the title points out, the Kate Plus 8 specials will focus on her life as a single mom and costar the young Gosselin brood she's now accused of abandoning.

Meanwhile, in 12 episodes beginning this summer, Twist of Kate will feature Kate responding to fan letters from those inspired by her, who apparently exist.

A face that definitely needs to be on TV more often.

According to USA Today, her story is seen by fans a means to profile women in their own challenging situations, and will form the focal point of her new show.

"I look at it as a loose concept," Kate says, stating the obvious. "I just want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can."

She adds, "I don't consider myself an expert on anything."

Kate does, however, steadfastly defend her own parenting, calling Jon Gosselin's attempt to wrest custody away from her a pathetic, desperate maneuver.

In the end, it comes down to support from those who love her: "The fact that people support me and want the kids and I to do well is flattering," she says.

"I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled with tough times."

As for her TV pursuit already in progress, all we have to say is this:

Free Tony.

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Free of her hideous reverse mullet and even more revolting husband, Kate Gosselin is set to return to TV later this year in a brand new TLC series of her very own.

According to reports, Kate will be "trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in different environments" on the upcoming as-yet-untitled show.

Hmm. Pretty sure that was the synopsis of New York Goes to Work.

Only Tiffany Pollard is more entertaining. Who wants to see a grating nag work at McDonalds? Don't you have to have some appeal to make that worth watching?

Sorry, but no hair extensions can alter that personality.

This is what we imagine Kate's new show will be like.

TLC has not confirmed plans for the show, which sources say is slated to start in late spring or early summer, but is in talks to put Kate back on TV for some reason.

Plans for a Kate Gosselin talk show, conceptualized as a new take on The View for working moms, were mercifully scrapped last month after execs weren't thrilled.

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