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Kanye West is mad at another celebrity. Nothing new there. But the famous name he's beefing with this time may surprise you.

Some background: the Kim and Kanye wedding kiss photo is officially the most-liked Instagram upload in the site's history.

But according to Kanye a lot of work went into that shot and the end result is entirely the result of Photoshop work that he and Kim were forced to put in as a result of iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz turning them down.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Just Married!
They were Just Married! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pose here inside their wedding photo booth.

Speaking at a conference in France yesterday, Kanye told the story behind the insanely popular image:

"I'll tell you a little story about the kiss photo my girl put up. We - and this was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon. She was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much because Annie Leibovitz pulled out, because I think she was scared of the idea of celebrity."

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The Kim Kardashian-Joan Rivers feud dates back to January of 2014, when Rivers called Kim's daughter "ugly" during a stand-up routine.

Rivers continued taking shots at the Kardashian clan, even filming a (hilarious) sex tape parody with Ray J for her talk show. The last time Kim and Joan crossed paths - at an NBC event last month - Kardashian reportedly avoided Rivers like the plague. 

Well, if she was mad before, some newly released excerpts from Joan's upcoming memoir are unlikely to make Kim feel any better:

  • Joan Rivers Photograph
  • Kim Kardashian with Breasts

Writing about the Obama inauguration, Rivers says (brace yourself), "If I want to see millions of smiling black people, I'll set up a camera in the hallway outside Kim Kardashian's bedroom."

Yeah, she definitely went there. Believe it or not, Rivers' comments about Kanye might actually be worse:

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The self-proclaimed best dressed attendee at last month's Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding, Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley appeared last night on Watch What Happens Live.

And the fashion guru offered up a few new nuggets regarding the festivities, confirming, for example, that both Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner ate food during the event.

Did Talley notice the absence of Rob Kardashian? How many first dances did the couple partake in? And what was their first kiss as a married couple like?!?

The answers to all these questions and more await!

The magical day, of course, took place on May 24.

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Kim Kardashian just had the #BestDayEver.

The reality star celebrated both Father's Day and her daughter's first birthday yesterday, snapping an adorable shot of Kanye West and North West fast asleep during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

"This is what life is about!" Kim wrote as an Instagram caption. "Our baby girl turned 1 today! We played so hard they passed out while we were watching the game!"

Nori and Kanye

Kardashian then addressed her man directly:

"Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world! The way you love our daughter and protect her makes me filled with so much love! #BestDayEver #Twins #HappyFathersDay #HappyBirthday."

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Is the honeymoon already over for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

Not the literal honeymoon. That one really is over, as the newlyweds recently come back from a few days in Ireland. 

But sources tell Life & Style that the happiest phase of Kimye's marriage may already be behind these stars, as Kardashian looked "bored and miserable" during her and West's European vacation.

Moreover, the couple "spent much" of its time "bickering," the tabloid writes, leading Kim to "second guess" whether she ought to have said I Do.

Perhaps we should have seen signs  of trouble at how sad Kanye looks in this wedding photo.

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Think you had heard and seen all there was to hear and see about the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding?

Think again!

E! News has obtained new pictures from the big day in Florence, Italy, including our very first look at Kim, Kanye and little North West as a legal family.

The following image depicts Kim in her gorgeous Givenchy Haute Couture gown, standing alongside her husband and her daughter atop the Forte di Belvedere after the couple's ceremony:

Kim, Kanye and North

A second photo from May 24, meanwhile, gives us a look at Kanye and his in-laws.

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Now it's on. Jay Z is still recovering from the trauma of being attacked by Solange Knowles, and now he's facing a feud with a man who makes Solange look like a level-headed pacifist.

Kanye West's ego might be the largest in the history of our species, but it's also very fragile and apparently when Jay decided to skip the Kimye wedding he upset the Yeezusphere in a way that no amount of $10,000 cognac can set right.

Jay Z and Kanye West Photo

Kris Jenner might be cool with Jay and Beyonce skipping the nuptials but Kanye is pissed! Not so pissed that he'll call out his mentor in public, but pissed enough that he's willing to send a message in a much subtler way. 

'Ye took the stage in Austin recently for his first performance since the Wedding of the Century, and observant audience members noticed that the rapper had altered the lyrics of several of his songs so that he no longer name-dropped Jay.

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With Kanye West off on a honeymoon to Mexico with new wife Kim Kardashian, those at home are left to ponder the meaning behind an epic new video.

It's billed as a trailer for Kanye's "New Testament," a rumored project that has been in the works for months.

But no one quite knows what the heck it actually is, with Kanye’s camp shooting down talk last week of an upcoming new album.

It's unclear if "New Testament" is even is even produced by West or by a fan, but someone took the time to create 34 minutes worth of footage that includes such Kanye quotes as:

Did I not become the biggest rock star on the planet? Did I not influence all musicians? Did I  not go and get the exact girl that I want? Did I not start my family? Did I not ruffle the feathers of two presidents?

That is most definitely Kanye's voice and Kanye's attitude.

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Somehow, some way... Kim Kardashian has found time to go on a second honeymoon.

How does she fit so many vacations into her busy work schedule?!?

Following a quick trip to Ireland after their wedding in Florence late last month, sources now confirm to Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye West are staying at a private residence in Punta Mita.

Kimye Says Cheese

Because they had to attend the nuptials of some friends a couple weeks ago, the couple's original honeymoon only lasted a few days.

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Kanye West refers to himself as Yeezus.

There's not much else one really needs to know about the rapper... other than the fact that he somehow wanted to marry Kim Kardashian.

But even that union speaks to Kanye's ego because he seems to believe that his star is so big that it won't get blotted out by the solar system of Kim, Kris Jenner and that entire fame-loving family.

Know what else speaks to Kanye's ego? Kanye himself!

Yes, if there's one thing the artist loves more than a good Kanye West rant, it's a good Kanye West quote - about the iconic awesomeness of Kanye West!

So now, courtesy of the USA Today's KANYE-FIDENCE Meme Generator, we're proud to present 11 pearls of wisdom that ought to inflate the self-esteem of any reader. As long as that reader is Kanye West, of course.