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The lovely, malnourished Kate Bosworth (below) made her arrival in Paris to support designer friend Tommy Hilfiger as he marked the opening of his flagship store Wednesday night. The celeb-studded bash that included a performance by Lenny Kravitz.

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

What T.H. Gossip doesn't get is when it became fashionable to wear curtains as everyday attire. We realize Kate has become so gaunt as to require very little clothing, but this is ridiculous. Draping one's self in, well, drapes does not make one look good. Food tends to, howeve. Mmm.... burger.

Whatever. We suggest you just take a look at this classic Kate Bosworth picture and forget the past three years of anorexia and low blood sugar ever happened.

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It may seem crazy to call a picture from 2003 a classic, but remember, this is Hollywood. The world can change in an instant. World-famous sex symbols marry deadbeats and start cranking out kids. Popular, well-respected actors drop off the face of the earth... or go insane... or drive drunk and condemn Jews.

In some cases, actresses we love simply stop eating. It's sad, but just a fact of life. But we still cling to the good days. They are gone but not forgotten. Where does the time go? Ah, the memories. How we miss thee.

Red Carpet Bosworth

Behold, the lovely Kate Bosworth, circa 2003:

Thin, sure. But not gaunt. While she's always been slim, you weren't always able to see her bones, Nicole Richie style, if you know what we're saying. We're saying Kate could go trick-or-treating as herself nowadays and scare the crap out of people.

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It's October, and you know what that means -- lots and lots of Hollywood news, rumors and breasts here at the Gossip. Oh wait, that's every month.

What makes the 10th month of the year special is Halloween. Given that you always need a lot of ideas before narrowing them down, we've put together some great costumes for you to potentially use. See below, but beware: What you are about to see may scare the ever-loving $h!t out of you.

Lohan, Blonde Hair

Click to enlarge (note that you can only enlarge these stick figures by so much)!

Scary! Going as any of the freakish ghouls you see above (from left-to-right, Keira Knightley, Kate Bosworth, crystal meth fiend Nicole Richie, whoremonger Lindsay Lohan, and former OC slut Mischa Barton) is guaranteed to scare the crap out of everyone at your Halloween party. The only downside? No Halloween candy. And if you go as Lohan, you have to stay in character and get busy with at least four guys in the bathroom.

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Stick figure Actress Kate Bosworth was photographed out and about... to collapse -- someone get her some food! Sorry. The point of this post is that she was seen with a new guy while strolling around New York City's Greenwich Village yesterday.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Coachella

So nice to see the ex-girlfriend of Orlando Bloom moving on and having a good time in life. And talking on the phone. The pair were reportedly very affectionate, according to our spies. They're lucky they didn't starve to death get cited for indecency. Get a room!

Sources say Kate's new guy is model James Rousseau. Congratulations, you lucky, lucky man. Try to get her to eat something, will you? Kate is still running neck and neck with Nicole Richie in the Hollywood Refugee Race 2006. They're not running very fast -- their bodies have no nutrients! Help them!

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Kate Bosworth has a new hairstyle. During New York City Fashion Week, however, concerned friends and peers were focused on the rest of the actress. If they could see her, that is.

"She's so small, it's frightening," said one insider in attendance.

Hot Kate Bosworth Pic

Another attendee added that, "She's always been small, but now she is really, really skinny."

It's hard to argue with that. Bosworth is starting to make Mary-Kate Olsen look like a hog.

Those around the star were left to wonder about reasons for such weight loss. The split with Orlando Bloom, for instance, was theorized by one source who said "she's emotionally and physically strained."

The 23-year-old actress' rep declined to comment on her weight, but Bosworth has spoken in the past about pressure to be thin.

"I think part of being an actress (is) that your body's your tool," she told Showbiz Tonight in July.

But since Bosworth hasn't filmed anything in more than a year now, some are hoping she will take a closer look at herself. "Every time I saw her," said the source, "I kept thinking, 'Please eat something.'"

We recommend some crazy pie. Stephen Baldwin has been downing it for years, apparently.

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Bobs. Yes, folks, we're facing a handful of bobs these days - and, no, we're not just going through Office Space quotes here.

A trio of the world's most beautiful, talent and excruciatingly thin stars have taken on a new hairstyle. You may have look closely to see the rest of Kate Bosworth, but it's difficult to miss her hair in the following photo:


What do you guys think? Prefer the old, longer-haired Madonna? How does the photo above compare with other Jessica Simpson pictures? Leave a comment and let us know!

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You know what they say about people looking like their pets? Well, that was probably meant in a cute way by whoever originally made the observation -- rather than to insinuate that both owner and pet looked gaunt, underfed and a little bit scary.

Here, the malnourished, skeletal Kate Bosworth unleashes a smile (but not companion Lila) on Friday in New York City, where she spent the week celebrating Olympus Fashion Week. Yikes. Looking kind of pale, Kate! At least Nicole Richie gives off the impression of eating before she goes back to her home and hurls.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Coachella

Lila has apparently been dieting right along with Kate, if you know what we're saying. We're saying she does not eat, and as a result, her poor canine pal likely hasn't had any biscuits since 2003. At least by now the poor thing has probably learned that begging is fruitless.

Dogs are smart.

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She's alive! Kate Bosworth showed off her skinny frame spunky attitude at designer Jill Stuart's spring 2007 show at the New York Public Library.

Later that night, the actress -- who's reportedly been nursing a sore throat, which happens sometimes when one doesn't eat -- turned up in black-and-white (right) at a Marc Jacobs after-party. No, she wasn't so pale that there was no color in her skin. We are talking about her clothes, people!

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

Bosworth, who recently broke up with Orlando Bloom, reportedly gave the designer a silent thumbs up. We have no idea why, but read it in a magazine and are passing it along.

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It's a terrible time for anorexic actresses and their relationships.

The public has barely had time to deal with the break up of Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita, when word comes out that another food-allergic celebrity has called it quits with her beau.

  • Orlando Bloom Pirates 2 Premiere Photo
  • Kate Bosworth Blonde Bombshell

This time, it's Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom that have ended their four-year relationship. Sources close to the pair told Entertainment Tonight that the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the 23-year-old actress have decided to go their separate ways.

Although no one could actually see Bosworth, we assume she went somewhere.

Bloom, 29, is currently on location in Southern California shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. He recently attended the Teen Choice Awards on August 20 by himself, where he accepted the surfboard award for "Choice Hottie." Jessica Biel was the female winner.

The future may contain some awkward moments for these former flames. This month, they're set to start filming Seasons of Dust, a Depression-era drama about a young woman (Bosworth) whose uncle commits suicide, forcing her to flee with a dashing thief (Bloom).

We'll keep you abreast of those happenings. In the meantime, Nicole Richie better be careful: her rumored relationship with Brody Jenner may be next to go.

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The Gossip isn't here to judge. If you wish to refrain from eating for weeks on end, star in your own version of Sex and the City, or sweat alongside a cycling champion, that's your business.

At least the following celebrities seem to understand their places in society. They're role models, whether they wish to be or not. Grow inspired by their hopeful messages ...

Just look at Kate Bosworth (can you see her?). The star of Superman Returns hasn't returned for seconds at a buffet in years. But she wants everyone to know that it's okay to be really, really thin.

Hot Kate Bosworth Pic

Then, there's Lindsay Lohan. Ms. Firecrotch wants to make it known it's her duty to roll over for every guy she meets. Or sees from across the room. Or looks up in the Yellow Pages.

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Photo

Of course, Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong don't have this problem. They don't need to search for love or affection. They've found both, with one another.

  • Lance Armstrong Running
  • Sweaty and Sexy

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