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While rumors continue to circulate that the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding will be filmed for television, we now have an update on an alleged prenuptial agreement that has been reached between both halves of the famous couple.

And it includes some unusual clauses.

To wit, sources claim there's a "cheating clause" and a "drug clause" in the document, along with a clause that states Kris Jenner cannot have any input in Kim's career.

Moreover, there's reportedly a plastic surgery clause as well, one that actually prohibits Kim from going under the knife.

Learn more about the prenuptial agreement and what it might mean for Kimye now:

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It gave us some amazing GIFs of Kim Kardashian topless, along with more reasons to laugh at Kanye West's supposed art.

But now the recently-released Bound 2 music video has given us something even more magical:

James Franco and Seth Rogen recreating the mountain and cloud-laden motorcycle ride shot for shot, with the former as Kanye and the latter as Kim.

The video is titled "Bound 3" and it was posted to Rogen's Facebook account this morning and... what else do you need to know?!? James Franco and Seth Rogen as Kimye!


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Kanye West doesn't ask for much, people.

The rapper is simply sick of being treated like a slave... wants Presidet Obama to shut up about Kim Kardashian... and believes the truth is inside all of us.

Oh, and he's also seeking god-like status.

In another epic rant, West took to the stage Saturday night (in a mask, of course) at Madison Square Garden and want off on how Hedi Slimane has not treated him like a deity.

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Kim Kardashian may once again give the world a videotaped view of herself and her lover in an intimate setting.

No, don't start saving your money for a second Kim Kardashian sex tape. But do start to prepare yourself for a second televised wedding featuring this reality star and her latest husband.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye West are discussing the possibility of filming their upcoming nuptials.

But there's a twist.

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Kanye West says some crazy stuff sometimes.

He believes he's the Michael Jordan of music. He thinks he's treated like Hitler. And now he's compared himself to a slave.

On a podcast with Bret Easton Ellis this week, Kanye went off on a rant about how his creative freedom has been taken away from the haters.

"I felt like the main character [in Twelve Years a Slave]," the rapper said of the Oscar-contending film. "And what I'm dealing with even as a mega-popular rich celebrity, you know, 'Fuck you, who do you think you are to complain about anything?' situation that I'm in."

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Well played, Zappos.

In one of the more unexpected feuds of 2013, the company has one-upped Kanye West after the rapper appeared on a podcast with Bret Easton Ellis this week and slammed the Zappos business model.

"I got into this giant argument with the head of Zappos that he's trying to tell me what I need to focus on," West said. "Meanwhile, he sells all this sh-t product to everybody.

"His whole thing is based off of selling sh-t product."

Zappos, of course, is merely an outlet that sells other people's items, but it has come out with its very own product in response to Kanye's slam.

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Released yesterday, the Bound 2 music video from Kanye West features a topless Kim Kardashian straddling her fiance while riding around in his motorcycle.

And that was just the PG-rated version! Sort of.

Kim has posted the "uncensored" edition of this headline-making music video online, as it features coarse language from Kanye and more shots of the couple simulating sex in front of mountains and a beautiful blue sky.

Is this the most ridiculous music video of all-time? The sexiest? Or both? Watch and decide for yourself now:

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have the Internet buzzing once again.

A few months after welcoming North West into the world and a few weeks after getting engaged inside AT&T Park in San Francisco, the betrothed couple stars in the rapper's new Bound 2 music video.

They mostly ride a motorcycle and simulate sex while a topless Kim straddles Kanye. Standard fare, really.

  • Kim Kardashian Topless on a Motorcycle
  • Bound 2 Music Video Still
  • Kim Kardashian Goes Topless for "Bound 2"

And now you can relive this magical video in all its GIF-tastic glory.

Scroll down for action shots of Kim's hair blowing in the wind... Kim half naked and writhing on her man... and Kimye seeming to take to the air in their motorcycle.

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Kanye West was a guest on Ellen today, making headlines for the debut of his Bound 2 music video.

Mostly because it features Kim Kardashian topless, straddling her fiance on a motorcycle.

But this wasn't the only time the topic of Kim Kardashian nude came up, as the host asked the rapper whether he and his soulmate were planning to have a child or...

"We were just practicing all the time," West said in response. "Practice made perfect."

Kanye and Ellen

Kanye added that he's now "super-focused" as a father and "determined" to "establish the exact foundation I want for my family."

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Kanye West has unveiled the official music video for "Bound 2," and it does not disappoint.

Appearing on Ellen and introducing the footage to fans, West doesn't actually appear in the video until approximately one minute in.

But then we see the rapper on his motorcycle, snow-capped mountains in the background and his fiancee posing seductively as a silhouette.

Fast forward a short while later and Kanye is on his bike with a topless Kim Kardashian, singing about vacations and Christmas and totally getting his mack on with his baby mama. Watch the video now:

We'd ask Barack Obama what he thinks of the "Bound 2" music video, but Kanye doesn't want the President uttering Kim's name.

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