It’s been eight years since Jon and Kate Gosselin split. Though it has taken a long time, Jon says life is finally beginning to feel normal.

The former star on Jon & Kate Plus 8 told Us Weekly that he credits his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, for restoring that calm to his world.

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Kate Gosselin’s millionaire boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, has reportedly broken off their relationship, and is now dating a 26-year-old blonde.

The reason they split wasn't entirely because of his new, young girlfriend, however. It was for a reason that may shock you ... yet not at all:

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Is Kate Gosselin engaged to her millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott? That's the rumor going around following her autograph signing over the weekend.

We don't know what's more shocking, that someone would propose to Kate Gosselin or that a Kate Gosselin autograph signing is a thing that exists.

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Kate Gosselin and her new boyfriend Jeff Prescott certainly have something in common. That's usually a good sign in any relationship.

In this case, however? That common bond comes in the form of the millionaire entrepreneur's own history of poor parenting allegations.

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