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As a contestant on this summer's Nashville Star, reports indicate Justin Gaston grew close to that show's hist. His name? Billy Ray Cyrus.

His daughter? Miley Cyrus; aka Gaston's new girlfriend.

Young Lovers

Now, it appears as though Miley is introducing her man to the entire family. She and Justin were spotted alongside mother Tish Cyrus at Universal Studios over the weekend.

Does mother Tish approve of man friend Justin Gaston?

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Joel McHale and his E! show The Soup often mocks The Hills to no end. There's endless material there, obviously.

This weekend, though, the host took a few moments to discuss Justin Gaston and Miley Cyrus. And the good ol' days of Britney Spears. And Lindsay Lohan's vagina.

Totally Together

Watch and enjoy:


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Sorry, ladies. Not every Justin Gaston picture showcases the new boyfriend of Miley Cyrus in his underwear.

In vetting this new celebrity gossip favorite, we came across the following photo, courtesy of his profile with Premiere Model Management. Say hello to Gaston the greaser...

While the only fact we actually need to know about Justin Gaston is that he makes Miley happy, here are some stats about the musician that we uncovered:

  • Height: 6'0"
  • Chest: 39"
  • Waist" 31"
  • Shoe size: 10.5
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown

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Now that he's likely dating Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston should expect plenty of attention from entertainment news outlets.

And because his past is filled with nearly naked, drool-inducing photos, Gaston should also expect to see a lot of himself in underwear over the next few days. It's a tough job posting these scantily-clad pics of such a stud muffin, but we have to do it.

Miley, Justin and Tish

Take a close look at this Justin Gaston photo. What sticks - or bulges - out about the model? No wonder Miley Cyrus is dating him.

Sorry for forcing such pecs and six packs on you, guys. Go ogle Megan Fox nude images for a bit, while we give the ladies a few more Gaston thumbnails to click on. Enjoy!

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Miley Cyrus was spotted out with Justin Gaston along Universal City Walk in Los Angeles last night.

During the following clip, Miley says Gaston is now her "boyfriend." We believe her, too.

Miley Cyrus Style

Dude is 20 years old. He's obviously her man friend!


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Sounds like Billy Ray Cyrus reads The Hollywood Gossip.

Based on new reports that the country singer is responsible for introducing his daughter to hew new boyfriend, we can only assume he read about her heart break at the hands of Nick Jonas and had to act.

Limo Riding

According to OK! Billy Ray met Justin Gaston when the former was the host of Nashville Star and the latter was a contestant on the show. Cyrus reportedly took Gaston under his wing, eventually introducing him to Miley in June.

Rumors state that Miley Cyrus has seen Justin Gaston is even less clothing than this!

Fortunately, it does sound as though Billy Ray made a decent choice for his daughter.

Allen Osborne, Men’s Director at Vision Modeling, where Gaston is signed, told the celebrity gossip tabloid that Justin "doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. He’s a very up-and-up guy.”

He better be! Because Cody Linley seemed like a good option, too, and we don't wanna read about any more Miley heart break.

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As the celebrity gossip world knows by now, Justin Gaston is likely Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend.

Because this occasional underwear model is still relatively unknown, though, here are two more chances to familiarize yourself with him.

A Male Model

The first is a performance on Nashville Star of the song "Hey There, Delilah"; the second, of the song "Drops of Jupiter."



What do you think? Is Miley Cyrus making a good choice with Justin Gaston?

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Justin Gaston is a part-time underwear model who may be dating Miley Cyrus.

He's also an aspiring musician, one that made it far this season on Nashville Star.

Walk With Me Girl

We already know how good looking Gaston is, but can the hunk sing? Check out the following clip of him reprising the Cyndi Lauper classic "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and see for yourself:


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So much for Cody Linley.

Following a week's worth of rumors that Miley Cyrus was dating her Hannah Montana co-star, new reports are circulating that she's actually attached to former Nashville Star hunk Justin Gaston.

Cyrus and Gaston were spotted attending a church service in Pasadena, California this morning. We aren't exactly evangelicals, but are either of these young celebs really in proper church garb?

Gaston, who is 20 years old and holding a pocket Bible in the photo above (we wonder if there's a verse on stautory rape in there?), left his native Louisiana at age 17 and has supported his music career since as a part-time underwear model.

He grabbed lunch at The Cheesecake Factory with Miley and her mom Tish after this morning's service.

Click on the following, scantily clad photos of Justin Gaston below and then let us know what you think of him...


Justin Gaston Biography

A Male Model Justin Gaston was a finalist on Nashville Star. He's also a 20-year old underwear model who dated Miley Cyrus for awhile until the pair... More »
Full Name
Justin Gaston

Justin Gaston Quotes

It's not my number one priority, it's music. If something comes along, I'll definitely take it up. I'm not going to pass up a job, but that's not my number one priority right now.

Justin Gaston [on modeling]

Well, I took away all of the hard work that there really is in this business and all of the competition that's out there, and things like that. And since there is so much competition, you can never let up, - 110% all of the time. I really got to see the joy of singing in front of all of America. It's just such a great experience I had.

Justin Gaston [on Nashville Star]
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