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Kanye West serenaded Kim Kardashian last night inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, debuting the song "I Am a God" at the annual Costume Institute Gala.

With Kardashian and many others looking on, Kanye sang "an ode to Kim," according to an Us Weekly source. "The audience was jamming to it. Kim was smiling and loving it."

Watch West open the number here and then check out this couple's red carpet look at the event now:

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A rather pregnant Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet of the 2103 MET Gala last night alongside Kanye West.

The duo were spotted earlier in the day strolling around New York City, as rumors both state that the couple is on thin ice... and that they might get married this year.

Where does the truth lie? We won't try to guess. How did Kim look in a flowery Riccardo Tisci dress? That's what we want to know?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at MET Gala

Sound off THGers: What do you think of Kardashian's outfit at this event?


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For all the talk about Kim Kardashian being abandoned by Kanye West and/or used for her womb, the duo seems to be going stronger than ever.

The reality star and her curve-hugging couture stepped out hand-in-hand with her beau for a date night in NYC last night, quashing any talk of strife.

The two were then seen again Monday, shopping in SoHo.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye Photograph

Kim's rep shot down rumors that they are planning a wedding later this year after the July birth of their first child, but it's clear there's no trouble in paradise.

Not that life is complete bliss for her these days.

On Saturday, the buxom brunette hit the red carpet with her sisters and looked rather uncomfortable. The picture she tweeted later speaks for itself ...

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So much for being used for her womb.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are actively planning a wedding later this year, according to a new report, and the rapper has a surprising list of stipulations:

No media, no TV and no wedding photos sold for profit.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Photograph

After a year of will-they-or-won’t-they speculation, the duo is going to tie the knot in a lavish wedding right after the birth of their child, Radar reports.

Kim will wear an “ethereal white wedding dress,” an insider claims, at a location “where they can hear the waves and be married under the moon and stars.

Kanye has signed off on all of that, as well as whichever wedding planner she chooses, but he has a few non-negotiables when it comes to the event.

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Darn you, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, for forcing us to actually deliver praise instead of mockery.

According to TMZ sources, the wealthy couple has told friends to not bother sending them any baby gifts.

Instead, they are encouraging donations to Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, where West grew up.

Kim Kardashian in Greece

That city, of course, is referenced by Ray J in the single "I Hit It First," an anthem clearly based on the Kim Kardashian sex tape that - in a roundabout way - led to Kim and Kanye getting together.

So they should really be thanking Ray if you think about it.

The Kimye baby, meanwhile, is due in July.

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NBC has announced a few huge names that will grace the Saturday Night Live stage next month.

On May 11, Kristen Wiig - who left the show in 2012 - will take over hosting duties, with Vampire Weekend serving as musical guest.

Then, on the May 18 season finale, Ben Affleck will take the hosting reins and rapper/Kim Kardashian Baby Daddy Kanye West will provide the tunes.

  • Ben Affleck with a Red Sox Hat
  • Kimye in NYC

Might a certain large-breasted reality star stop by for a cameo?!?

We can only hope.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spent time together this week in New York City.

However, according to a new claim by In Touch Weekly, such a reunion is anything but commonplace.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Look

West has been recording a new album in Paris, but "he could write and record anywhere," a source tells the tabloid, adding that the honeymoon phase of this relationship is very much over.

Kanye is reportedly keeping his distance from Kim, with increasing chatter that he may even move to France.

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Kim Kardashian may give birth in Paris.

But a new report now claims Kanye West may move to Paris, which could spell doom for the couple non-affectionately known as "Kimye."

  • Kanye West Looks Sad
  • Pregnant Kim Kardashian Pose

The rapper is working on his new album in that French city and "loving it," an insider tells The New York Post.

In fact, he's been overseas since February and has not bothered to visit his baby mama during that time, even as she struggles with Ray J telling the world he banged her first and Kris Humphries acting like a douchebag in her divorce proceedings.

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Kanye West has been sued.

No, not for being the idiot who knocked up Kim Kardashian and gave her yet another way to stay in the news and make million

For allegedly stealing a few seconds of some heretofore unknown track titled "Bumpin' Bus Stop."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye K.

Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor - two of the children of the man who recorded that single in 1974 - claim their father's voice can be heard saying "Get down" three times, echoing Kanye's line, "Get down girl, get down, get down" on the smash "Gold Digger."

The 2005 smash, that is.

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