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Forget Kim Kardashian baby photos.

Will we soon be seeing Kim Kardashian wedding photos?

The latest issue of Us Weekly - one of the more reputable supermarket tabloids... as far as supermarket tabloids go - alleges that Kim is angling for a "secret wedding" to Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Story

The magazine doesn't include many details, except for this puzzling one: Kim wants a "simple ceremony," while Kanye is pushing for an "over-the-top extravaganza?"

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Kanye West is not happy with Kim Kardashian at the moment.

The reality star orchestrated a lame (even by her standards) publicity stunt last week when she appeared via video on her mother's talk show, despite teasing earlier in the day on Facebook that she'd be making her first actual appearance since giving birth to North West.

Kanye "thought it was a pretty cheap stunt,” a friend of Kim’s tells In Touch Weekly of the move. “Her fame is a huge bone of contention in their relationship. But fame is in Kim’s blood.”

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Kim Kardashian may want to remain in hiding a bit longer. The leader of the free world just took shots at her and Kanye West.

Sort of.

In remarks made in front of Amazon employees in Chattanooga last week, President Obama used Kim and Kanye as examples of a "shift in culture" that is poisoning today's youth and altering The American Dream.

  • President Obama at the Mic
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye K.

Obama argued that a few years back "kids weren't monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.”

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North West.

It's an odd name, even the most ardent of Kim Kardashian supporters must agree.

But in a new clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we get an idea of why Kim and Kanye West went with this moniker for their young daughter.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Strolling

See, they were thinking about a K name, but... "then they'll call us the KKK," Kim told her siblings (aboard a yacht in Greece, of course) a few months ago in footage captured by E!

Watch the family debate various possibilities now and then wonder along with us, THGers: Where are those Kim Kardashian baby photos?!?

What do you think of the name North West?


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Everyone has been wondering what it would take for the Kanye West beating of paparazzi incidents to end. Apparently it's a wormhole to the year 3030.

Thanks to RPGMaker, someone out there has made a Kanye West video game where you play as the infamous rapper. This is not a joke people, this is real life.

Check out the Kanye Quest 3030 trailer below!

I never realized, until this moment, how badly I wanted to play as Kanye West in a Pokemon-esque rap battle with a Tupac Shakur clone. I can't express how happy I am that this can really happen.

Even better? You can download the game from the Kanye Quest 3030 tumblr page and be playing in a matter of minutes. 

No word yet on when the Kim Kardashian DLC comes out.

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Talk about being flush with cash!

We interrupt our Kim Kardashian baby photos watch to bring you news on this couple's new Bel Air mansion.

According to a report in The Sun, it will feature all the important amenities: a nice crib, new appliances... and $767,000 gold-plated toilets!

Of course, in Kim and Kanye's defense, the newspaper does mention that the cost covers four of these items. So that's only $191,750 per toilet.

Kimye Sighting

Among other alleged items in the home, which we assume will NOT include black toilet paper:

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Kanye West is likely not to face any criminal charge for his latest attack on a photographer at LAX, despite paramedics being called to the scene.

LAPD detectives are investigating the photographer's allegation that the rapper tried to steal his camera, making Kanye a felony robbery suspect.

Sounds pretty bad, right? Yes ... except there's zero proof.

Don't Ever Talk

Even if police try to push the attempted robbery case against West, the D.A.'s office is unlikely to pursue it, as they consider it a fool's errand.

As for possible misdemeanor criminal battery prosecution, that's unlikely too. Even if charges are pressed, Kanye will likely reach a "civil compromise."

In other words, Mr. Kim Kardashian offers a settlement up front, the case goes bye-bye and we await the next insane video of him losing his mind.

Check out West's greatest "hits" after the jump ...

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It seems Kanye West may have learned a duplicitous thing or two from Kris Jenner.

A week after Jenner fooled the world with a fake photo of North West, a new report alleges that West wants to take this idea a step further:

Body doubles all around!

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West, Walking

Is that really you, Kim and Kanye?!?

"It may seem slightly paranoid, but he's deadly serious about it," a source tells Now Magazine. "Kanye's terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt - or worse. There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he'll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe."

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Kanye West finally has a reason not to be angry.

The rapper released the actual music video for "Black Skinhead," at midnight Monday, weeks after an unofficial video leaked online and caused the rapper to flip out, cursing off the party responsible.

Directed by Nick Knight, the video was created with smart phone users in mind.

It features a digitally-rendered, shirtless Kanye, who is able to be sped up or slowed down per the viewer's preference. Visit to view "Black Skinhead" in all its unique glory.

  • Kanye Message
  • Kanye West Music Video Still

Perhaps the artist can now have a moment's peace.

He's attacked TWO members of the paparazzi over the past several days, with the second incident causing paramedics to be dispatched and making Kanye a felony suspect.

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Kanye West has already been named a felony suspect by the authorities the following his latest attack on a photographer, which went down earlier today.

Kanye West at LAX Photo

Law enforcement sources believe 'Ye may have committed attempted ROBBERY as well as assault at LAX, where he freaking lost it on a paparazzo.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and the victim, who was knocked to the ground, was taken to a hospital following the attack, after which Kanye fled.

The Robbery Homicide Unit and LAPD are investigating.

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