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Early this morning in Miami Beach, Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving.

But that's not all.

TMZ now reports that the artist was booked for drag racing because his people actually sectioned off a residential street specifically so Bieber could go up against Khalil, a rapper who was also arrested at the scene.

Justin was also charged with resisting arrest because he refused to take his hands out of his pockets when ordered to do so by police.

In the following footage, we see fans surrounding Bieber's yellow Lamborghini prior to cruisers and sirens then doing the same:

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Justin Bieber has been arrested following an incident early this morning, according to multiple reports. It was really just a matter of time, wasn't it?

Following a scandal-filled two weeks in which he egged his neighbor's home... watched his best friend get arrested for drug possession... urinated his initials in the Colorado snow... and dropped 75K at a strip club, the singer's wild behavior landed him in the slammer.

The singer was booked on charges of DUI and drag racing in Miami, Fla.

Justin Bieber Police Report, Page 1
Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI in January 2014. Read the first page of his police report here.

According to TMZ and its sources, the incident went down early this morning and Bieber is currently in jail and having his blood-alcohol level tested there.

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Justin Bieber is a busy man these days.

He's egging his neighbor's home. He's mooning Lil Za. He's... sending Selena Gomez pictures of his erect penis? Yes, according to one report at least.

But TMZ claims Justin made time for some other ladies last night, hitting up the King of Diamonds strip club in honor of Lil Scrappy's birthday.

And, according to an establishment source, Bieber supposedly went all Lil Wayne once inside, getting $75,000 worth of one-dollar bills and making it rain, yo!

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Justin Bieber recently got into it with Selena Gomez over the phone, according to unconfirmed reports and screen shots of the alleged text message beef.

Radar Online published the images documenting the supposed, bitter texting fight, in which Selena calls her ex “a drug addict” who needs to “go to rehab!”

The messages, which Radar "verified" are real but Bieber's camp says are not, were forwarded by a phone registered to Gomez’s stepfather, Brian Teefey.

At least at the beginning, the purported exchange is innocent:

  • Justin Bieber Believes
  • Selena Gomez Concert Image

“Baby come on. I love you,” Bieber, 19, texted Gomez, inciting backlash from the on-again, off-again girlfriend he’d been camping with just a few weeks before.

“I don’t buy that bullshit anymore,” Gomez snapped. “I was honest with you and I gave you a second chance. All my friends were right, You’re such an a--hole.”

Bieber then pressed on, but Gomez wasn't having it.

“U r a drug addict,” she responded. “U need help.”

At that point, he tried a different approach ...

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Perhaps this explains why Justin Bieber is so chill these days, happy to hang out with friends and moon them when they sleep:

No drugs were found inside his home after all last week.

Justin Bieber Poses

Earlier today, TMZ quoted sources who confirmed Los Angles County Sheriff's Department deputies came across a ton of drug paraphernalia during their search of Bieber's residence last Tuesday, an assertion it stands behind.

But E! now says it has spoken to authorities and police did NOT find any codeine bottles, containers of drugs or marijuana in the mansion.

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Troubled pop superstar Justin Bieber really knows how to mark his territory, and we're not talking about his musk lingering on the body of Selena Gomez.

We are talking about piss.

Yesterday, the singer urinated in the show in Snowmass, Colorado. Nearby residents saw this, and looked on in disbelief, according to a TMZ report.

This is the photo:

  • Justin Bieber Pee
  • Bieber Crotch Grab

An eyewitness says that the singer was driving through town when his motorcade (of Escalades) pulled over to the side of a road in a wealthy residential area.

Surrounded by bodyguards, Bieber hopped out of his ride and proceeded to take a leak in the snow. Bieber had peed his initials "JB." Then he bounced.

After he disappeared, stunned residents in the private neighborhood went over to inspect the scene of the public urination. One of them took the image above.

No word if that piece of history has melted yet.

Bieber, of course, is reportedly hooked on drugs, in need of rehab and facing felony egg-throwing charges, so this is likely not the smartest thing he's ever done.

Then again, at least there's no video ...

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It looks like Justin Bieber's recent egging has consequences far beyond his neighbor's property damage and the singer's own police file.

Cops searched Bieber's home today, seeking evidence that would link to him to last week's crime… and ended up arresting best friend Lil Za on FELONY COCAINE POSSESSION.

The arrest took place inside Justin's house and the drugs were in "plain view," sources tell TMZ.

Lil Za is a rapper who has been close to Bieber for years.

He and Lil Twist formerly resided at Justin's mansion until Scooter Braun gave them the boot a few months ago after too many instances of partying and driving recklessly.

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Things are looking very bleak for Justin Bieber at the moment.

As we've documented over the past couple days, the singer almost definitely egged his neighbor's house last week, resulting in an ugly confrontation with the man that was caught on camera.

Reports indicate that Bieber caused over 20K in damages and may soon face felony charges as a result.

And now we can confirm that a search warrant has been granted to the Los Angels County Sheriff department in relation to the investigation.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff detectives reportedly have their sights set on Justin Bieber… and they are taking aim.

In the wake of Bieber allegedly throwing as many as 20 eggs at his neighbor's house (an incident that prompted a curse-filled confrontation, the audio from which is posted below) insiders tell TMZ that law enforcement officials are seeking to nail the singer with a FELONY.

In California, damage in excess of $400 qualifies a crime to be raised to this level; repair estimates from the homeowner are expected to come on Monday.

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