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Apparently Kanye West has no problem with other folks seeing Kim Kardashian nude.

Following Kim Tweeting yesterday that she "can't wait for tonight's #YeezusTour," the rapper went ahead and showed his affection for the reality star… by donning a very revealing t-shirt:

It features Kardashian donning a beaded necklace - and nothing else. See for yourself in this video:

Kanye kicked off his seven-week North American tour last night in Seattle and Kim is expected to accompany her man on many of the dates.

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Based on his reaction to the just-released Kim Kardashian swimsuit selfie, Kanye West likes his baby mama just the way she is.

And the rapper has reportedly made this especially clear to the reality star, telling her she will NOT be going under the knife for any plastic surgery procedures, no matter how unhappy she is with her post-baby body.

A Kimye Moment

For weeks, the self-conscious celebrity shunned her beloved spotlight because she didn't lose weight as quickly as she had hoped after giving birth to daughter North West.

But Kanye "flipped out," according to a Radar Online source, when Kim mentioned her desire to get plastic surgery.

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Ah, so this explains it.

This explains why Kim Kardashian just posted a sexy swimsuit selfie on Instagram: The reality star may be trying to win Kanye West over... for life.

According to Radar Online, Kanye is "telling friends he'll never marry Kim."

Why would this be the case, given his obvious affection for his baby mama?

Because Kanye West does not conform, people!

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It looks like Kim Kardashian really did do it, folks.

A day after Life & Style pronounced Kardashian's bikini body as being back, the reality star took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit.

Making it clear she's finally proud of her post-baby figure, Kim is back and better than ever. Guess that Atkins Diet really has paid off, huh? Take a look:

Kim Kardashian Bathing Suit Body

Kim Kardashian simply captioned the image "#NoFilter," which elicited a pretty hilarious response from boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West.

He linked to the image and wrote on Twitter: “HEADING HOME NOW."

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly clashing over how much to expose their child to the world.

But that debate is nothing compared to the one this couple is allegedly having over something truly important: its plans for a baby fashion line!

According to Radar Online sources, Kanye encouraged his girlfriend to pursue this idea because "he thought it was a great way for her to be taken a little more seriously."

The rapper has made no secret of his desire for Kim to be viewed as more than an E! star and he set up meetings between her and friends of his in the fashion industry - such as editor Carine Roitfeld and designer Riccardo Tisci - in order to make this line a reality.

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Kanye West was oddly friendly and candid with paparazzi today (seriously, it's not April 1) even explaining why he pummeled a photographer in July.

'Ye said that one thing he didn't get to mention this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live (one of the very, very few things) was the context behind the fight (above).

The rapper says the photographer, Daniel Ramos, set him up, was antagonizing him, and it happened just as he learned his grandfather was dying.

Whether this excuses that or his other big "hits" is an open question, but at least he wasn't talking about being from Chicago and issuing any threats.

Other highlights from Kanye's surprising chat?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't just talk the parenting talk.

They walked the parenting walk this week by attending a class in Los Angeles for first-time mothers and fathers.

The visit took place yesterday afternoon, not long after Kanye appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and made it very clear: all he cares about is family. (He also believes Kardashian deserves a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)

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Safe to say Gloria Allred was unmoved by Kanye West's visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The famed victims' rights attorney is calling the rapper out as a shameful disgrace.

After 'Ye threatened the paparazzi during his epic late night rant, strongly implying that he'll keep using force if he deems it necessary, Gloria was fuming.

  • Kanye in a Hoodie
  • Gloria is All Red

Allred is representing photographer Danny Ramos, the paparazzo who has sued the rapper alleging assault, battery, negligence and violation of civil rights.

Kanye claimed self-defense in that LAX airport altercation, but Allred isn't buying it, and cites remarks by Kanye on Jimmy Kimmel as further proof of her point:

“Mr. West made it clear that he thinks he has the right to attack anyone that antagonizes him by asking him a question he does not like. He thinks that paparazzi are fair game."

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Kanye West thinks his baby mama doesn't get the respect she deserves.

It was somewhat lost among his rambling to Jimmy Kimmel about being weird and inappropriate and being from Chicago refusing to follow the rules of society... but 'Ye made it clear:

Kim Kardashian deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kim Kardashian West

For her fashion line? Her perfume? The Kim Kardashian sex tape with Ray J? West didn't specify - and he's clearly a tad biased when it comes his baby mama.

But let's open this up for debate, readers:

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If you watched Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the primary takeaway was that he buried the hatchet with the host and ended their rap feud.

The subtexts? 1) Kanye has a high opinion of himself and loves to hear himself talk; 2) He has no intention of extending an olive branch to the paparazzi.

Seriously. Check out this epic rant to close out the interview:

'Ye made it clear he will continue to defend his family and fight photographers with force if they cross him - pretty brazen for a guy facing criminal battery charges.

He claims he acts in self-defense. The D.A. sees it differently.

Prosecutors want to use video of West's greatest "hits" against the paps as proof that his inclination is to attack first, ask questions later ... or not at all.

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