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You've seen the Instagram pics, the GIFs and the grainy iPhone clips. Now watch the official video of Kanye West proposing to Kim Kardashian in San Francisco!

If you missed it, then over-the-top rapper pulled out all the stops before he got down on one knee and got engaged to Kim Kardashian at AT&T Park.

Unbeknownst to Kim, their friends and family were hiding in the dugout, just waiting to shower them with love and congratulations. Take a look below:

In the video, we see a car pulling onto the field, followed by Kim's wide-eyed reaction as the orchestra plays Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye's "Knock You Down."

Incredibly, up until that moment, Kanye West's proposal was kept secret from Kim and most of the rest of the family, thanks to future momager-in-law Kris Jenner.

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Earlier this week, two days after Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got engaged, a video of the proposal surfaced online.

It's sort of revealing and a bit touching... but it's also over 150 seconds in length. Who has time for that?!?

Fortunately, THG is here to breakdown the highlights in a series of GIFs, starting with the way Kanye took full advantage of the video screen at AT&T Park:

Kanye Proposal Set Up

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Bruce Jenner was not present at the surprise Kim Kardashian engagement event Monday night and there was a very good reason for his absence:

Kim's step-father wasn't invited! Ouch!

Insiders tell TMZ that Bruce was not included on the guest list, wasn't aware Kim and Kanye were engaged until after the fact and has never even had a "real conversation" with West.

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You've seen the Kim Kardashian engagement ring.

You've heard the reality star gush over marrying her best friend.

You've read the online reactions from Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and many others. But you haven't actually seen footage of Kanye West's proposal... until now!

Filmed by an unknown attendee inside AT&T Park, the video depicts Kanye getting down on one knee… an orchestra serenading the betrothed couple… and loved ones pouring out of the dugout to share in the celebration.

Get the Kleenex ready and watch now, THGers:

Will Kim and Kanye last? Sound off now:


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No one can ever accuse Kanye West of being cheap.

The rapper rented out AT&T Park in San Francisco on Monday night and proposed to Kim Kardashian, a move that set the artist back at least $220,000.

That's the going rate for taking over the venue, sources confirm, with the first $200,000 going to field access and the rest to use the HD scoreboard, cameras and technical crews..

Then there was the 50-piece orchestra which played throughout the evening.

But, really, of course, is all comes down to the Kim Kardashian engagement ring.

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Kim Kardashian could not be more excited.

She's about to spend forever with her Best Friend Forever.

After reacting to her Kanye West engagement with just a single word on Instagram early yesterday ("YES!), along with the picture of her 15-carat ring, Kim opened up a bit more to her family at E! last night.

Referring to Kanye's proposal inside a rented-out AT&T Park, Kardashian said the entire evening was "truly magical" and added:

"I am the luckiest girl in the world! I get to marry my best friend!"

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Kanye West pulled out all the stops in getting engaged to Kim Kardashian, with an orchestra performance and stadium proposal that put all others to shame.

For the big occasion, 'Ye rented out San Francisco’s AT&T Park, gathered Kim's family and friends and directed their attention toward the big screen.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Engagement

He projected "please marry me" onto the screen for everyone to see. Her engagement ring is not small. By all accounts, the celebrity gossip wept with joy.

If nothing else, seeing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West engaged in such fashion is going to make one heck of an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Just like the last time, when Kris Humphries popped the question. Will this one actually end with Kimye living happily ever after? Can they top 72 days?

Will they even get married at all?

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Her own marriage may be crumbling, but that doesn't mean Khloe Kardashian can't take pleasure in the impending nuptials of someone very close to her.

Like sister Kim Kardashian! Who is engaged to Kanye West! Following a romantic proposal inside AT&T Park in San Francisco last night. EEEK!!!

Very soon after this news went public, Khloe took to Twitter and expressed her complete and utter joy over her sibling walking down the aisle for the third time.

"Wow!!!!! Am I dreaming??!?!" she Tweeted this morning her nearly 8.5 million followers. "Tears of JOY!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!"

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Kanye West may have rented out AT&T Park last night for a private event, but photos and videos from his engagement to Kim Kardashian are already going public.

First, we saw Kardashian's engagement ring, all 15 carats worth.

Now, publicist Tracy Nguyen has posted an Instagram video of the 50-piece orchestra hired by West and playing Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down” during the proposal. Watch now and go inside this life-changing event:

West reportedly blindfolded his bride-to-be and shocked her by renting out the home ballpark of the San Francisco Giants.

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Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian last night in style.

He hired a 50-piece orchestra. He filled AT&T Park with her friends, family members and loved ones. He posted "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" on the giant stadium screen.

Oh, and he presented his baby mama with a 15-carat diamond ring designed by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Seriously, the rapper does not mess around.

Check out the enormous rock on Kim's finger below as she smiles over her engagement while sitting inside the home stadium of the San Francisco Giants... and answer the following questions about Kimye:

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring







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