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It seems Kanye West may have learned a duplicitous thing or two from Kris Jenner.

A week after Jenner fooled the world with a fake photo of North West, a new report alleges that West wants to take this idea a step further:

Body doubles all around!

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West, Walking

Is that really you, Kim and Kanye?!?

"It may seem slightly paranoid, but he's deadly serious about it," a source tells Now Magazine. "Kanye's terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt - or worse. There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he'll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe."

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Kanye West finally has a reason not to be angry.

The rapper released the actual music video for "Black Skinhead," at midnight Monday, weeks after an unofficial video leaked online and caused the rapper to flip out, cursing off the party responsible.

Directed by Nick Knight, the video was created with smart phone users in mind.

It features a digitally-rendered, shirtless Kanye, who is able to be sped up or slowed down per the viewer's preference. Visit to view "Black Skinhead" in all its unique glory.

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  • Kanye West Music Video Still

Perhaps the artist can now have a moment's peace.

He's attacked TWO members of the paparazzi over the past several days, with the second incident causing paramedics to be dispatched and making Kanye a felony suspect.

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Kanye West has already been named a felony suspect by the authorities the following his latest attack on a photographer, which went down earlier today.

Kanye West at LAX Photo

Law enforcement sources believe 'Ye may have committed attempted ROBBERY as well as assault at LAX, where he freaking lost it on a paparazzo.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and the victim, who was knocked to the ground, was taken to a hospital following the attack, after which Kanye fled.

The Robbery Homicide Unit and LAPD are investigating.

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Kanye West just WENT AFTER another photographer at LAX Airport. We kid not. This time, the attack was so bad that paramedics are on the scene.

According to TMZ, 'Ye - who flipped out on a cameraman at LAX earlier this month - was on his way out of the airport when he went BALLISTIC on the guy.

West was leaving the terminal with a bodyguard and about 4-5 members of the paparazzi surrounded him, taking pictures ... which he HATES.

One of them was particularly aggressive and probed Kanye with questions, something he's particularly sensitive to since he got with Kim Kardashian.

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Pink has no hard feelings. She isn't angry over being dissed by Kanye West a few years ago in a clip that just surfaced for the first time this week.

Yeezus slammed both Pink and Taylor Swift following the 2009 MTV VMAs (when he famously yanked the mic from Taylor), but Pink is not bitter.

In fact, she said that she's probably guilty of the same exact thing!

When news of the alleged rant reached Pink, she was cool with it.

She tweeted, “Oh come on y’all. If people secretly recorded me and all the $h!t I talk ... It’s all good. All love. And we all still here. Peace please.”

Pink, ladies and gentlemen. She rules.

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Kanye West has been caught flipping out again.

But instead of going off on a camerman at the airport, a new audio tape has leaked that purports to be of Kanye explaining why he notoriously interrupting Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Viideo Music Awards.

Kanye Interrupts Taylor

Gawker has obtained and posted the recording, which supposedly features West ranting to friends at the Corner Bistro in New York shortly after the ceremony.

"I'm pushing the envelope!" A voice that sounds like West's says. "I wrote my f---in' 'Run This Town' verse for a f---in' month! When I heard Eminem's verse on the Drake shit, I went back and rewrote my shit for two days. I canceled appointments to rewrite! I f---in' care! You know what I'm saying? And that's what I'm saying."

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Appearing on CBS' The Talk today, Kris Jenner offered an interesting explanation for Kanye West exploding at a photographer at LAX last week:

  1. He's sleep deprived, with North West just being born and all.
  2. You don't know what happened beforehand, people!

Kris urged people not to hate on Kim Kardashian's baby daddy for Kanye's rage issues after he came at a TMZ cameraman - who dared to compliment Yeezus.

Jenner says that knowing 'Ye, something OBVIOUSLY must have happened in the 15 minutes before the attack to provoke him into such a rage.

Never mind that the video shows him getting out of the car ... and the guy is actually nothing but nice to the rapper before having his $h!t smashed.

Re-watch the clip below and see if you buy what she's selling ...

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Kanye West hates the paparazzi. Hard.

This is not news, as evidenced most recently by him exploding at a cameraman yesterday over basically nothing. But why the incredibly short fuse?

Pissed Off Ye

'Ye vowed to have a more peaceful relationship with the media after his camera-smashing incident at LAX way back in 2008, and for a time he did.

Until he got serious with Kim Kardashian.

Sources close to the egomaniac rapper say he feels that when cameramen ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public, it crosses the line.

Seriously. Even though he knowingly got with and impregnated Kim Kardashian of all people, this behavior is both surprising and unacceptable to him.

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Kanye West pulled a Dr. Evil on a TMZ cameraman today.

The rapper arrived at LAX and barely gave a reporter the chance to give him props on "Yeezus" before telling him to zip it. To hush. To not dare say another word.

"Don't talk to me," Kanye says in the video below. "I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows... don't talk to themselves..."


Watch the (one-sided) exchange now and someone go get Kanye a chill pill. You knocked up Kim Kardashian, dude. You're basically married to the paparazzi at this point.

And to think ... it was just two months ago when Kanye walked into a pole and absolutely lost his $h!t on the paparazzi in very similar fashion.

Let's go to the instant replay below!

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The family that sleeps together stays together. Or so Kim Kardashian hopes.

While the world continues to wait for North West photos to hit the Internet, an insider tells Us Weekly that things are quiet between Kim, her baby and her baby daddy in public... because things are quiet for them at home.

Kimye in NYC

"Kanye, Kim and North always take naps together," the source says. "The three of them cuddle and just hang out."

AWWWW! That's downright adorable!

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