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Okay, ladies, you've made your point. When we announced our girl-on-girl action all-star squad last month, you got slighted. We admit it, we were wrong.

In an effort to prove their worth in this department, Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth made quite the scene at a cafe in Manhattan's West Village - that's a full-on lip lock!


Liv was lunching with "Smother" co-star Dax Shepard, and Kate was eating food (for at least the second time in three weeks) with her pal, supermodel Helena Christensen. But when Liv and Kate bumped into each other, well, they couldn't keep their hot mitts off each other.

We wonder how Liv's husband, Royston Langdon, or Kate's boyfriend, James Rousseau, feel about this picture? Probably pretty turned on.

The Hollywood Gossip can only hope for more photos such as this in the near future. Ideally featuring Hayden Panettiere and Kristin Cavallari.

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Some celebrities like it doggy style.

Others just look a lot like their dogs.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Coachella

But eating hot dogs? That's a rarity, especially given the eating habits of stars such as Nicole Richie... who basically have no eating habits. Since they don't eat. Ever.

We used to think the same about Kate Bosworth, that's for sure. But since she got together with that nice fella James Rousseau, she's gotten noticeably better about her weight.

Heck, those recent bikini photos of Kate were downright sexy.

In the picture at right, Kate and James Rousseau hit up a hot dog stand in the Big Apple and ordered two with everything, prompting surprised looks from the street vendor.

Just kidding.

Let this be a lesson to you uber-skinny celebrities. Working out and trying to stay in shape is all well and good, but gobbling down the occasional processed meat byproduct never hurt anybody.

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That's really what this photo finish boils down to as a pair of Hollywood Gossip favorites recently donned the same cute outfit.

LC the Beauty

To us, it's an open-and-shut case.

Kate Bosworth, the Superman Returns star, did her best to be island-worthy in this black, lace-trimmed Development dress in Hawaii last month.

But the fact that she probably went without food for 10 days prior to wearing it puts a damper on the appeal. Heck, even bikini pics of Kate don't do it for us really.

But if James Rousseau likes her the way she is, that's really what's important, not what celebrity gossip sites think.

Meanwhile, America's Sweetheart, Lauren Conrad, rocked the same dress to a fashion show in New York City recently.

The classy California girl and pal of Audrina Patridge was as pretty and cheerful as always.

In our opinion, the star of Laguna Beach and The Hills definitely wore it better. But what do you think, readers?

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Kate Bosworth is possibly anorexic.

That's up in the air. She's definitely impatient and bitchy, though!

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

The moody, skinny Blue Crush star made it decided to make it a girl's night out after getting in a tiff with her boyfriend, James Rousseau.

According to the New York Post, Bosworth and Rousseau were spotted bickering at Seventh Avenue and 10th Street at about 7 p.m. Thursday. A spy's take:

"He was trying to hail a cab, but he couldn't get one fast enough for Kate. She then started walking away to hail a cab herself. She was p!$$ed!"

After that, she disappeared faster than the subject of a Criss Angel illusion. Just call her f*%k-'em-and chuck-'em Bosworth.

Later, Bosworth, who has been looking kind of healthy in recent bikini photos, was seen bar-hopping in the East Village with a gal pal.

That pal was Helena Christensen - who evidently had a limo, which picked them up from East 11th Street bar Angels & Kings at 11:30.

Too bad for you, James Rousseau. Looks like the only doggy style action you'll be getting for awhile is taking the pooch for a walk.

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On April 23, Kate Bosworth showed up at a New York City charity gala flaunting a noticeably fuller frame than she did last summer.

Hot Kate Bosworth Pic

Then again, there was nowhere to go but up.

The 5-foot-5 actress, 24, had been "dangerously skinny at around 95 pounds, but she's gained 10 to 15 pounds since," Beverly Hills nutritionist Jonny Bowden estimates.

Indeed, as these Kate Bosworth pics showed us, the actress looks better in a bikini than she did months ago. On the flip side, she still looks way too thin compared to anyone normal.

In other words, we much prefer the Jennifer Garner type.

But at least Kate is trying. What was behind the weight gain?

"Kate stopped partying, started working out more, eating a bit more and generally doesn't care about her weight so much because she's happy," a source close to the actress says.

The source adds that no dramatic intervention was staged, a la Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner conspiring to have the latter help Nicole Richie eat.

Adds a longtime friend of the Boz, "Stress can take its toll, and last fall was just hard for her."

Bosworth and Orlando Bloom, 30, split in September.

"Kate is human. We all go through tough times."

Now? The actress' new regimen includes strength-building activities like hiking.

"She's leading a happier, healthier lifestyle" with model beau James Rousseau, 26, says the pal.

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Kate Bosworth went on vacation to Maui recently, where she was spotted in the standard beach wear: a bikini. The actress and stick figure, who has a little more meat on her bones of late, looks a hell of a lot better than she did a few months back... or than Nicole Richie ever has.

But there's still work to do. Check out these Kate Bosworth photos... in particular the one of Kate and a friend of hers. Hel-lo! Now that's a hot body, Kate. Note the lack of portruding bones. It's kind of sexy in a non-anorexic sort of way. 

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

We're not saying that we blame James Rousseau for wanting to tap that. But he should try to fatten Kate up a little bit, don't you think? The girl should buy food that's not for her dog.

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We don't know James Rousseau personally. But the British model appears to be succeeding where others have failed.

Just one look at Rousseau with girlfriend Kate Bosworth reveals a startling fact about the actress: she's visible!

Tank Magazine

While The Hollywood Gossip staff has been mocking Bosworth's weight for months now, we've also been rooting for her to pack on a few pounds. It's healthier and more attractive.

Therefore, we commend Rousseau. Brody Jenner could learn a lot from this Brit. And we don't just mean that "bubbler" means "water fountain" in England.

We mean that Jenner could've helped Nicole Richie look like a normal human being if his heart was actually into it. Too bad only a different part of his body was.

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... for her dog.

Come on. Who else would it be for?

Kate Bosworth Nipple Action

But it is nice to know that Kate Bosworth is feeding her puppy even while starving herself. Maybe one day the actress can realize that the two are not mutually exclusive.

As mentioned earlier, Bosworth and Jessica Alba do love dogs. The latter, however, has been known to finish an entire meal most of the time. The former, sadly, tries to hide her lack of a figure by wearing curtains.

Now that Nicole Richie is eating - or at least shopping for food - perhaps there's hope for all thin actresses.

You just gotta believe, Kate Hudson. And eat.

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Ah, yes. Another day, another Kate Bosworth picture in which the starlet looks like she might go down for the count if a rogue autumn breeze should happen to blow through Los Angeles. Speaking of things that blow, have you seen Heather Mills lately? What a freak!

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

Anyway, back to Ms. Bosworth. She's thin. She's definitely got some sort of eating disorder, not unlike another Kate. Hudson. One can only imagine what the hand gesture Bosworth is making in the picture above means. Some theories:

  1. "I ate this many grains of rice this morning."
  2. "I've lost this many pounds for 14 consecutive weeks."
  3. "Lindsay Lohan slept with this many dudes last night -- what a slut!"
  4. She's waving to photographers.

We may never know for sure. But what's undeniable is that Kate Bosworth is rail thin... and needs to get some serious help. And by help we mean Burger King.

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We don't mean anything dirty by that whatsoever. Get your perverse minds out of the gutter. Seriously, what are you thinking? Not everything pertains to sex and drugs, you know (our Lindsay Lohan section notwithstanding).

All we are trying to say is that this pair of Hollywood starlets loves its respective canine companions. Nothing wrong or suggestive about that!

Alba Buying Groceries

On the left, Jessica Alba and her boyfriend, Cash Warren, make a match in his-and-hers coats during a stroll with pup Bowie in Vancouver on Monday. The actress is currently in Canada filming the Fantastic Four sequel (which the lovely Vanessa Minnillo will also be appearing in, making it the best movie of the year already).

Back home in the states, the still-anemic Kate Bosworth and her pup Essa (which she adopted with ex Orlando Bloom) decide it's time to head home after a Sunday afternoon frolic at a Hollywood dog park. They had a blast, but Essa was probably starving. Kate? Apparently she doesn't require nutrients.

Kate Bosworth Biography

Tank Magazine Kate Bosworth is cute, yet extremely thin. Seriously, this frail, bony actress has got to eat something. And we're not talking a hot beef... More »
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