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Justin Bieber had a bad experience on stage in Brazil Saturday night: the poor guy was hit by a bottle!

But that now serves as a nice segue to the latest track released by Bieber on #MusicMonday.

It's titled "Bad Day," it's now available to download off iTunes and you can listen to it below:

At midnight on Monday over the past few weeks, Bieber has come out with:

Which has been your favorite? Scroll down for a look at the lyrics to "Bad Day."

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Justin Bieber had himself quite the interesting time in Brazil this weekend.

First, the 19-year old was spotted at a brothel on Friday, inside which he reportedly stayed for over three hours before leaving with a pair of women.

Then, last night, Bieber was wrapping up a rendition of "Boyfriend" when someone in the crowd in Sao Paulo tossed a water bottle on stage and slammed Justin near the face.

Clearly irritated, the (shirtless!!!) singer walked away and didn't return to the stage.

Watch the incident take place now, both in real time and in slow motion:

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It's Monday morning and we all know what that means!

A new episode of The Walking Dead Season 4 to chew over? Well, yes. But also new music from Justin Bieber!

For the fourth week in a row, the young artist has released a new single and made it available for fans to purchase off iTunes. This one is titled "Recovery" and you shouldn't waste another moment before giving it a listen:

How does this track compare to “Hold Tight," “All That Matters," and “Heartbreaker?"

Sound off now and scroll down to read the full lyrics to "Recovery," as Justin asks someone (Selena Gomez?!?) for a second chance.

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Welcome to another #MusicMonday, Justin Bieber fans.

For the third consecutive week, this 19-year old singing sensation has released a new track at midnight on Monday, building anticipation for the release of his film Believe on Christmas Day.

First, there was "Heartbreaker." Then, "All That Matters." Now, give a listen to "Hold Tight" and sound off on the song below.

What do you think of "Hold Tight," Beliebers?" Vote in this Justin Bieber poll now and scroll down to read the lyrics:

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Ah, so this explains why Justin Bieber was carried up The Great Wall of China by his entourage last month.

He was exhausted from filming a music video at that famous structure all day!

Bieber has released the music video for his latest track, "All That Matters," and it features the young singer parading around this giant attraction in Asia. He also interacts with tourists, including an adorable baby.

Watch now:

Justin, of course, made headlines last week of the non-music variety, unfortunately.

He was involved in some kind of altercation at a South Korea nightclub and felt the wrath of Deadmau5 as a result. That DJ says Bieber needs to grow the eff up already.

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#MusicMonday has come a few hours early.

For the second consecutive week, Justin Bieber has released a new track for fans, this time unveiling "All That Matters" via VEVO along with the Twitter message:

“Are you counting down with me to Midnight for the new #MusicMonday – #AllThatMatters ?”

Listen to the single now:

”You make me complete/You’re all that matters to me,” Bieber sings on the new song, perhaps with Selena Gomez in mind. “I’m grateful for your existence/Faithful no matter the distance."

Last Sunday, JB dropped "Heartbreaker" on the public.

Which track do you like better?

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Welcome to #MusicMondays, Beliebers.

As announced late last week, Justin Bieber will release a new single at midnight every Monday for 10 consecutive weeks, giving fans a reason to actually be excited at the conclusion of each weekend.

And the first track up? "Heartbreaker," which the artist described via Twitter as follows:

"It's a song for people going through heartbreak - like I was when I wrote it. It means so much to me to be able to share what I was, and still am, going through, with my fans. I'm very proud of this song and I hope it gives my fans some insight into my heart."

Hmm... might Bieber be referencing his split with Selena Gomez here? It seems rather obvious, no?

"You will know my words, my heart. #journals," Bieber added of this single and the ones on the way.

So give it a listen now and get insider Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber would like you to forget that he was carried up The Great Wall of China this week.

And also that an attorney believes him to be immature.

The artist instead would like fans to focus on one thing and one thing only: his music.

His upcoming NEW music, that is, as Bieber announced yesterday the creation of #MusicMondays: he will release a new track online every Sunday at midnight for 10 consecutive weeks.

Bieber in China

And the excitement will begin next week with "Heartbreaker," as teased in the following Tweet:

"Sunday Midnight #heartbreaker #MusicMondays #10weeks."

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Juicy J is once again bringing a pop star into the rap game.

Having teamed with Miley Cyrus on "23," the artist collaborates below with Justin Bieber and Maejor Ali on the track "Lolly," which includes a refrain about how girls love their "lolly" and "wanna make it pop," how they love their "lolly" and "wanna kiss the top."

Wait a minute... Justin and company aren't singing about candy, are they?!?

Watch the video now and then read all about Jacque Rae Pyles, who rumors say might be having a lick of Bieber's lolly right about now:

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Justin Bieber took a break this week from smoking up inside an SUV to surprise fans with a new song.

The track, titled "Wait a Minute," features Tyga and will be included on the upcoming album by DJ Tay James, who accompanies Bieber on tour.

More R&B than most of Justin's tracks, it's a catchy tune that some are comparing with many of Usher's hits. Give it a listen now:

As for when fans might hear more new stuff from Bieber? He offered up an intriguing hint on Twitter Wednesday, writing:

"And October thru New Years is gonna get interesting. #newmusic #believemovie #believetour #more"

We wonder what the state of Justin's mustache will be by then.

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