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A very old video of Justin Bieber telling a very racist joke has surfaced online.

Obtained by The Sun, the footage depicts a young Bieber telling an off-color joke about African-Americans, dropping the N Word in the process and then laughing at the punch line.

Watch the awkward quip now:

Last week, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction were caught on tape smoking pot and using the same racial epithet.

Fans have been pushing for the artists to apologize ever since, though Tomlinson has simply thanked followers for support so far.

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Justin Bieber has received just about every sort of negative press imaginable in the past few months, but the singer may have outdone himself during a recent incident at a nightclub in Cannes.

Justin Bieber: Douche Pose

London's Daily Mail reports that Bieber was involved in a fight with other clubgoers, but it was broken up quickly by Justin's bodyguards who intervened the instant the singer appeared to be in trouble.

While the scuffle was brief, however, the damage done to Justin's reputation may prove permanent as Bieber reportedly gave a hard shove to a female fan during the incident.

It all started when a young woman climbed over a sofa, possibly to approach Bieber. He shoved he her back onto the couch, angering her male companions.

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Justin Bieber's bodyguards have been accused of assault several times in the past - and now Justin Bieber is facing yet another lawsuit alleging that his personal security staff attacked a photographer. 

An audiotape obtained by TMZ reveals a 911 call in which a man identified in the suit as Michael Munoz claims that he has been locked inside a Subway restaurant after being chased by "Justin Bieber's bodyguard."

The call was placed on the same night that Bieber was arrested for drunk drag racing in Miami.

Munoz alleges that he was taking pictures of Bieber as he exited the SET Nightclub.

Bieber allegedly became upset, and his bodyguard Dwayne Patterson pursued Munoz into a nearby Subway where he locked the door behind them and demanded that Munoz delete the photos he'd taken.

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Justin Bieber Tweeted up a storm last night, saying he's only human and he loves people.

But the singer clearly doesn't love all people, as a fan named Melinda Giel-Murray tried to take a picture of the singer at the Circle K Stables in Burbank on Monday.

As recounted to TMZ, Giel-Murray says Bieber referred to her a "bitch" as soon as he saw her cellphone and four members of his security team quickly approached to try and scare her into putting it away.

Watch the incident go down here and listen at the outset for Bieber's clear insult:

Bieber and his crew ended up driving to a different piece of the property, where Justin rode a horse shirtless.

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So much for Justin Bieber's run of good behavior.

The Los Angels Police Department is investigations a claim by a San Fernando Valley resident that Bieber tried to steal her cell phone Monday night.

The alleged incident took place at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park where Bieber and members of his entourage were playing miniature golf.

The unnamed woman says she Justin was in the middle of a confrontation with guys at a batting cage when he saw her reach for her phone.

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Another person of authority believes Justin Bieber should be prosecuted as a felon.

With evidence still being collected and charges against Bieber pending for his alleged egging of a neighbor's home in January, the prosecutor in charge of this vandalism investigation is on record as saying this is an obvious felony case.

And Police Lieutenant Dave Thompson agrees.

Justin Bieber on Mother's Day

Thompson tells TMZ the reasons why Justin should face jail time are clear:

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New video of Rob Ford smoking crack emerged today, leading the Toronto mayor to enter rehab.

No surprise there, but what is shocking is the alleged cause of Ford's relapse: Ontario's most famous citizen, Justin Bieber. 

  • Rob Ford Photo
  • Justin Bieber Arrest Photo

The Toronto Star has published a detailed account of Ford's latest bender which reportedly - bizarrely - included a run-in with the Biebs. 

According to witnesses when the two famous Canucks encountered each other in a club, Bieber jokingly asked Ford, "Did you bring any crack to smoke?"

Ford apparently became furious and returned to his private booth where he proceeded to drink heavily and do drugs for the remainder of the night.

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According to a new report, Justin Bieber's poor fashion taste to land the singer in the poorhouse.

The artist remains under investigation for allegedly egging his neighbor's home a few months ago - and law enforcement officials now tell TMZ that a sweater Bieber is wearing in an Instagram photo on January 10 (a day after the attack) could be the key to the prosecutor’s case.

The garment seemingly matches one worn by the culprit in surveillance video police obtained via search warrant this winter.

Justin Bieber sweater

Many cruisers swarmed Bieber’s mansion in Calabasas after his neighbor accused the artist of racking up over $20,000 in damage via this egging attack.

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Just when things between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appeared to be heading in the right direction ...

First, Gomez is allegedly heartbroken because Bieber has bailed on a plan for the couple to move in together, with an insider saying Selena thinks Justin wants "freedom to hook up with other girls."

And now a source tells The Sun that Bieber DID indeed hook up with another girl recently ...


"Selena is convinced something has gone on between Justin and Kylie," an insider tells the British publication, adding that Gomez went "berserk."

Upon learning of this hook-up, she "called [things] off" with Bieber.

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Already seen as a bad influence on his son, Jeremy Bieber now stands accused of breaking a woman's jaw 12 years ago.

Alicia Wadden, a mother of one, alleges that Justin Bieber’s dad kicked her “kung-fu style” in the face, fracturing it in two places and leaving her unable to eat solid food for two months.

It’s unclear what kind of relationship Wadden had with Bieber at the time of this supposed incident, but she says it began verbally and then escaped after she slapped Jeremy across the cheek.

"Then out of nowhere, he kicked me in the face and I fell to the ground," Wadden tells The Daily Mail. "I must’ve been knocked out because all I remember is waking up and not being able to close my mouth."

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