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Saturday Night Live took aim at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West this weekend.

In a skit titled "Waking Up with Kimye," the show made fun of Kanye's claim that he's a genius, along with his belief that Kardashian actually possesses talent of any kind, let alone groundbreaking talent that ought to be admired in any way, shape or form.

We were also treated to a performance of triangles by The Kardashian 11, segments titled "Kim Wore It Better" and "What Kim Made" and Lady Gaga as an Apple store employee.

Hilarious stuff all around. Watch now:

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Soon, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may start having a lot of unprotected sex once again, as a new report claims the couple wants to have a second child.

But another new report claims each side will then retire to his or her own home after the lovemaking is complete.

Yes, Kim and Kanye are living apart!

With Kim still residing under her annoying mother's roof in Calabasas, In Touch Weekly writes that West is spending most nights at his house in the Hollywood Hills, about 30 minutes away by car.

How come?

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The wedding may be on hold for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

But the lovemaking between this couple is still going strong. Unprotected style, according to a new report.

Insiders allege to Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye are already planning to create a sibling for five-month old North West because Kardashian "wants her kids to be close in age" while West "wants a huge family."

The tabloid quotes someone supposedly in the know who says the couple has a timeline all set for both their nuptials and their second baby.

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Attention, Beyonce fans: you may have nothing to worry about after all.

With followers of that singer passing around a petition that urges Queen Bey not to attend the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding, a new In Touch Weekly report alleges that there may not be a wedding to attend after all.

Say it ain't so, anonymous sources!

Kim-Kanye Wedding Cover

An insider tells the tabloid that Kim and Kanye have engaged in "several arguments" because "Kanye wants to control" every aspect of the nuptials.

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A crazy viral video has surfaced purportedly showing Kanye West beating the ever-loving crap out of several members of the paparazzi, but it's not him.

It's unclear who this actually is, whether the fighting is real, why it went viral or why people assumed it was 'Ye ... okay, we can sort of see the last part.

'Ye or nay, you gotta watch this insanity in the streets:

If this were Kanye, needless to say it would be a major deal in his upcoming criminal case, as prosecutors claim that the rapper is violent by nature.

The Austin, Texas, footage does not show West, however. Mr. Kim Kardashian wasn't there at the time this was filmed, multiple sources have confirmed.

In fact, according to TMZ, Kanye himself saw the clip of the alleged beatings he's doling out and laughed, saying if it were really him, he'd be in jail.

Seriously. Dude goes all MMA on them, whoever he is.

For actual West vs. paparazzi footage, and there is plenty of it ... see below. Along with an epic remix of one of the altercations, auto-tune style!

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Some Beyonce fans really don't like her being associated with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, apparently. They have even gone so far as to start a petition.

To stop the singer from attending Kimye's wedding, naturally.

A Change (dot) org petition entitled "BEYONCE CANNOT ATTEND KIM KARDASHIAN'S WEDDING" was created last week by a man named John Barry.

"As you all know by now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been in the news for their 'engagement,'" read the petition, lamenting that "Kim Kardashian and her disgusting family are known for their rise to fame for doing absolutely nothing."

This is true. But acknowledging it isn't enough for Barry.

"Now we must do all in our power to stop Beyonce from attending that god forsaken [sic] wedding, since her husband Jay Z is BFFs with Kanye he problaby [sic] wants both of them to go..."


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Kanye West may be in trouble for allegedly going after a cameraman in July.

But when it comes to charges of criminal battery and attempted grand theft, the rapper is firmly standing his ground.

West's attorney, Blair Berk, entered a not guilty plea in court today on behalf of his client, as Kanye is accused of breaking the law when he went after paparazzo Daniel Ramos in July.

Watch the video of the altercation in question now:

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Think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a happy, healthy couple moving toward a lifetime of joy together?

Life & Style wants you to think again.

In the latest issue of that tabloid, an anonymous source says Kim is totally under the control of her fiancé, giving in to Kanye at every twist, whim and turn… including the planning for their eventually nuptials.

Kim Kardashian: Under Kanye's Control!

West is “calling the shots about the wedding, the house they’re reconstructing, everything down to what shoes she’s going to wear to events," according to the insider.

Moreover, this individual alleges that Kim HATED Kanye's proposal.

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It was lovely. It was romantic. And it was illegal.

Just a day after Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian, the following video hit the Internet, giving fans their first look at the rapper down on one knee inside AT&T Park in San Francisco.

But there was just one problem: Kim and Kanye did not want any footage to go out until their official engagement video - and now they are suing the man this unwanted leak.

An attorney for Kimye filed legal paperwork on Thursday that states Chad Hurley - who founded YouTube and sold it to Google for $1.5 billion - manipulated his way into the stadium on October 21.

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As he admitted in a radio interview this week, Kanye West is in the exploitation business.

He's not in the business of performing in front of thousands with less-than-ideal stage equipment, okay?!?

The rapper and the future Mr. Kim Kardashian postponed a number of tour dates yesterday after a truck carrying custom-made video screens got into an accident that damaged the gear "beyond repair," according to Kanye's official statement.

Kanye West Actually Smiles

As a result, West has postponed his Yeezus Tour indefinitely.

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