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Is the Jimmy Kimmel-Kanye West feud real or fake? That's for readers to decide.

But one thing is certain: it's ongoing!

Following last night's Twitter tirade against Kimmel, West took to the social media site again today and once again laid the written smackdown on the talk show host.

The 36-year-old rapper wrote that the subtle message of the comedian's parody of his BBC Radio interview this week was to “keep people in a box."

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Another day, another instance of Kanye West exploding at a member of the paparazzi.

But we can't say we blame the rapper this time around.

In footage posted by TMZ, we see a "reporter" approach Kanye on the rapper's driveway at 4 a.m. today, asking him about his Twitter rant against Jimmy Kimmel.

How's it going, the supposed journalist asks, only for West to tell him (repeatedly) to "shut the f--k up" as well as offer this logical reply:

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He's done it to us before, folks.

Remember that epic Twerking fail video? All the work of Jimmy Kimmel.

So you'll understand if we're a bit hesitant to believe that the talk show host is really beefing with Kanye West, following the rapper's Twitter rant against the comedian yesterday in response to Kimmel mocking a recent Kanye interview.

Does Kanye really take himself so seriously that he can't handle a little joke?

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Like the hair on baby mama Kim Kardashian, Kanye West really needs to lighten up.

Earlier this week, on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host mocked Kanye's recent BBC Radio 1 Interview, during which West referred to himself as the number-one rock star on the planet.

Kimmel replaced West in the sketch with a whining child... and West proceeded to respond like a whiny child.


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In a recent interview, Kanye West said he loves his baby mama Kim Kardashian because the reality star gave him everything.

But the rapper was clearly lying because In Touch Weekly makes it clear: Kardashian has been dumped by her baby daddy!!!!!

And when was the last time In Touch Weekly reported a falsehood?

"It’s making her miserable," an insider tells the magazine of Kim's plight.

"She feels trapped and lonely. She doesn’t want to do this by herself.”

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Kanye West is totally in love.

With himself? Yes, considering he told the BBC in an interview this week that he's the biggest rock star on the planet

But also with Kim Kardashian, Kanye makes clear in that same Q&A, gushing over his baby mama and saying Kim "gave me everything. She gave me a family. She gave me a support system."

And not only did Kardashian give Kanye daughter North West, she didn't take anything from him. Namely, cold hard cash.

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Kanye West says he only got into a fight with a photographer at LAX Airport because he feared for his safety, according to court documents filed by his attorney.

The rapper, who was charged with battery and grand theft after he allegedly attacked paparazzo Daniel Ramos in July, is also being sued by the man.

But the 36-year-old claims "his safety was in immediate danger" when the photographer started asking him questions as he left LAX and walked to a car.

The altercation, which was captured on video (above) showed Kanye West accusing Ramos of trying to provoke him before he lunged at the paparazzo.

West attacked the photographer in a fit of rage and left the scene.

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Kanye West does not lack for self-confidence.

In a new interview with BBC Radio 1's DJ Zane Lowe, the rapper declares that he's the "number-one rock star on the planet," a statement that follows an earlier decree that Kanye is the Michael Jordan of music. Made by Kanye himself, of course.

Part one of the Q&A airs Monday at 2 p.m. EST and also includes West's take on footwear (“No flip-flops for black dudes! Wear some hot-ass Jordans on the beach!") and haters ("People are gonna look at this interview and say, ‘I don’t like Kanye. Look, he looks mad. I don’t like his teeth.")

Watch a teaser for the exclusive with Mr. Kim Kardashian now:

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Despite reports that he was off the hook, Kanye West has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for his LAX photographer smackdown.

Kanye went OFF on the photographer after he dared to speak with him as he left the airport ... days after 'Ye warned the paparazzi not to talk EVER.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene, which the rapper left. The alleged victim went to the hospital and has filed a lawsuit, but charges weren't filed.

Until today, that is. The photographer hired Gloria Allred, who said the attack left her client badly injured and that West tried to gank his camera as well.

The baby daddy of Kim Kardashian faces a maximum of a year in jail if convicted of both misdemeanor offenses and will be arraigned October 10.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were seen checking out renovations to their mansion, which is undergoing an extensive makeover, in Bel Air yesterday.

"It's not close to being done, but it's coming along," a source said of the $11 million property, which the parents of North West purchased back in January.

Forever modest and unassuming, the duo rolled up in the rapper's black Lamborghini, and Kim Kardashian, 32, donned an all-white ensemble.

This is the first time they've been spotted together since West 's return from New York City, where he went to Fashion Week and went on an epic rant.

The renovations kicked off this summer, as the A-list duo is planning to turn the already-lavish, expansive digs from 10,000 square feet into 14,000.

Need that extra space. With the kid and all.

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