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Is a Kris Jenner divorce on the horizon? What about a Khloe Kardashian divorce?

And, hey, is Kim Kardashian pregnant?

With rumors continuing to swirl around the main couple's that comprise the First Family of Reality Television, it's time to take stock of these relationship and decide: who is in for the long haul? And who will soon be seeking a new mate?

Vote now, readers:  Which couple will split first?

And the Winner is?

Kim and Kanye? Khloe and Lamar? Kris and Bruce? Which couple among this family will call it quits first? View Poll »

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Left out of the Kardashian family Christmas card, Kanye West will not be left out of the clan's annual holiday tradition.

Speaking to E! News, Rob Kardashian detailed how he and his relatives handle December 25 every year, from a "really big party" on Christmas Even to everyone sleeping over at the house and waking up at 6 a.m. the next morning.

"They all make breakfast, all the girls. We watch basketball. It's a family day."

Kim and Kanye Kuddle

And will the man who may someday slip a ring on the finger of Kim Kardashian be included?

"Christmas is home, so everyone will be home and we'll all hang out together," Rob confirmed.

Guess that means Scott Disick will be there, too. Sorry, everyone else.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be growing closer by the day, but it will take a lot more than a few public displays of affection for the rapper to truly be a part of reality TV's First Family.

As long as Kim's ring finger and womb remain barren, an insider tells In Touch, West will "not [be] on the family Christmas card."

Kardashian Siblings

“Kim has never had a boyfriend on the family Christmas card," the source says. "The only guy she's ever had on the family card was her first husband. If she marries Kanye, he’ll be on the card.

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Money for Hurricane Sandy relief was not the only thing raised in Madison Square Garden last night.

So were many eyebrows in response to Kanye West's attire.

Despite performances by The Rolling Stones; Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder; Bon Jovi and many others, the rapper was the talk of Twitter not long after his performance. But not for anything he said or sang.

For the leather skirt he wore:

Kanye West Skirt Pic

The outfit has already inspired a Twitter account (@KanyesSkirt), as well as questions over whether West raided the wardrobe of Kim Kardashian.

What do you think of the attire on Kanye?


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The Kim Kardashian divorce case may have reached a tipping point today.

First, Kanye West was actually deposed by an attorney for Kris Humphries, who asked the rapper... God only knows what about his relationship with Kardashian and how it has any bearing on her desire to ditch Humphries.

Kanye West with Kim

Then, Kim's lawyer - Laura Wasser - went off on the entire debacle, telling a Los Angeles County judge that her client is "handcuffed to Mr. Humphries... These delays are forcing her to be married. She wants to dissolve her marriage so she can move on with her life."

Aside from supplying readers with the easiest punchline ever, she makes a good point. Kris signed a prenuptial agreement. What is the hold-up here?!?

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Warning, readers: you may want to avert your eyes.

In London Friday night to launch the Kardashian Kollection overseas (sorry, Europeans!), Kim Kardashian stepped out with boyfriend Kayne West for a romantic dinner and paparazzi-filled stroll.

And the couple that is totally not dating for the camera just couldn't keep its hands off each other...

  • Kim andn Kanye in UK
  • Kardashian and West in England

What do you think of Kim and Kanye, readers? Are they a legitimate couple?


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Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Such a proclamation is not coming this time from an unreliable supermarket tabloid, or from convoluted Kanye rap lyrics, but from someone supposedly very much in the know:

Ryan Seacrest!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the Red Carpet

Executive producer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Seacrest said on his KIIS-FM radio show late last week that he thought West would propose during the couple's trip to Italy over the weekend.

"I think we could definitely see an update on this story on Monday," he told co-host Ellen K.

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Past met present for Kim Kardashian last night.

And it wasn't pretty.

Kim and Kanye West

The reality star was out in Miami Beach with Kanye West when a female reporter alerted the rapper to the fact that Kim's ex, Reggie Bush, was having dinner in the vicinity. She then brought up Lilit Avagyan and asked Kanye:

Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?

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The rumors are out there - Kim Kardashian wants to get married - and Kanye West isn't doing anything to rebut them.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

On the aptly-titled "White Dress" - a single off the soundtrack of RZA's upcoming martial arts movie, Man with Iron Fists - Kanye raps the line "You the type of girl that probably deserve a new last name."

A bit ambiguous? Yes. But this wouldn't be the first time Kanye expressed feelings for Kardashian via song. He's such a romantic! Give the track a listen now:

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The Kim Kardashian fashion train may be headed to Great Britain - the family's Kollection debuts there November 8 - but the Kim Kardashian love bus is sticking around America.

Miami, to be exact, as sources tell TMZ Kim and boyfriend Kanye West are house hunting in The Sunshine State.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Miami

Kardashian, of course is shooting her reality show with Kourtney in Miami at the moment, with insiders saying she and West checked out a series of houses yesterday, all priced between $7 and $10 million.

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