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Ariana Grande us having a good week.

The artist has a huge hit on her hands with "Problem" and she's also back together with Jai Brooks.

And now Grande is posing with Justin Bieber on Instagram, as the latter posted a photo of the pair today and congratulated the singer on her recent success.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Pic

"congrats @arianagrande on your number 1 song," Bieber wrote, adding an intriguing tease: "#arianabieberduet??"

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Justin Bieber has gone from tween popstar to wannabe thug right before our eyes, so it's no surprise that - according to rumors - Justin loves sizzurp, the intoxicating codeine and cough syrup concoction popular among rappers.

What is surprising is that the Biebs is now expressing his love for the "purple drank" in song form, just as his battered reputation is in desperate need of rehab.

The above song, entitled "We Were Born For This" was just uploaded to Soundcloud by Bieber yesterday, and it features some lyrics that have fans concerned for Justin's well-being.

One verse includes the lines: "Boys and girls, they don't know what love is like, Love is appreciation in a double cup of sprite."

That rhyme may sound harmless to most, but to those familiar with sizzurp culture, the reference is clear:

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Justin Bieber is back to doing what he does best.

No, not posing shirtless, although... okay, yes. He's very good at that, too.

Instead, though, the 20-year old superstar is jumping full on back into the music scene; first releasing "Hard 2 Face Reality" over the weekend and now coming out with "We were Born for This."

And now Bieber is here with  "We Were Born for This," a single he unveiled today with one simple Tweet: "another free song?"

Yes, JB. We'll take it:

Scroll down for a look at the full lyrics:

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Justin Bieber gave his fans an unexpected surprise today: He released a new single!

The 20-year old took to his pal Khalil‘s SoundCloud account to unveil a new track titled “Hard 2 Face Reality,” which is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Poo Bear.

“ME AND POO BEAR SINGING. HAD TO USE MY BRO @CrazyKhalil account,” Bieber Tweeted along with the song, while Khalil added:

"Haha so bizzle decided to drop one of his new tracks on my soundcloud account today… Check it out."

You heard the man, Beliebers... check it out! What do you make of "Hard 2 Face Reality?"

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Justin Bieber went all Beyonce at Coachella over the weekend.

The day after Queen Bey shocke attendees by taking to the stage alongside sister Solange, Bieber made a surprise appearance at the music festival and performed a song with Chance the Rapper.

Clad in a bandana around his neck and a black t-shirt, Justin rapped along to "Confident," the track he and Chance released in December, later telling Twitter followers he had "fun" at the annual event in California.

Watch snippets from the unexpected duet here:

Bieber, meanwhile, is busy making all kinds of music these days.

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Justin Bieber is off the yacht and into the recording studio.

The singer, who hasn't been arrested in weeks, has posted photos of himself making music with Lil Wayne, writing on Instagram of the following images:

"Me and Tunechi in the studio."

  • Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber Do Music
  • Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne Record Music

Bieber and Lil Wayne previously collaborated on the track "Backpack" and Justin also spent time in the studio recently with Austin Mahone.

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A couple years ago, we asked: is Austin Mahone the next Justin Bieber?

Most likely not, it appears, but that isn't stopping the young artist from teaming up with Justin Bieber. 

Both handsome singers posted the same photo of themselves in a recording studio today, as they’re locked in an embrace with Cash Money co-founder Birdman and Young Money performer Mack Maine.

"New music #YMCMB,” wrote Bieber as a caption, while Mahone added: “What an amazing song last night..The world isn’t ready! @justinbieber."

Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber

An insider has confirmed that Mahone and Bieber (who is about to strike a plea deal in his DUI case) are collaborating on at least one new track, with a source telling Gossip Cop:

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Justin Bieber may be acting like a jerk in depositions and possibly agreeing to plea bargains to avoid jail time for egging his neighbor's home.

But he's still finding time to make new music.

The singer posted a video to Instagram last night of himself in the recording studio, dancing around to a track that will reportedly be included on his new album.

"Girls be in the the club like OMG this is my song!!!!! Lol," Bieber wrote as a caption to this footage:

The singer, who may actually tour with Selena Gomez, also gave fans a couple fresh looks at his ever-growing collection of arm ink.

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With Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber spending a lot of time together these days, many are speculation that a romantic reconciliation is brewing.

And it very well might be.

But sources tell Star magazine that the ex-lovers may be meeting up for a professional reasons as well.

“The duo hope that hitting the road will repair their battered images," an insider says, hinting that Justin and Selena may actually go on tour together.


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Justin Bieber has taken a break from getting new tattoos and acting like an arrogant A-Hole to do what he does best:

Drive really fast and hurl eggs at his neighbors? No, silly readers: Record some tunes!

“always making music. always grateful for the opportunity to do what i love. thank you” Bieber Tweeted last night. “Me and @dankanter making music all night. Live music. Real musicians. Love music. #studiolife”

Dan Kanter is Justin‘s longtime guitarist and musical director.

It’s unclear what the pair are up to, but here’s something to be excited about it: adidas NEO has released a new promo that teases some kind of big surprise from the brand tomorrow.

Bieber has been a very busy young man of late.

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