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Leyla Ghobadi says she does not want to "destroy" the Kardashians. But she has no choice.

After all, if she were pregnant with a rap star's baby and the world thought he was loyal and loving and prepared to be a father… she'd totally want to know what she admits to in this week's Star:

Ghobadi slept with Kanye West while Kim Kardashian was pregnant.

Kanye West Cheating Claim

The totally believable story goes like this:

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Beware, people of Earth: This will soon be Kanye West's universe - and we'll be lucky just to live in it.

The rapper has a new album coming out on June 18 and, in case you have not yet heard, he and Kim Kardashian will welcome a child into the world some short time after that.

And yesterday the artist got the Summer of Kanye off to a rousing start by introducing a couple new tracks at The Governors Ball in New York City.

One is titled "On Site" and the other is titled "I Am a God" because come on… of course it is. Give both songs a listen now:

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For someone about to be left all alone in the delivery room, Kim Kardashian sure seems cool with the man supposedly doing the leaving.

With Kanye West celebrating his 36th birthday today, the reality star has taken to Twitter and wished her baby daddy the very best.

“Happy Birthday to my best friend, the ❤ of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words!"

Kim then included the following collage of the couple on Instagram. Even we must admit: It's very sweet. So we're gonna let Kardashian finish and have the final say on this special day...

Kanye West Birthday Collage

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Kanye West turns 36 years old today and it's rather clear what the rapper needs as a gift:

Some serious shut-eye.

Over the next month or so, the rapper will release a new album (on June 18) and will welcome a baby into the world alongside Kim Kardashian.

Kimye Abroad

Okay, granted. According to certain reports, Kanye won't exactly be along Kim's side for the birth of his little girl. But still.

When will the man sleep? Aside from when his dreadfully boring baby mama talks?

Send your best birthday wishes to Kanye now, along with recommendations on the best ways to catch some Zzzzs. He's gonna need em!

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On Sunday's premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian learned that she was having a girl.

It was an exciting development for the reality star, marred by one undeniable fact: Baby daddy Kanye West was nowhere to be found.

Moreover, Bruce Jenner has gone on record and said he barely knows Kanye. Might all this change when the child is born next month?

Kim Kardashian on In Touch Weekly

Don't count on it, a source tells In Touch Weekly.

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It's official: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby girl.

So Bruce Jenner should be taking out his quasi son-in-law for a celebratory drink or two, right? There's just one problem.

"I have only met him once," Jenner told Extra's Maria Menounos late last week of his step-daughter's "He's never... he's not around. He was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn't been around.”

  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Strolling
  • Bruce Jenner on Extra

It's true.

While the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 8 premiere featured Kim learning the gender of her child, Kanye was nowhere to be found.

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Kanye West is keeping it simple for his next album.

The rapper has unveiled the art for his upcoming CD, which will be titled "Yeezus" and which will drop on June 18.

It's simply a plain case with a disc inside and a piece of red tape. Sort of surprising for a guy who debuted his latest music video on the side of buildings around the world.

Check out the art now and sound off: Did the Kim Kardashian baby daddy make a good choice?

Kanye West Album Cover

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Note to Kanye West: Stop trying to mess with Texas.

On Friday night, the rapper announced a showing of his video for "New Slaves" on a building in Houston, only to have police show up at the Rothko Chapel and threaten to arrest all attendees for trespassing.

The event never took place.

Kanye West on SNL

On Sunday, meanwhile, West told website readers to gather around the Alamo in San Antonio for another viewing.

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Last week, Kanye West debuted his music video for "New Slaves" by projecting it across the fronts of buildings around the world.

But while Paris, Berlin and Chicago all agreed to be in on the rapper's latest act, Houston apparently had a problem with whatever West had planned for Friday night at the Rothko Chapel.

Local reports confirm that authorities pulled up to that location - after West announced the gathering via Twitter hours before - and threatened to arrest all attendees for trespassing.

The crowd soon dispersed once it became clear that no video would be shown.

West’s new album, “Yeezus,” drops on June 18.

Will he dare mess with Texas in promotion of it? Stay tuned!

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Kanye West has come out with his latest music video.

In a way that only Kanye West can.

The Kim Kardashian baby daddy debuted "New Slaves" on Friday night, projecting the video on the side of buildings around the globe.

From Paris to London to Berlin to Chicago, pedestrians were treated to a black and white Kanye image belting out a few profane lyrics. Watch one version of the video now and react:

In other Kanye West video news, did you catch his recent rant against the paparazzi and against SNL?

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