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Kate Gosselin admits she pushed her enormous brood to return to reality TV for the money, but notes that money is useful when you have eight mouths to feed.

She could also not care at all if you don't like her parenting.

"Hear me very clearly," the star of TLC's special Kate Plus 8: Sextuples Turn 10 said in an interview with E! in response to her oft-maligned TV return.

"If there was another way to singly support eight children, you would not know this name and I would be on an island somewhere, and so would [the children].

"You would never hear from any of us again."

Certain detractors would probably be willing to throw in on a Kickstarter campign to send her to an island somewhere ... hmm, someone get on that?

"Having said that," she adds, "this is a pretty fantastic way to feed my children, keep them in an amazing house, at an amazing school, and make memories."

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And she's back. Three years after TLC canceled Kate Plus 8, and even longer after Jon Gosselin's name was removed from the show, she is so very back.

Kate Gosselin and her massive ego and brood returned Thursday night for the first half of their two-part TLC special, Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10.

Short version? They're now 10!! Long version?

Kate Gosselin brings us up to date on what's changed in the family, the Gosselin kids revolt and clearly don't want to be doing it, and we roll our eyes.

That about sums it up right there, no?

The show attempts to recapture the nostalgia of the good times, but Kate and Jon's divorce is still relatively fresh in our minds, as are her bids to stay relevant.

In short, there are no positive memories to conjure, no matter how cute Jon & Kate Plus 8 once was, 'cause she is a gratingly painful human being.

This reunion special was to celebrate the sextuplets turning 10, but it's clearly all about Kate, who we have to admit looks pretty darn tired these days.

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Gosselin twins Cara and Mady raised eyebrows with their awkward, defiant demeanor in a Today show appearance with mom Kate earlier this year.

Looks like it wasn't a one-off or just a bad day for the 13-year-olds.

In a new promo clip for Kate’s upcoming special, Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn Ten, they leave little to the imagination in terms of what they're thinking:

They roll their eyes and say they “don’t want to be a part of” this.

“This is stupid. This isn’t fun. I don’t want to be a part of it,” Mady complains in one scene during the clip, before glaring at the camera and walking off.

Things only got more tense during a confessional a bit later on.

Asked whether the teens are good role models for their six younger siblings, Mady barked, “No. They better not. I mean, I’m an awful role model, ugh.”

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The explosive Kate Gosselin tell-all book that resulted in multiple lawsuits is being put back on the market this summer, according to a new report.

Kate dropped her lawsuit against Robert Hoffman, who wrote Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen, in 2013.

She alleged that Hoffman, with Jon Gosselin's help, stole her computer and sued them both for hacking and wiretapping, among other things.

The suit was dropped, however, and now, just days after Kate Gosselin’s special, Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10, airs, the book will be back online.

Get ready to go “INSIDE KATE GOSSELIN’S HOUSE OF HORRORS,” the author’s site touts. “Conspiracy. Massive Coverup. Lawsuits and Legal Threats."

"Exploitation. Fraud. Abuse. Animal Cruelty. Lies. Read The Book that two of the most powerful law firms in the country have tried to stop from being published.”

Hopefully Hoffman can use more than two-word sentences. But we're intrigued.

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As previously reported, TLC is bringing back Kate Plus 8 for a two-part special, which will premiere on the network June 19 and conclude on June 26.

Please, everyone, try not to rush to DVR it all at the same time.

Yes, in addition to her summer stint on Celebrity Apprentice, Kate Gosselin is returning to the show that made her infamous, along with her brood.

So, what has the Gosselin clan been up to since TLC canceled Kate Plus 8 more than two years ago after a firestorm of drama that would not cease?

Just living, basically. And getting iPads.

Kate and her eight - twins Mady and Cara, 13, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, 10 - are a lot older than we last saw.

Funny how that works.

The special focuses on bringing viewers up to date on all of the Gosselins, how the kids have grown and what the latest is on Kate’s life and career.

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Kate Gosselin and her brood are back for a two-hour Kate Plus 8 special next month on TLC. No, this is not a recycled post from 2011. It's really happening.

It looks like family life is just as hectic for the reality TV mom, even if her tactics have become more devious and people wish she would just go away.

Not this year, apparently. Nor is she confined to just one channel.

Back to Wack

This will be the summer of Kate, between the TLC special and her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. For Gosselin, every day is an adventure.

"It's all still happening, with or without cameras," she says.

"I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out. The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment."

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Given how hated she's been by audiences in the past, and the fact that her first show may well have led to the destruction of her marriage, you'd think Kate Gosselin would be done with reality TV. And you would be dead wrong!

Kate Gosselin Celebrity Apprentice Photo

Kate's recent stint on Celebrity Apprentice was filled with the sort of ridiculous drama we've come to expect from the infamous mother of eight.

For starters, Jon Gosselin was pissed at Kate's shooting schedule and accused Kate of neglecting their kids.

Next came reports from the set claiming that Kate feuded with Brandi Glanville and didn't get along with any of her cast mates. 

So now that the Donald has finally given Kate the axe, what's next on the agenda for the World's Worst Mom candidate?

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They say that fame is fleeting... but it can also be mysterious.

Especially in this day and age - when stars can be made purely out of Instagram photos and scandalous Tweets - it's necessary to sometimes stop and ask:

Wait... why is that person famous again?

This can be true for those you may despise (hi, Kim Kardashian!) and also for those you admire (what power does Kate Middleton hold, exactly?).

With this in mind, we've come up with 13 pretty big celebrities whose names keep being in the news despite a lack of any discernible skill. Apparently, all it takes to strike it big is to film a sex tape and/or be a terrible mother:

Kim Kardashian
The most obvious selection here. She is world famous because she had sex with Ray J on camera and knows how to use Instagram.

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Kate Gosselin has primary custody of her children with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, something he is far from pleased with given her commitment to Celebrity Apprentice.

Sources close to Jon say that Steve Neild, the bodyguard once used to protect the kids, has reportedly turned into more of a boy toy for Kate these days.

He claims Kate is falling short of her duties and dumps the kids on nannies while she tapes, while she counters that this is because he doesn't step up.

Guess it boils down to which one of the nut jobs you believe.

“Jon has the kids for a few days a week. The custody schedule changes all the time, always depending on Kate’s schedule,” a source told Radar.

“Jon drops them off at the house, and the nanny takes them at the front door. He doesn’t know if Kate is around or not, and doesn’t know her shooting schedule."

"She really keeps Jon in the dark about a lot of things," the source added, "but it’s safe to say Kate was not with them last week, because Jon is.”

But according to Team Kate, that's not what's really going on.

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Kate Gosselin turns 39 years old today, meaning she defied her ex-husband Jon's wishes and refused to just f--king die already, at least for another year.

Each time you think you've heard the last of attention-starved Kate, back she comes with a vengeance. She's like an immortal vampire of a reality TV star.

In fact, she will soon be seen on two different ventures, having joined the new Celebrity Apprentice cast and signed her brood up for a TLC "catch-up" special.


Anyway, it's her birthday. So wish her a happy one if you want. Or scroll through this gallery and see where you think she ranks among the worst celeb moms:

Kate Gosselin, Twins
Kate Gosselin is the mother of many kids. But she always put her financial and famous interests about theirs it seems.